Friday, June 13, 2014

bird in flight: seattle (days two, three, & four)


Okay, I promise not to drag this out any longer, but I did say I would share about the rest of my trip to Seattle, so here we go. Like I said last week, this will be a photo heavy post!

My friend, Tracy, and I, along with her dogs, started Saturday off with a hike through Schmitz Park to Alki Beach. It was gorgeous. Seattle is so green and I love that you can be in a neighborhood and then suddenly be deep in the woods. So cool.

After our hike, we met our friend, Sonja, for lunch at Tamarind Tree in the International District. It was really yummy. Get the tofu rolls and the fresh lotus root salad! Then we went shopping in the Ballard neighborhood. This was my favorite little neighborhood! So many cute shops and fun bars and restaurants! There is even a Minnesota bar where they play Vikings' games (our football team here in MN) and it's the only place in Seattle where you can get a Summit (Minnesota's most famous local beer). I thought that was weird and cool.

Then we had happy hour! We went to El Borracho for a margarita and then went to Hazlewood, which was a very cool little (teeny tiny) craft cocktail bar, and had another drink. From there we went to Ray's Boathouse for some appetizers and gorgeous views of the water before heading to dinner at Bar del Corso on Beacon Hill. The food there was amazing and the service even better! And as much as the owner of Bar del Corso tried to talk us out of it, we ended up going to Cowgirl's and dancing into the wee hours of the night. The place was hilarious. There was a mechanical bull (which I was too scared to attempt), the scantily clad bartenders danced routines on the bar, a la Coyote Ugly, and we were by far the oldest people in the place. All in all, it was a very fun and very interesting evening.

On Sunday, we walked the dogs through Lincoln Park before having breakfast and (much needed) coffee and (maybe even more needed) Bloody Mary's at St. Dames. Then we headed back to Ballard to ride on the Cycle Saloon (which my friend, Tracy, owns). If you're a MN local, the Cycle Saloon is basically just like the Peddle Pub. It is a giant bike that seats 16 people and you ride it around town, stopping at different pubs or breweries (we stopped at Stoup and Reuben's breweries). It was raining that day, which made for a wet ride, but it was still a lot of fun. And good exercise, to boot! It was a fun and different way to see Seattle.


After that, we had the best nachos at The Matador and a quick drink at King's before heading back to Tracy's for a home cooked meal and a lot of laughs.

On Monday, I didn't fly out until 3-ish, so we did a quick walk around West Seattle, where it was finally clear enough for me to catch a glimpse of some mountains. I had been joking with the girl's the whole weekend that I didn't believe they had mountains in Seattle because they had been covered by clouds the whole time I'd been in town. Seriously, how can a cloud cover a mountain? I still don't get it. Then we had lunch at El Chupacabra (yummy faux chicken enchiladas!) and then swung by the Space Needle gift shop to grab some books and other little gifts for my kids.

After that, it was off to the airport to fly back home! I had so much fun in Seattle and will most definitely be back very soon!

xoxo, nora bird

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  1. such a beautiful place. Have a great weekend

  2. It looks like a wonderful time was had by all! You know what grabbed my attention? All those beautiful stones and crystals... guess I'm just a rockhead, lol.

  3. It looks like you had a great time! I want to go there even more now! Thanks for sharing all your great pictures!

  4. What a jam packed get-away! Looks like so much fun.

    I really love that panic and freak out. LOL I want that in my office.

    This makes me think next time I'm in Seattle I need to see a bit more and spend less time just chillin' drinkin'.


  5. Looks like so much fun! I haven't been to Seattle yet but I'm dying to go. Also, we did one of those 'beer bikes' in Greece and it was SUCH A BLAST! That little 'in dog beers, i've only had one' sign is hilarious. I need that!

  6. Take me with you next time you go! I'm dying to get there, and it looks like so much fun!

  7. Once again, very very jealous! LOVE Seattle!

  8. Oh man, this looks like so much fun! I have been wanting to visit Seattle!

  9. So much fun. Such great photos. Ray's Boathouse was my hang out when I lived there! Thanks for the little visit!!!

  10. I've never been to the Pacific NW but it looks like Seattle is a wonderful place to visit!

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  11. Seattle looks like a fun place to visit. It's actually on my places to visit list. :-)


  12. How cool is that place???? Oooh, Seattle sounds lovely! You seemed to have had an amazing time with your pals x

  13. i loved your pics!! great recap of a fun time!

  14. Oh Nora! You had such a great time. Seattle is my somewhat second home. I have lived there or been there more than any other part of this grand USA outside of Utah. I loved seeing all the photos you shared! They were great and YES, you can hike off into the "woods" so easily! It is an amazing place!!!!!! Loved hearing all about it. Your friends look like great friends, too!

  15. Amazing pics! Looks like you had a fab, fun time! :) T.

  16. Dog beers, oh that made me LOL.