Monday, August 18, 2014

inspiration monday: party bathroom

the inspiration
Kate Bosworth

megan bird

dress~ Forever 21
shoes ~Shoedazzle
sunglasses ~ Target

nora bird

dress ~b.(a resaleshop)
shoes ~ DSW
watch ~ Michael Kors
necklace ~ Etsy, gift from Megan

We went camping this weekend. It was a bit of a last-minute decision, and as such, there was literally only one site left for us when we booked. The spot wasn't ideal, as it was right next to the bathrooms. I suppose that isn't so bad, as it made it more convenient for my small bladder, but it also gave us prime viewing to all the people who wanted to use the showers.

It started off innocently enough, mostly just moms and kids who wanted to wipe the day's sunscreen and bug spray off their bodies. But once it got dark, it was a different picture. We honestly saw about four couples entering the showers together. Some seemed innocent enough, people wanting to save time and/or leave showers open for more people. But more than one couple entered and left both dry and in the same clothes they entered in. Seems suspicious, no?

Chris and I began to make a game out of it, and make up stories about the people entering. The aforementioned couple, for instance, was having an affair. After all, why would they need to use a public shower to do what they were presumably doing if they had a tent or camper?

We made note to book in advance from now on, and to not reserve this particular spot. While I am glad people are enjoying their camping trip, I don't really need to see exactly how.

megan bird

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  1. I love it--people watching at its best! Mark and I love to make up stories like this, too. This does sound like there could be some highly suspicious stuff going on there, though. :0 Loving the dresses! I went with a floral skirt (inspired by the florals!). Hugs on your day! And..thank you for hosting this fab link up. T.

  2. They could have at least wet their hair or something and not made it so obvious.

  3. I'm sure they had no idea just how entertaining their shower trips would be! Of all the places, I would say public campground restroom isn't really the most romantic, but hey, to each her own! Love both of your pretty dresses!

  4. Cute floral dresses... it is, unfortunately, already way too cold in Pennsylvania for me to wear dresses and it makes me mad!

  5. I will be back to comment after chemo! Out the door in twenty minutes and I not ready! ♥ ♥

  6. Ha! That reminds me of a concert I went to last year, where a couple (who announced to everyone else in line that they had just met) went into the porta potty together to... make a deeper connection.

    Megan - your shoes!!

  7. LOL, at least you got some entertainment out of your spot - that is too funny that you made a game out of it! Love both of your dresses and Megan, I adore those shoes!

  8. that's it--i'm wearing a dress sometime this week.

  9. OMG! LMAO! That is too funny, and gross! You both look lovely though!

  10. that makes for some good people watching! love the print of those dresses!

  11. Eurhh!!!! I've had to put up with loud snoring from tents nearby but not that (though other people have heard other this...)

    Love the outfits, really pretty dresses.

    Annoyingly, I was going to try and join in from Croatia, my outfit today was entirely suitable but Blog posting on a phone is awful and my Flickr won't upload anything so no show I'm afraid!
    Greetings from a tiny island with a population of 350! X

  12. ha ha ha, I can't believe ppl would do that. Thank goodness last time we went camping, we got a great spot. I only noise that bothers me is our own dog barking to all the noise he heard from the outside while he's with us inside the RV. Mental note: don't take the dog again, lol. You ladies look as adorable as Kate B. Love the outfits.


  13. Camping is so cool!! When I was a kid we used to camp at a lake where my grandparents owned a little house. You're dress is so amazing and I love the pics!!

    ♘ ♘

  14. LOL bit of a freak show at the campsite. I can't imagine that people think it is sexy.

    Love both of the cute dresses : )


  15. Interesting observation Megan. hmmmm? Once my ex wanted {while we were married} wanted to make love in a public shower in the stall like that. "excuse me, these things echo, moron" {ya, no need further explaining him, huh?}

    Megan, Love the your darling dress for Forever 21 {I can't wait to get back to shopping. >>chemo do your thing and set me free!!!<<

    Nora, Your dress is so cute too. I loved the "inspiration" pic this week and wondered what ya'll would do?

    You both pulled it off perfectly! ♥

    Sure love your attention on IG!!!!!! ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥

  16. Oh geez! Ha ha. Yes, why the need to "use" the showers. My daughter would totally notice this too and then ask why they are going in together and then why they are dry. LOVE the floral dresses and the shoes. You both have the best shoes.

  17. Haha, I wouldn't want that campsite again either!! So strange. :) About your outfits though, I have to say I'm totally having shoe the shoes both of you are wearing!!

  18. Oh dear! That does sound like a party bathroom indeed! I guess when you've gotta go . . . you've gotta go. In more than one respect. You ladies both look lovely in your fun swingy dresses!

  19. Hahaha that's such a scandalous story and very funny! I would love thinking about the story behind those people too although yours seems quite reasonable enough. Anyway, I hope you had fun camping! I'm going on Saturday for college and am excited-I've never been before.
    Love both of these dresses...the styles and patterns of both are great!
    xo Olivia

  20. oh, my I wouldn't want that campsite again as well.
    I love how you both gorgeous ladies are finding these lovely inspirations and always creating fabulous looks. Your dresses are so adorable.

    xoxo Ra

  21. OMG Megan, your dress is WOW to me. That is a fantastic outfit, girlfriend. Better than the pinspired look. =)