Tuesday, April 1, 2014

outfit of the day(bird): copy cat

sweater~ H&M
tank~ Marshalls
jeans (Levis) and shoes (Vince Camuto)~ b. (a resale shop)
necklace~ Etsy, gift from Jim

Remember last week, when Megan couldn't think of anything to write about so she just wrote some random facts about herself? Well, I am totally going to copy her today. Because I am her little sister and that's what we do. Also, because I was stuck inside all day with two kids recovering from two bad colds and my brain is fried. I got nothing. So, here goes...

~ After many childhood years of attempting to play basketball, softball, and volleyball, I finally realized that I should never play any sports with which a ball is involved.
~ My 7th grade volleyball team lost every single game. This was not entirely my fault. We were just all really really bad at volleyball.
~ When I entered high school, I joined the cross country running and cross country skiing teams and I never looked back. Individual sports, with no ball, are much more my thing.
~ I still love running to this day, although I have not skied since high school. I would love to start skiing again.
~ I love practicing yoga and hope to someday be certified to teach.
~ I still enjoy casually shooting hoops. Jim and I sometimes play HORSE. I sometimes almost never win.
~ Jim and I went out on our first date in May of 2002.
~ My car got towed during our first date.
~ It had already been towed and retrieved from the tow yard earlier that day.
~ I had bad luck with cars getting towed in May of 2002.
~ I didn't get my driver's license until I was twenty years old. I am pretty sure the only reason I passed the test was because the guy felt sorry for me.
~ At the time, in Minnesota, you could take your driver's test once with an expired learner's permit. Mine was three years expired.
~ Jim takes my photos for the blog and he always tries to make me laugh. He usually succeeds. (See that second photo up there? Yeah.)
~ I hate photos in which I'm laughing. I try to sometimes post them here anyway, because that's a dumb thing to hate.

And there you have it! Some completely random facts about me, myself, and I! That was actually kind of fun. I hope you enjoyed!

xoxo, nora bird


  1. i got my license the summer before my 18th birthday. i hate driving that much! still. but better than public transit!

  2. I always think these types of posts are fun - so glad you shared! Too funny that your car got towed on your first day for the second time that day. :)


  3. LOVE those shoes! And all your cute facts!

  4. Those heels are killer! My parents wouldn't let me drive at 16 so I also got my license later than all my friends.

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  5. I love learning more about you! And I love the laughing pictures. :)

  6. LOL You look great in the laughing pictures! My husband does the same thing when he takes my photos (which is rarely) and I always hate them too. I think I remember the car towing story. Such a good one!

  7. I love random fact posts!! I'm with you - any sport with a ball involved is not for me - other than golf - and I'm not good at golf, but there's far less chance of injury with golf! Yes I am a nerd...

    Love your top and your shoes!!

  8. Your shoes are freaking fantastic! Love them.

    I enjoy random posts! Can't believe your car was towed on your first date. Talk about a rude awakening. I didn't get my license until I was 30 so you have lots on me, haha.

  9. Those shoes are awesome. I love these posts with random facts. I may need to try one soon. It looks like your snow is melting. Yay!

  10. Laughing about your volleyball experiences! You're so entertaining!


  11. awww! You guys are so sweet! Kyle does weird things when he takes my photos too :P I love this spring look! I too love running more than other sports, but I did really like soccer. I was horrible at basketball, lol.

  12. I adore this outfit!! It's so pretty and perfect for spring! I'm in love with your top and shoes!

  13. i love everything about this outfit - it just looks so fresh. and how sweet that your husband takes all the photos? sweet still that he manages to make you laugh every time he does it :)

  14. I love those shoes!!

    Thanks for sharing the facts. Now I "know" you a little better :-)


  15. You look fabulous and you are rocking those jeans like nobody's business. love it doll. I also love the random facts as I get to know little bit stuff about you birdies.


  16. Aw I like the pic of you laughing! I have the same (lack of) skills with team sports. I can't run either, but I was always a good swimmer. Love those booties!

  17. Oh those are all fun facts. I am an excellent driver because my Mom was such a scary driver. I'm the youngest and I felt it so important to drive my Mom places. I did. I drove her everywhere for years. My Mom got pulled over 3 times in her life for driving too slow. About a two weeks before she became too ill to drive, she got hit on the edge of her back drivers fender and was about a block from her house so she just drove home. (ya, she left the scene "heck no big deal".) The police found her and sited her. Ya way scary. All of your fun facts are super fun. Maybe Mimi will be a more confident driver or no Ben will be, huh (being the youngest)? LOL ♥

  18. First of all those Booties are Gorgeous!! I am pretty sure I say that about ALL of your shoes! LOL Secondly I loved reading both you & your sister's random facts. I cannot play any sports involving ball either, not at all.