Monday, April 14, 2014

inspiration monday: make-up medley

the inspiration
Emmy Rossum
megan bird

jeans ~ Old Navy
tank ~ TJ Maxx
blazer ~ Target
booties ~ Shoedazzle
sunglasses ~ thrifted

nora bird

jacket ~ hand-me-down from sister
shirt ~ H&M
jeans ~ Levis
necklace ~ Etsy, gift
watch ~ Michael Kors
bracelet ~ gift from mother-in-law

Chris and I have very similar taste in music, for the most part. There are a few bands and styles of music that he loves that I certainly do not, though. For instance, he loves techno dance music and for some reason, The Crash Test Dummies. He also loves Morrissey, and I can't stand his whiny music, except for the song Please, Please, Please Let Me Get What I Want. (Don't worry, I am telling you all of this for a reason.)

Yesterday, we got in a fight. It was one of those pointless arguments that ended with me stomping upstairs. About 10 minutes later, I knew it was a dumb argument, and I knew I should just go back downstairs and make up. But I am stubborn. So instead, I grabbed my phone, logged on to Sonos and played Mmm Mmm Mmm Mmm for him. It ended, and clearly he had grabbed his phone and logged on to Sonos, because after my horrible song ended, he played Please, Please, Please for me. I then played some David Guetta dance music, and it went on from there. 

I walked downstairs, he smiled at me and said, "Is this how we're going to make up from now?" And you know what, it might be? It was funny and painless (except for the listening to The Crash Test Dummies part)and we officially didn't have to say I'm sorry, we just knew we were.

megan bird

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  1. That's a funny way to make up! I like it! loving how different your takes on this are. Nora, you have it to a tee, looking very cute. Megan I love how Boho and quirky your version is with my favourite colour turquoise and funky patterns! ! X

  2. Sorry that was Kezzie, I was on Cbc's phone x

  3. What a creative and fun way to make up! I love each of your interpretations of the inspiration outfit. I love a good jacket for spring. And they're both such a unique shape.

  4. Love it! I actually adore that Crash Test Dummies song, BTW. LOL! Great style--both of you! Thanks for hosting this fab link up. T.

  5. Aw, that's such a cute story. I'm really stubborn too--I may have to try that for when I know I should just say sorry but I'm feeling too stubborn to actually do it. Love both of your looks--both jackets are so fun and unique. They make both outfits!

  6. I like that! Except there's still something nice about hearing the words "I'm sorry."

    Nora - your sister was crazy to hand down that jacket. I love it!!

  7. Wow this is an almost identical recreation of Emmy's look- love it!

  8. Oh I hate marital spats for any reason. My ex dude and I fought like cats and dogs. My current HM and his ex used to fight like cats and dogs. HM and I have been together for 14 years and we have had exactly 5 fights; at each were over just a dumb misunderstanding. I think it is interesting that HM and I don't fight even though we fought with our other / ex spouses. Tells you something, huh? Love your jackets, each of you!!!! and ...have never said this but I also dig your neighborhoods you live in; very classic USA neighborhoods, like you see in the movies. awh ~

  9. Hehe that is such a cute way to end a fight!

    The Tiny Heart

  10. Now that is a good way to end a fight! Patrick and I had a pointless fight this weekend too but it was largely (read: all) because I was in a pissy hormonal mood. He is so good at those moments.

  11. I want both of your jackets! Nate and I like a lot of the same music but we disagree on Bad Religion. I haaaaaaate Greg Graffin's voice and Nate loves them. So he just listens to them in the car on the way to work so he gets his punk fix and I don't have to hear it!

  12. You both look so chic! Great outfits!

  13. I love that you used music to make up with each other! That totally sounds like something my husband and I would do!

    I love both of your blazers! I need more color in my closet I've decided!

  14. Hahaha! I'm totally using this one! I'm the worst at saying I'm Sorry! This is perfect. thanks!

    And as everyone else is stating the jackets are fab. You guys are adorable... and I love that I know you now!! xoxo ~t

  15. Awwwwwwwwwww you guys are so cute! My Husband loves techno too. I just nod along. I love that you not only admitted to the fight but how you made up. I feel like bloggers feel as though they have to project a 100% happy image ALL the time and it's not possible! So though you had just a little tiff, it's nice to know you made up so sweetly and it shows that you are real.

  16. Cute way to make up! :-) The floral blazer is cute!


  17. You both look great. I love both of your jackets.

  18. The fringy boots and the pink cropped jacket - love both!

  19. love this musical make-up -- i'd try it, but thing is... we like the same music. i think i could revise and put the brewers game on?? hehe, such a cute idea <3