Monday, June 9, 2014

inspiration monday: flying

the inspiration
Kourtney Kardashian
megan bird

romper ~ hand-me-down from nora
jacket, shoes, belt ~ thrifted
necklace ~ Forever 21

nora bird

romper ~ Urban Outfitters
blazer ~ vintage, thrifted
shoes ~ Target
necklace ~ Etsy, gift

Nora and I went to Las Vegas this weekend to visit our baby sister and her newborn baby girl. It was a great weekend full of baby kisses and lots of laziness (and way too much junk food). On the way out, Nora and I were too late to check in for our flight and didn't get seats next to each other. As we were boarding, for a minute, I thought maybe the seat next to me would remain empty, but as the plane filled up, a woman walked in with her friend. She stopped in my row, and her friend looked at me and said, "I'm sorry in advance."

The woman sat next to me, and started shaking. She buried her head in corner of her seat and I asked, "Is this your first time flying?" She didn't even answer, but I knew the answer. So I asked, "Do you want me to talk to you, or would you rather I just shut up?" Again, no answer. So I just started asking her questions about herself. In between answers, I would tell her what to expect from the flight. Then I'd ask some more questions. 

As soon as we started taxiing, she started crying, so I held her hand, and rubbed her back. Eventually she fell asleep and all was well with the trip (until we were landing and she woke up and started crying again), and I was actually grateful for the distraction because I personally am kind of a baby myself when flying. 

Maybe every time I fly I need someone next to me who is more scared. Or just Valium...
megan bird


  1. I love the idea of a romper with a blazer.

    That is crazy about the woman. I all the times I've flown and all the thousands of time my husband has flown we haven't had that kind of experience. I'm kind of grateful really. I'd find it unnerving.


  2. Love both of your renditions of this inspiration photo! I didn't do a romper, but I did wear a white jacket. :) Sounds like you eased someone's fear/pain a bit on that flight. Good for you! Thanks for this fab link-up!!! T.

  3. You both are rocken tho romper. Megan that was nice nice of you to help ease that lady with the flight. I hate flying too. If my husband with me I'm fine. I have done a sole flight twice. The first time I had a nerves break down.

  4. Aw, that girl got lucky sitting next to you! How sweet that you helped her along. I'm afraid of heights and planes, so I definitely don't do well with flying. I usually squeeze Kevin's hand so hard that it's red for a few hours after.

    Love the romper + blazer combo! I will definitely be copying this :) Too cute.

  5. Oh the poor thing! I am not a huge fan of flying, but I would be happy to help someone else through it if they'd never done it before - you were so sweet to her!

    Love both of your rompers!

  6. Love the rompers with blazers...have to try that with my rompers :) That is so nice of you to help calm her down. A few years ago when I was flying a woman across the aisle started talking to me. Turns out we both hate flying but our conversation helped us both through the flight. We wound up running into each other at dinner one night and later on friended each other on Facebook. We still keep in touch. :)

    The Tiny Heart

  7. Love Vegas! Nice looks. I wish rompers would look just as good on me. :-/


  8. These rompers are adorable and I love the way both of you styled yours!

  9. First of all - I love the rompers on you both!

    Second, how awesome for that lady that she got to sit by you?! You're so sweet Megan.

  10. You are both adorable in rompers. I do not have the sexy legs required for such looks!!

    Nicely done on the comforting while flying... it can be a scary experience!

  11. LOL Oh God I would've lost it. I am a horrible flier and we would have collectively caused a bunch of mayhem. How nice of you to be so kind to her. I would've had a Bridesmaid situation on my hands. I love the rompers and blazers ladies!

  12. You both look amazing in rompers! Love that turquoise belt on Megan and the target shoes on Nora!

  13. Awww, aren't you a sweetheart? I'm sure that lady appreciated your help and kindness. Like the above commenter, I love the pop of turquoise and the pop of blue on the shoes!

  14. You are waaaaayyy too nice! I don't know if I would have taken such care like you did. Everyone is rocking rompers but I'm too scared. I'm long-waisted and I feel like I'd have a comfort issue. You both look super cute though.

  15. Wow, you are incredible. If it were me I don't think I would have handled it that nicely. To be honest, I think I would have told her to suck it up, lol. But yeah, you're awesome.

    Love your outfits! Rompers to me are the perfect summer ouftift!

  16. Love, love rompers! Love how you dressed them up with blazers and heels

  17. okay dear birds, it is clear to me that you out dashed the kardashian!
    Fabulous, both of you!
    XX, Elle

  18. Love both of your looks! I like the pairing of a romper and a blazer, it's the perfect balance.

    That's so nice of you to have held her hand and everything Megan!


  19. Ah man, I really wanted to do this one but I was away all weekend and it was too short for school!!!! Another time?xx
    You too look super cute- nice contrasts and I am really glad you were there to help that woman!x