Monday, May 19, 2014

inspiration monday: dirty martini

the inspiration
Gwyneth Paltrow
megan bird

jeans ~ Opitz
tank ~ H&M
necklace ~ Heartbreaker
bracelets, blazer ~ garage sale
shoes ~ thrifted

nora bird

blazer ~ Marshalls
shirt ~ swapped
jeans ~ Old Navy
shoes ~ Zappos
necklace ~ H&M

Chris and I went to a concert in central Wisconsin this weekend. We drove about three hours to the middle of nowhere, to a place called the Silver Dome, and watched four great bands, and then camped in our scamp that night. It was so fun. 

When we arrived, we were both starving, so we headed to a bar next door to the Silver Dome. Chris read something this weekend that said, "never order a martini in a beer bar, and never order a beer at a cocktail bar." Well, we were definitely at a beer bar, but I have never been one to follow convention. So, first things first, we ordered drinks. I asked the bartender if he knew how to make a good dirty martini. His reply was "I can't, but she can" as he pointed to the other bartender. The woman walked over and double checked that I wanted a dirty martini. When I replied yes, she walked away to make it. Soon after, she walked back and asked:
"So, is that with pickle juice?"
I replied, "no, olive juice" and she walked away again....only to walk right back and ask:
"So, is that with vodka?"
I replied yes and started thinking that I should have followed Chris' rules.
And then she returned one more time with the world's largest dirty martini. I'd say it was at least 6 ounces, but more likely 8...and it was delicious.

Oh, and I forgot to mention that an 8-ounce dirty martini, an 8-ounce manhattan, a beer, and a large handmade pizza cost us all of $16. If we're ever in central Wisconsin again, I know where I'll be eating!
How was your weekend?
megan bird


  1. Honestly you two look waaaaaay better than Gwyneth. An 8oz Martini? Sheesh!

  2. Glad you had a great weekend. Nora I love the last picture of you.

  3. love the outfits and the inspiration. i will remember that advice. i'm not a beer drinker.

  4. Pretty impressive that the martini tasted good considering she didn't even know how to make it! And damn, that is cheap for all those drinks and food!

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  5. That's a big martini!! I think I need to go to Wisconsin and find that place, lol!

    I love both of your blazers!

  6. Sounds like a pretty stellar deal - though I would've been nervous after the pickle juice comment. :)

    Looking great as always ladies!

  7. You both have super cute looks!

  8. I think I would have been on the floor with that martini :) Pretty sure I need both pairs of your shoes :)

  9. Don't ya just love when a new adventure turns out so cool. HM and I have had those happen and it is so much fun. I love each of your venues this time. Changing things up for a new season is always cool. You two are some of my all time faves bloggers EVAH AND EVAH!!!!

  10. Good for you for venturing out of the rules! Glad the martini was good after all--and the price! I love you ladies' jeans and blazer looks. I've been living in jeans and blazers for the past few weeks.

  11. You gotta love rural bars! I am very familiar with this type of establishment from college. You are so lucky it turned out good. Nothing worse than a incorrectly mixed drink. I love the blazers. Each of your interpretations are so much better than Gwyneth's.

  12. You both have super cute outfits! shoes are awesome... big like for them!


  13. Ooooh, fun shots today!!!! Really like your takes in the outfit! It was much too hot for trousers today so I didn't manage that! X

  14. nora- i just bought similar shoes and love love love them. and megan, we lived in central wisconsin for a year (mondovi) - always cheap and always a funny story :)

  15. Sounds like you had an awesome weekend! :-) I kept it laid back and went to see Spider-man. Great looks ladies!


  16. This sounds like an awesome weekend. Both of you look fabulous ladies. Love love it.


  17. Love both of your outfits!! Sounds like such a fun weekend can't beat that price for drinks and pizza! :)

  18. Sounds like a bargain to me! And definitely a fun time. Your photos today are looking extra snazzy too, and so are both of your outfits.

  19. A girl after my own heart. I love a Dirty Martini, sometimes with gin too but I prefer them with vodka. I had to laugh about the pickle question LOL. But yes that saying was awesome, too. What a great deal on those large drinks plus the food. =)

    You ladies look great. I love Gwyneth's Look and I might copy it later this week and still link up over the weekend if that's cool.

    Also, Ladies, I want to feature Nora's Gorgeous Floral Dress paired with the Mustard Wedges (from last week) on my blog tomorrow on a special post if that's cool with you? It will bring more readers your way too. =) The only thing I ask is that when you blog tomorrow or next time you blog, please include a link back to my blog that you are being featured. Thanks so much. Let me know if that's OK.

    <3 Ada. =)

  20. you two really do have the best shoes
    do you wear the same size? i sure hope so

  21. You two are so cute and look way better than Gwyneth, who seriously needs to eat something. Megan, if you can walk in those shoes I am super impressed! I don't think I could even stand in them without falling over.

  22. Megan, you look like a movie star in that second shot! Love it! That blazer is perfect....