Friday, June 27, 2014

bird seed: best friend banana bread

When Jim and I got married (it'll be nine years ago in July!), one of our best friends gave us a recipe box filled with delicious recipes she had collected from her family and friends. It is something I have always cherished. Whenever I am in the mood to bake or if I can't figure out what I want to make for dinner, I will turn to that recipe box to try a new recipe or find one that has been tried-and-true. But my favorite part isn't the recipes. It is the note that she wrote to Jim and I that is the best part. And the fact that she typed out every recipe. Oh no, not on one of those newfangled computers that everyone is using these days. She typed them all out on a typewriter. A typewriter! That, and for so many other reason, is how I know she loves me.

So, I have adapted the banana bread recipe in this box and it has been my go-to banana bread recipe for a while. I have only changed the recipe slightly and it is seriously the most delicious banana bread. The only thing I changed is to sub out the 1/2 cup of shortening for 1/4 cup of applesauce. Any type of applesauce you like will do, but we REALLY love this local sauce, which is made with red hot candies. I know! SO good. It adds just the right hint of cinnamon and sweetness.

Here's the recipe. You can use the shortening, if you please. Or use my apple sauce substitute. Either way, it will be delicious!

~ Preheat oven to 350 degrees.
~ Grease two loaf pans and set aside.
~ Mix the flour, salt, and baking soda together in a small bowl. Set aside.
~ Using a hand held mixer, beat the applesauce (or shortening), butter, and sugar together until combined. 
~ Add the eggs, one at a time, and mix until fully combined. Then mix in the sour cream.
~ Mash the bananas (I used three very ripe bananas) with a fork.
~ Slowly mix the dry ingredients into the butter mixture.
~ Once everything is mixed, add the mashed bananas and mix until fully combined.
~ Add half the mixture to one loaf pan and half to the other. It should fill each pan about halfway.
~ Place both loaf pans on a large baking sheet (to avoid spillage) and place in the oven for one hour.
~ Remove from oven and let cool in the pans for about 30 minutes. Then remove from pans and let cool fully on a wire rack.
~ Serve with butter and enjoy!

If you have little hands around, this bread won't last long! Mimi and Ben love this stuff!

xoxo, nora bird

P.S. For all of you MN locals: don't forget about The Great Minneapolis Blogger Sale, happening tomorrow! It is going to be seriously awesome. We hope to see you there!!! xoxo.


  1. Oh yum! Yum yum! LOVE banana bread, and this recipe looks great! (And that was a seriously sweet gift; friends like that are the best.)
    So if I started driving now........

  2. my boss made banana bread and the smell has been taunting me all week! if only she'd offer me a slice. oh well, that's what the weekends are for!

  3. I love banana bread, and right now I have about a bajillion (maybe an exaggeration?) bananas in the freezer just waiting to be baked into something.

  4. I haven't had banana bread in a long time. Plus never have made one. I will so have to give this a short one day.

  5. Mmm, banana bread!! That looks so good, I may need to try this recipe very soon!

  6. Yum, I love banana bread! It wouldn't last long around my house either :)

    The Tiny Heart

  7. wow. i love that recipe box and how it's typed up from a typewriter. by far the best gift idea for couples that i've seen!

  8. What a sweet gift!!! She's like your blog posts- no capital letters!
    I don't like banana bread but I love the sentiment! Share some other ones!x

  9. looks soooooo delish!
    air mail me a pieces lol :)

  10. Yummy. My son just ask me why I don't make banana bread lately, i ail make this this week. I love a good banana bread too. I will just have to substitute with almond flour instead.


  11. Well, I'm not a banana fan... but my family is! I'll have to try this out for them!

  12. oh gosh, what a kind wedding gift. i'd love to make something similar with my favorite recipes and maybe have jon create the box? i can see the opportunity there. and this recipe looks delish- lucky kids!

  13. That looks yummy! And such a sweet thing to do. I may have to do this for my BFF when she gets married.