Wednesday, July 9, 2014

bird.i.y.: vintage screen upcycle (wedding memory keeper)

A long time ago I bought this screen (and maybe a few others) at a garage sale for $1. I didn't know what I'd use them for, but I assumed I would use them eventually. They have been sitting in our garage for over a year now, and I finally figured out what to do with one of them. (The others will wait patiently for me until figure it out.) (That's what garages are for.) I decided to finally get some wedding pictures displayed in our house by making this screen into a sort of wedding homage. 

Here's what I thought I'd need to make it, but as I went along, I found new things to use, and realized some wouldn't work.
~ one large vintage screen
~ twine
~ decorative clothespins (didn't use)
~ three star-shaped table placeholders
~ my grandma's vintage hankie that was my something old at our wedding
~ another vintage hankie that we handed out as gifts at our wedding (we made sure to make it a tear inducing wedding)
~ vintage sheets and lace, torn, that we used to make the backdrop for our wedding
~ washi tape (didn't use)
~ four screw hooks and wire 
~ feathers
~ decorative thumb tacks (not pictured)
~ decorative paper clips (not pictured)
~ safety pins (not pictured)
~ needle and thread (not pictured)

I started by screwing two hooks to each front side of the frame. I then tied some twine to each hook to use as the base to hang the pictures from.

I then cut the sheet strips to fit the length of the screen and used decorative thumbtacks to stick them to the underside of the top of the screen.

At this point, I thought I would be using the cute clothespins to hang the hankie and the pictures from the twine. When I tried, though, I realized they were too heavy, and kept turning upside down. I racked my brain on how to fix it, and came up with nothing. I pinned the hankie, because it was fabric, and I could easily hide the pins, and I actually "sewed" the feathers on by sticking a needle through the stem and tying it to the twine, but I couldn't figure out how to hang the pictures. If only I had some sort of decorative paper clip. Oh wait, I do....I remembered that Chris (Santa) put these in my stocking on Christmas, and I was waiting for the perfect time to use them (just like the screen). Well, this was the perfect time!

I hung the pictures with the cute little bird clips.

I then screwed two more hooks to the back of the screen and added the wire so that I could hang it. And here it is...

It's the perfect little homage to our wedding, and I love it!

megan bird


  1. That is such a great way to use the screen; and such a sweet homage!

  2. You are so creative! This looks gorgeous!

  3. What a beautiful display! You have such great D.I.Y. ideas!

  4. So sweet :)

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  6. Had to delete the last comment due to a picture comment error. I swear you and Nora could have a diy blog, alone. I love this, the placement of it and the picture of your tattoo really captures the essence of it all. dawn

  7. Such a cute idea. I have since something like this but with windows with glasses in them.

    There a you tuber called Mr. Kate. You have to go watch her OMG we brought a house series. I think you guys will like it. Her style of decorating a house remind me of you two.

  8. Aww this is so sweet! The bird clips are the cutest!

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  9. What a creative, sweet and sort of retro very personable memory keeper. Adore the bird clips and all those super cute pillows on the bottom photo.

    Happy Hump Day, Beauties!!

  10. Love the bird clips. So cute!

  11. Aww, that is really cute and it's so "you"! I love how it turned out! The bird clips are perfect!

    Also I forgot, you had asked what flea market we went to - we went to the Medina one you mentioned a couple of weeks ago and then on the 4th of July we went to one out in Wright County near Annandale. It's our new obsession, seriously!

  12. You are so creative - I love this! I wish I would run across great vintage pieces like this more often.

  13. That is so adorable, I absolutely LOVE it! You both always have the best DIYs! Keep 'em coming ;) :)

  14. I love love LOVE this so much!

  15. Cute! I love it! You picked some of my favorite photos as well. What a creative idea! xo

  16. Awwww... you can just feel the love!!

  17. I love how this turned out! The strips of cloth are a really cute background and what a great idea to hand out vintage hankies at a wedding!

  18. Awwww, so sweet and I love your cushion collection!!! \oooh, is that really a tattoo on your shoulder!? really cute!x

  19. So pretty and just perfect for your room with the pretty shabby-chic vibe! I love seeing your photos because everyone looks so happy in them.

  20. Oh my gosh, the photos look adorable on that homespun pretty background - is that you in your pink wedding dress, dreamy

  21. What a beautiful creation! I am so impressed. You have the best DIYs.

  22. Nice post ..
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  23. I love this and also want to steal that cat pillow!

  24. This is so creative, eclectic and just darn cool! Your DIYS are always so inspirational.