Monday, May 5, 2014

inspiration monday: derby drunk

the inspiration
Kiernan Shipka
megan bird

dress ~ Marshalls
shoes ~ Target
bracelets ~ thrifted, Opitz
earrings ~ Kohls
ring ~ Charming Charlie's

nora bird

dress ~ hand-me-down
shoes ~ Ebay
belt ~ H&M

Saturday night, Chris and I went out to dinner at a fairly popular bar/restaurant in downtown Minneapolis. What we had forgotten was that it was derby day, and many of the people downtown had been drinking since 11:00 am. So when we arrived at 8:00 pm, we saw tons of big hats and a lot of very drunk people. 

One woman, in particular, was especially inebriated. She literally stumbled up to the bar, and said to the bartender, "Can I see your wine list because I am way too drunk to keep drinking beer." How that made sense to anyone, I don't know...but I guess making sense kind of goes out the window when you've been drinking for nine hours. Somehow he served her, and then about three minutes later, she and the whole group she came in with were promptly kicked out of the bar. There was a lot of cussing from the women, as the more sober men tried to wrangle their wives away before they slapped the manager.

My thoughts went out to her on Sunday morning.


  1. You two look lovely!!! This story made me chuckle. It's sad to hear folks get so messed up, but the asking for wine part--well, that's just funny. :) Cheers! T.

  2. Ha - I love the picture you painted of the men wrangling their wives. :) I'm so happy that it's finally weather worthy of spring dresses - hooray! You both look so lovely in them. :)

  3. Love the dresses, especially Megan's dress! I'm in love with it!!!

  4. Haha, yikes!! I don't think anyone around here was drinking for the Derby.

    Both of your printed dresses are so pretty!

    The Tiny Heart
    Betsey Johnson Giveaway!

  5. OH! Both looks are gorgeous! I love the full skirts/dresses!

  6. I have no idea who that girl is bot BOTH of those dresses with the full skirts are so lovely and feminine. I am glad I finally wore a dress yesterday too. Nothing like an awesome dress to make a girll feel like a whole woman, right?

  7. those dresses are so pretty!! and i can't imagine how that woman was feeling sunday morning - does not sound pleasant! but fun to people watch :)

  8. Megan: I love the frilly fluff skirt = makes your legs look long and thin. Nora: So smart to pair shiny silver with you darling dress.

    Logic such as "give me harder liquor because I am so stinkin' drunk now" must fall along the same lines as: "oh crap, I am speeding in on the interstate, I must out-run that cop"!

    Your posts always crack me up. "Chemo Crap" week is over, IM HUMAN AGAIN!!!!! ♥, Renae

  9. Oh no...I bet her morning was rough yesterday! Made for a good story though, so thanks random drunk lady! You both look gorgeous and ready for a derby party!

  10. She's probably STILL hungover today! Oof. You both look so cute and yay for nice, dress-wearing weather.

  11. Eeeek!!! How embarassing!

    How cute do you both look today?!?!! The answer is VERY!!!! I love this look on you, especially your amazing petticoat Megan!!!! Ixx

  12. LOL! Oh noes. I hope they all made it home okay. You guys look so cute and summery!!! Ugh, I have been in tights for the past two weeks. Wanna trade? :D

  13. That is not cute and I hope they made it home safe. I like both dresses! :-)


  14. I am so loving both of you ladies dresses!

  15. both of your look stunning. It funny how some people act when they get drunk.

  16. You both look so pretty!! I think I actually have those silver shoes -also purchased on eBay. How funny. My husband and I have friends that acted like the drunks in your story, but this was years and years ago. I was always the sober companion to the group. It's crazy how some people get when drinking. Me, I'm just a mellow drunk (ha ha)

  17. You always have the best bar stories! Too funny!!

    Love both of your dresses. I ended up home sick today so I couldn't play along this week, I was bummed, it was a good excuse to pull out a pretty dress for work otherwise!

  18. You ladies look gorgeous in your dresses! It is way to cold still for me to dress like that and besides, I'd have to shave my legs too! Kiernen Shipka is so cute.

  19. I love that first dress so much just because I'm super partial to twirly skirts! Again, love this inspiration idea.
    xo Olivia

  20. Love these sweet dresses! Somehow adding those chic point shoes makes the outfit so chic, and a bit edgy. Love it on both of you.
    Sorry that your date night got out of hand, but i got a chuckle out of that request ( wine, after beer for sobriety reasons....)!?
    xx, elle

  21. Two fun dresses and two edgy pairs of shoes! What a great way to be girlie but still have an edge!

  22. Meg that dress is awesome! Nora I really love those shoes. I was working on Derby day, which is practically sacrilegious here in KY :(

  23. A) I love Kiernan
    B) That first dress needs to be in my closet now
    C) The second dress is pretty darn cute too