Wednesday, May 28, 2014

bird.i.y.: beach waves hair texturizing spray

Summer hit Minnesota full force last weekend. Spring was hit and miss, but all of a sudden, we got the heat and the humidity all at once. Don't get me wrong, I love a good summer day, and I don't even mind the humidity, but my hair does. I was not blessed with that wake up and go sort of hair. That doesn't mean that I don't wake up and go, I just don't look like this when I'm waking up and going.
However, as I get older, and especially after I had kids (that mixed with a magician hair stylist) my hair has gotten itself a little wave. Usually it looks its best after 3 no-wash days, but I decided to create that same look just after washing it.
Not wanting to add to the multitude of store-bought lotions and potions, I decided that I probably had enough products on-hand to make my own beach waves spray. So I did.
Here's what you need to make your own.
1 cup hot water
2 tablespoons epson salt
1/2 teaspoon sea salt
1 teaspoon liquid aloe vera gel
1 teaspoon argan oil
a few drops of essential oil for scent (I used lavender)
1 empty spray bottle (I happened to have an old beach hair spray bottle, how coicidental (or ironic if you're Alanis Morissette))
On a quick side note, I highly recommend stocking up on essential oils and all natural products for your face and body. You can research online for the right items for your skin type, and it's so easy to make your own lotions, serums, and hair products. I have a small apothecary in my linen cabinet and I call upon it all the time for curing all sorts of ailments and beautifiers.
OK, back to the product.

Just throw all of the above into your spray bottle and shake. Spray on your clean, damp hair and dry as normal. I let mine air dry, and here is the look I got. Keep in mind that my hair is basically straight with about one curl behind my left this look is pretty impressive for air drying. If you want more oomph, use a diffuser and blow it dry. I might try that next!

megan bird


  1. WHAT?! You can make your own... no way?! I spend way too much on product to achieve this look! Thank you for sharing, and you look gorgeous!

  2. Gorgeous! Being that I have short hair I don't think I'd use something like that, but I love how pretty it makes your hair!

  3. I have to try this on my wavy hair! I am SO mad that John Frieda discontinued that beach spray. I haven't been able to find another product like it since!

    The Tiny Heart

  4. My hair is wavy/curly. Basically kind of crazy so I straighten it every day. I wonder what this would do for my hair if I wanted to air dry. I'm going to try it.


  5. That's a really cool idea to make your own!!! Never thought of that! I've never used that stuff but I know lots of people who do- I'll pass it on!x

  6. You look lovely! I wish I could rock the beach waves, maybe when my hair gets longer I will try this. I have been on an all-natural kick lately, so I have been washing my hair with baking soda, and washing with ACV and tea tree oil. It takes some tweaking to see what your hair needs, but it is SO much better than shampoo. Anyway, I hope you post more DIY's like this :D

  7. You look absolutely stunning! My hair is weird, if it's short then it's straight as a board, but as it grows longer it gets wavier...when it gets below my shoulder blades it actually has 'banana' curls.
    Weird I tell ya!

  8. My sister and I have been talking about making our own but I was skeptical. Now I have a reputable source and know it works :-)

  9. Love it
    Did it smell good?

  10. Um gorgeous! I might try this!

  11. You look beautiful....bangs and beach!!

  12. You look beautiful....bangs and beach!!

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