Thursday, June 19, 2014

outfit of the day(bird): embarrassing encounter

dress~ Ross
sandals~ Target

I think Megan mentioned a while back that we also blog for Goodwill (see our first post here). Normally, Jim takes all of my photos for this blog and that one, but the other day I was going through outfit shots for a post I was writing for the Goodwill blog, and I hated them all. The kids were napping and I needed to get the post written and sent in, so I decided to grab the camera and remote and re-take the photos myself. I set my tripod up in the alley and started posing and taking photos. I always feel a bit weird taking my own pictures, but it was early afternoon and most of my neighbors were at work, so I thought I was safe. I started doing some spins and some crazier poses, just having fun. I was about to leap off a little curb to get a fun jumping shot, when around the corner comes my neighbor. My young, cute, male neighbor. He caught me mid-leap and he looked very confused. Looking from me to my camera and back to me again, he said, "Um, so sorry if I startled you!" I mumbled, "Oh, not at all!", laughed uncomfortably, turned bright red, and started fumbling with my camera, trying to look busy. He finished tossing out his garbage or whatever he was doing and then, pointing at my camera, said, "Well, good luck with...that!" I smiled awkwardly and he walked back inside. I quickly finished up my photo shoot and ran back home before another neighbor could catch me. Needless to say, it was truly embarrassing! But at least I ended up getting the shots I needed!

xoxo, nora bird


  1. oh no! i have to take all of my pics myself, so i'm very nervous when someone else takes them. the ones i took recently at the pool were embarrassing because everyone was looking!! it was of my feet, so i concocted all sorts of crazy ideas about what they were thinking.

  2. Haha, we've all been there! I always try to look busy, fumbling around with whatever is nearby as if it's a something I've never seen before...haha. Your dress is gorgeous and you look beautiful!

    xo, Yi-chia
    Always Maylee

  3. Haha, oh man! I've been busted by my neighbors before too and it's always awkward. I sometimes think it's better when strangers see me during a blog shoot since at least I'll never have to see them again. :)

    The Tiny Heart
    Juicy Couture Giveaway!

  4. I so have been there. The neighbor ask what I was doing. I told them taking pictures of lady bugs. Your dress is super cute. I miss being able to shop at Ross.

    Also on ross Facebook they are hold a contest. Don't know if you ladies want to check that out or not.

  5. Well that is what counts. There really is no way to avoid the awkwardness of getting caught taking blog photos--I think whether you take them or someone else does. I have always taken my own photos, but out in public. So the confusion is tenfold, but I don't mind so much in front of strangers. For some reason it seems less awkward than in front of people I know--even my husband! This maxi dress is so beautiful on you!

  6. Oh man that is too funny! I haven't had as much time to take my pictures at home lately, but that used to happen to me on occasion when I did!

    I love this dress on you!

  7. So funny. It is HARD to take your own photos, hence my infrequent posts. This is an Excellent dress!

  8. You look really nice in colors. I like the flow of the dress.

  9. Ha Ha! ooops ; ) I have this issue often. Even though I take the shots in our backyard the one neighbour will come on the side where I take the photos and basically just "hang around". It is annoying. I'm sure he has no idea why I'm always taking so many photos of myself. Must just think I'm vain!

    LOVE the colours on this dress.


  10. Oh that is funny. I never pose in public so you are so much more brave than me. It is odd. I don't pose in public, yet I sent the pics out into cyber anywhere and that doesn't bother me? Skewed somehow?

    Anyway I love the entire ensemble and how darling your photos are!

    Thanks for the moral support and love. Hating cancer is the " in " thing!!! ♥, Renae

  11. I totally know what you mean! One day I decided I wanted to pose by the lake in the park near my old house. It was a rainy HORRID day so I thought no one would pass by. There I was, changing my shoes (from wellies into cute shoes) and taking photos, then little young woman walked by. I was like, "Er, hi." She asked what I was doing and I said I was taking photos for a competition (lie on the spot- because someone I couldn't say I was taking blog shots!) . She gave me a wierd look and walked off with her dog. I SWEAR that she is one of the parents at my school- seriously, the woman in my memory looks exactly like one of our parents!!!
    Funny you should say that because today, I took pictures in my local park as no one was about. Happily snapping and then a dog walker appeared from nowhere as I was waiting for the timer- I nonchalantly walked towards the bench where the camera was balancing, hoping she hadn't seen it, inwardly annoyed that the shot I had lined up was ruined!x
    Oh and by the way, should Eva refuse to give me her rainbow dress, I'll happily take that one instead!x

  12. LOL-oh Nora, I could just picture that so well! You look gorgeous in that dress so I hope that is what you were wearing. I am not brave enough to take any photos outside because there just is not enough privacy. There are lovely gardens around my condo and it would be nice for photos but I am not brave enough. It wouldn't work in winter anyhow since we usually have wind and rain. Heck, we have wind and rain today!

  13. I love that dress. The colors are so pretty and love the print. I haven't had much luck at TJ, Marshalls, or Ross lately. I hate when I got caught taking pictures - either when someone else is taking them or on my own.

  14. The pictures turned out great and that's such a pretty dress on you! I feel like such a dork taking my own photo as well. :)

  15. this sounds like something from a romantic comedy, but how else are you going to get that perfect shot? love the print on that dress :)

  16. That's so funny, I remember getting embarassed when I first started taking photos for the blog, but now I am just whatever about it as long as I get a good shot. haha That's such a beautiful and colourful dress.
    Belgian Designer Spotlight

  17. Haha, happened to me before too! I go take pics in the parks around my neighborhood with a tripod on my days off. But you know what, every other person has a blog now :) And if they ask, I tell them to check out my blog!

  18. I have had this EXACT same experience. I have to take all my photos myself, using a remote shutter-release, and enjoy trying playful poses. When my activity catches people's attention, I get super-shy and, like you, close down shop. I hope you feel more comfortable doing this in the future. I'm trying to increase my courage.

  19. I've had this happen before as well. I get less embarrassed than I used to. I'm pretty sure my neighbors all think I'm a weirdo, strange photo taking or not. ;)

  20. Love this dress, the print is perfect for summer :)

    Daydream Frenzy

  21. It does sound like you handled your self with aplomb and grace.. as I would expect from you. That sunny smile is gorgeous on you, and I do love these pics, irrespective of the awkwardness, You seem unperturbed and gorgeous! Maybe this should be your new strategy..
    And, BTW, LOVE the dress!
    XX, Elle

  22. I always feel like such a dork when taking photos of myself. You look amazing! And I lurv the dress!!

  23. In love with this dress. The colors, the pattern, the lightness.

  24. Oh, the "caught blogging" shots! My neighbor stopped me once and said are you posing for your Facebook default? Kinda...