Monday, July 7, 2014

inspiration monday: cleanse

the inspiration
Keri Russell

megan bird

skort ~ Target
shirt ~ thrifted
shoes ~ Ebaty
earrings ~ The Clothes Mentor

nora bird

shirt ~ Marshalls
skirt ~ Forever 21
shoes ~ Ebay
watch ~ Michael Kors

I mentioned last week that Chris and I were doing a three-day cleanse. It went well for me. While eating, or not eating, for me is mostly mental, it was hard not being able to eat what I wanted. But, it was only three days so it wasn't that hard. By the end, I felt maybe a little less bloated, and didn't want to look at another carrot for quite a while. The next day, coffee had never tasted better. And while I was on the cleanse, all I wanted to eat were Doritos loaded

For Chris, well let me tell you about Chris. Here is a list of things he ate (and drank) while on his version of the cleanse:

~ beer (two of the three nights)
~ Chinese food
~ German chocolate cake
~ cheesecake pops
~ a Cuban sandwich
~ coffee
~ more coffee

Worst cleanse partner ever.

You win some, you lose some. I think I won the battle of the willpower!
megan bird


  1. I ooh and ah'd at your renditions of this inspiration photo (fab!), and I truly laughed out loud when reading your hubby's cleanse diet--so funny! Thanks for another fab link-up! T.

  2. Aww I like you are wearing inverse outfits! And while I'm sure your husband's "cleanse" wasn't helping you any while you were doing it, at least you won! haha

  3. man, imagine going on a cleanse for two or three weeks? that would be helish lol! I love the laid back put together vibe in the inspo outfit and how you guys have inverted the stripes. very cool :)

  4. I would last 3 hours on a cleanse. Great job! You can never go wrong with black and white stripes. You both look so great!

  5. LOVE your takes on the outfit. So adorable.

    PS: Great job on the cleanse! :)

  6. He was taunting you eating and drinking all of the bad stuff. :-) Loving both looks especially the striped skirt.


  7. Both of you nailed this look, so so so chic!

  8. I am laughing so hard right now about Chris!! Too funny and I love it. Keep it real, Chris!!

    You ladies look so lovely and I am loving the leggy skirts!! Woo hoo, gams for days!! Happy Monday!

  9. LOL Chris! That is pretty dang funny.

    You both look amazing as always! Nora, I actually am planning a similar outfit to yours for tomorrow! (going with this look for work tomorrow since I'm off today).

  10. I like your look with the angled skirt.

  11. your both nailed this look. My husband started of doing insanity with me and then stopped.

  12. Man Keri Russell has the legs on her, my gosh! And you two birds have great legs (dare I say "bird" legs?) sorry, doh! I love your outfits. And dang, Chris has that cleanse down to a science, I commend him. ♥

  13. LOL Chris seems confused as to what a cleanse actually is. Actually, now that I think about it, I want to go on his cleanse!

    Love the striped skirt.


  14. OMG Patrick is the same way! When we were vegetarians, he ate chicken. And sometimes pork. And sometimes beef. But he would still tell people he was a vegetarian. And I was like "um, no." Oh men! You both look GREAT and did a great job with the inspiration! Such fun black and white looks!

  15. Both of you look cute, as always! Such a fun look! I doubt that I could get Kyle to even think about going on a cleanse with me, lol. Awesome job on sticking with it though!

  16. OOOOOOh, you both look so lovely in this outfit! Nora your hair looks really nice too! Oh dear, that Cleanse doesn't sound like it was an equal thing! Like my husband giving up meat for lent!x

  17. i have been wanting to do a cleanse for a while now, but i love food too much! i can't survive on liquids alone :p

    super cute outfits here!


  18. Ha! My husband recently did a cleanse... and while he was good about not cheating with food, he went out five nights in a row for beer with friends. The same five nights he was cleansing. :)

  19. So cute! I had an outfit picked out but felt too hot to wear it. Besides I never can seem to organise my clothing selections around the cool inspirations my blogger friends post. If I can manage the outfit I can't get the timing right. So I just show up to see how great you two look1

  20. ha ha Megan, wow he really did great in eating all the not for cleansing food, lol. This is spot on with Kerri's. Both of you ladies look fabulous. I've been wanting to do a cleanse but my mind over power is so strong that I don't make it to the nest day.


  21. MEg I love the skirt! It's just like the oragami skirt rom Zara. Nora I love that sleeveless top.

  22. I love this inspirational look and the way both looks are a fun take on it! The stripes are fabulous! Glad the cleanse worked for you! At least you stuck to it! LOL!


  23. great outfits!! i will forever love Keri Russell, esp from Felicity. Love that show.
    Chris' cleanse week cracked me up. let me guess, he probably lost weight even after all that? ;) i swear guys can lose weight the fastest.

  24. Fabulous looks!!! Love it.

  25. now that is my kinda cleanse..
    love the look.. so casually sexy!

  26. 2 great outfits ladies. I am a huge fan of stripes. Megan I love your skort & your poses are so fun and Nora I adore both your top & skirt. You look hot, girl!

  27. Hey Megan! I'm reading your old posts and finding them endlessly entertaining. I just realized that the tattoo on your leg looks like an outline of the State of Minnesota. Is it? And, btw, I'm hopelessly attracted to hoop earrings, the bigger the better, and in this post you are wearing HUGE ones. My knees are buckling at the sight of them!