Friday, May 16, 2014

love*birds: 5.16.14

Things I am loving this week:
~ I've caught the spring cleaning, organizing, and redecorating bug. I have been cleaning out my closets, my kids' closets, and other rooms in the house and getting rid of a ton of stuff we never wear, use, or have outgrown. It feels so good.
~ Thrifting! The kids and I have gone a couple times this week, just looking for inspiration and searching for treasures. Nothing specific, which makes it even more fun because there's no pressure!
~ Speaking of thrifting, Megan and I have started blogging for Goodwill! Check out our first post here!

And here are a few other things we are loving today...

nora bird

I mentioned I have been reorganizing and that includes my jewelry. I would just love one of these pyramid boxes to display some of my favorite pieces! So pretty.

I adore the print and the colors of this dress. And the slouchy style looks super comfy while still being chic!

I love this vintage lace top! It would look so cute layered under a blazer or over another tank. Or just a black bra if you're feeling daring!

Such a gorgeous statement ring! It's so unique and such a pretty color!

Oh my gosh, I love this romper! It's so whimsical and fun! A perfect springtime date night look!


This is absolutely one of my favorite local shops. I could spend all day there, wandering around and looking at all the pretty things! They sell gorgeous, locally and handmade jewelry, clothing, housewares, fragrances, accessories, and so much more! And if you are not local, they have an online shop, as well!

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I always get a little nervous when my kids are playing in the other room and they suddenly get really quiet. It often means they are being naughty. This happened the other day and I walked into Mimi's room to investigate the situation only to see this. My kids love books and reading and it makes me so proud and happy to see!

megan bird
tassel necklace
 I love tassels, I know, a lot of people do these days. But this necklace is so unique, it's got the fun lucky charm on it, too. And you can special request a charm! How fun!

verdigris feather ring
This ring is so delicate looking with it's vintage patina. I love the coloring and the beautiful detailing!

block print kimono
 I have been toying with the idea of buying a kimono. I love how they look on other people, but don't love them on me. This one, however, would look great on just about anyone! I love the colors, and fringe never hurts!

tribal beach pompom shorts
I'll be honest, I don't get to the beach much, but I would if I had these shorts!! In fact, maybe I will get them for when we camp...add a little fun to my normal yoga pant camping trips!

ikat messenger bag
This bag is perfect in so many ways. The print, the size, the tassel (I told you I love them). It needs to be mine!

Architectural Antiques
 This store is like a museum. I could (and have) literally spend hours there! They are full of pretty much anything you could possibly think of from vintage Tom Thumb signs to the most amazing lighting you will ever find. If you need it for your home, chances are they have it!! Check it out if you're local, or just browse their goodies if you're not!

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What's Mother's Day without a selfie with your kids? I snapped this one last Sunday when they kids were in the midst of showing me tons of love!

What are you loving today?
two birds


  1. I'm loving that the weekend is supposed to be in the 60's

  2. Those tribal shorts are AMAZING. Love them!

  3. Congrats on blogging for Goodwill! I've seen that romper elsewhere and I want it BADLY! It is just so cute! Have a great weekend :)

    The Tiny Heart
    Bugsy's Box Giveaway!

  4. Ooh - the leaf print dress!! And we have tassel jewelry in our shop too - we love this trend! :)

  5. Loving that tassell necklace!! I'm feeling a DIY coming on!

    Congrats on the new blogging venture. That's awesome!!


  6. I loved your first Goodwill post! How fun! As usual I love your finds, I haven't heard of either of those two stores either, I'll have to check them out!

  7. What fabulous picks! I love your style and your blog :)

  8. The pyramid cases would look great with anything in it! :-) I can see myself wearing the pom pom shorts to the beach or pool. :-)


  9. great inspirations and I do love all of your picks. Cant wait to see the goodwill post! Nora, that was so sweet to see your little ones reading so quietly!! Megan, I love that Kimono, it has a fabulous print!
    Happy weekend!
    XX, Elle

  10. I am loving all of the cool prints you guys are posting! SUMMER, is it here yet? I love both of your instagram pics of the week! I hope that if I ever have a kid, it will read and take selfies with me. :D

  11. It's nice here :))))) thank you very much for choosing my ring :)

    with love CreativeStudioML

  12. Love the look of that leaf print, though like so many other pieces I see these days its much too short for me! Could they lower the hems of these frocks? Your kimono ensemble is awesome, btw!

  13. Ooooh I love that leaf ring and is like that big hat too, even though it wasn't a love birds piece! X

  14. I love thrifting! I am actually thinking about when my next "thrift trip" will be! LOL That romper is so cute! I can't wait to drag out the summer clothes!

  15. My daughter and I will be doing a LOT of thrifting this summer; you've inspired us!

    Popcorn with olive oil and sea salt sounds scrummy!

  16. I've been spring cleaning like crazy. I am over the clutter that accumulated during the winter.

  17. Loving that kimono and hoping like hell there isn't really a spring cleaning bug; I'd hate to catch that! ;-)

  18. I love love rompers too and that kimono is very nice. I am on the look out. I feel the same way about my son all of a sudden being quite. He likes to read too and doesn't mind our trip to the library often. Your kids are too precious. I heart kids that read.


  19. I am all about those pompom shorts. Too cute!
    Chic on the Cheap

  20. Being well-acquainted with the joys of cleaning and thrifting, I encourage you to enjoy both. We should savor life.

  21. I am on a purging streak right now too. We need to get rid of so much stuff before we move again. Congrats on the Goodwill post!

  22. Love all of the jewelry in your picks! Especially that tassel necklace!


  23. if i had kids, i hope they would be readers like i am! that is so sweet to "catch" your kids reading!!

  24. i've been working on spring cleaning and organizing too. love that tassel necklace!

  25. Lots of great stuff here! I really love that vintage lace top! It would be awesome paired with a boyfriend blazer! :) T.

  26. that's really cool you guys started blogging for goodwill. congrats!!

    and that jewellery pyramid... i keep seeing them all over, I may just cave and buy one!