Monday, June 16, 2014

inspiration monday: bad review

the inspiration
Hillary Scott
megan bird

dress ~ gift
belt ~ thrifted
shoes ~ hand-me-down from sister
earrings ~ Forever 21

nora bird

dress ~ b. (a resale shop)
shoes ~Target
belt ~ vintage, thrifted

I met a friend for happy hour last week at a place near our house called Town Hall Tap (for the locals, so you know where not to go). Our experience started a little poorly when the hostess failed to come outside to yell our name when it was time to be seated. Considering it was a gorgeous 80 degree day, most people were waiting outside, so it wasn't too much to think she'd come out to look for us. Needless to say, we had to put our name back on the list and finally got seated after about a half hour. It was fine because we were catching up (and because the bar next door let us sit at their table and even brought us a beer while we were waiting (Adrien's for the locals so you know where to go). 

So, we finally got seated and our waiter seemed nice enough. We ate and had a beer and he even split our bill without us asking...seemed nice. But then I ran into a familiar issue...the magnetic strip on my bank card is touch and go. It often gets declined because of this. Normally, the person just needs to manually enter my digits, and everything is fine. So when the waiter came back and said, "your card got declined, I need a new one", I was not shocked, I was about to ask him to enter the numbers, but he just walked away in a huff.

We then had to wait until he came back, presumably for my new card. Ten minutes later, he approached our table and I asked, "do you mind entering my card number manually? I run into this problem a lot, but I can assure you there is no problem with my account." To which he replied, "Do you know how hard it is to manually enter a credit card number?" and walked away.

Um, yes, I shop online all the time, and it takes all of 30 seconds, it's really not that hard at all. But not wanting to wait any longer than we had been, I pulled out a new card, paid my tab and left...never to return.


  1. It burns me up when service that you pay for it like this. I hope you didn't leave any tip!

    I LOVE the 2 patterned dress! I know it was a gift...but do you know where it was bought?


  2. These folks at that bar deserve a bad review! Good for you--putting it out there! Lovely dresses---both of you! I didn't don a dress, but I did do heels with a skirt--and included the belted waist--which I stole from the inspiration photo. :) Have a fab Monday! Thanks for this great link-up party! T.

  3. y'all are making me want to wear dresses!! and that guy is ridiculous!! it's his job and it is not big deal. not as quick as swiping but so what??

  4. You both look great. I would have so got the manger and complained.

  5. That's an unfortunate experience. And too often unavoidable. On the plus side, these dresses are beautiful!

  6. Ugh, so rude! I hope you go on Yelp and write the review there as well so people are warned!

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    Necklace Giveaway!

  7. Service: not so great... Outfits: Adorable!

  8. Such a great inspiration shot! Love both outfits!

  9. Oh my gosh - we had a similar experience the last time we went to Town Hall Brewery - owned by the same people - so yeah, definitely not going to go to either place now! It's too bad, they have good beer, lol.

    Love both of your dresses!

  10. I love the first dress- the two patterns look so cool!

  11. Ugh! Rude! How annoying! Sorry you had a bad experience, but it sounds like you kept your cool and enjoyed your company. Such a bummer when that happens!

  12. Ugh, I hate bad service! Even if it is difficult to manually enter the digits on their machine, he didn't need to give you a hard time about it and should have done it with a smile. What a jerk!

    On a happier note, you both look great. Megan, you look sexy in that getup and Nora, I might have to steal that dress.... I spy some birds....

  13. ladies, you both look amazing. reminds me to wear my yellow sandals too. Long legs, woot woot. Ugh rude waiter, i wonder what happen after he told you how hard it was to do it manually. I will totally snap at him and call the manager.


  14. Such a bummer about that place. I've been wanting to check it out for a while. Guess I will have the rethink that. Womp.

    Lookin' pretty per usual, gals. :)

  15. WHOA! Customer service FAIL! Boooo and hiss!

    But two hot chicas! Love both dresses!

  16. Wow! Sorry you had a sucky waiter. I love the double print wrap dress, so cute! :-) The yellow wedges really stands out with Nora's dress. :-)


  17. Oooooh, ronchy dude! I love how boycotting works. ya.

    Your dresses are darling, both of them. Ya, yeast infection in my GI tract, glorious. no energy. sleep a lot. crud. Thanks for your love and attention.

  18. I used to be a waitress, so I get super annoyed when I don't get great service. Don't they know that they're getting tipped to be personable?! Cute dresses though on both of you. :)

  19. What a rude server!!!!
    Oooh sexy dress Megan, it is really stylish! I love your cute dress Nora-fun take on this x

  20. Such cute outfits you two! I love them both. Nora, I thought that was a romper at first. That was really terrible service. Maybe he hates his job and is hoping to be fired. I was out last night with my parents for a Father's Day dinner and we had the most excellent service. When that happens and I can see how hard they are working and yet still being nice and helpful I am going to be inclined to tip well, not to mention offer compliments and spread the word on how enjoyable my experience was.

  21. Very nice summery dress! I love the patterns on both. It sucks that you had such a bad experience there. I've been there before and haven't had a bad experience, but i'll definitely think twice before going back. You'd think the waiter wouldn't have a problem entering the digits I mean he want's to get paid right? How rude.

  22. Oh, my ladies you look so gorgeous in these wonderful summer dresses. Summer is all about skirts and dresses. Love patterns on both of your dresses.
    I'm sorry to hear that you had a such a bad experience. I don't understand why people should be so rude. If you don't like your job you can always leave. I would never return as well. Why should.

    xoxo Ra

  23. Love the dresses, Dress number one is a dead ringer. Both patterns are fab. Sorry your happy hour was happier..urge!
    XX, Elle

  24. That is horrible! It's really easy to manually enter a card number, I do it at the hotel all the time!
    I love the dress Meg, and Nora those shoes are fabulous!