Wednesday, April 30, 2014

bird.i.y.: vintage spice tin bathroom storage

I was at a loss as to what to call this DIY. I know what I'm using it for, but a good name eluded me. So vintage spice tin bathroom storage it is. If you read my post on Monday, you know that I wasn't able to make the original DIY I wanted this week. No matter though because luckily I had these tins set aside for a rainy (or as it is here, snowy) day. 

I have a few select makeup brushes, tweezers, and some nail scissors that I use to cut my bangs (fancy, I know) that I want to have readily accessible, because you know, I'm too lazy to open a drawer to find them. And when I saw these tins, I knew exactly what I wanted to do with them. Needless to say, I had all the items needed for this project in my house. 

Here's what you need:

~ a vintage plate, frame or whatever you want as a backdrop
~ a few vintage spice tins in various sizes
~ hot glue
~  NOT magnet strips (as pictured) because as I found out, these are worthless
~ A hook to hang the plate (if it's something that doesn't have one already)

It's pretty clear what I did here. I don't really need to give you a play-by-play. But I will give you these awesome recipes from the back of the tins. Fruit salad anyone?

Basically all I did was arrange the tins how I wanted them, making sure there was enough room above them to fit what I needed, and hot glued them to the plate. See...

Just kidding, I'm actually not really gluing anything here. Do you know how hard it is to actually take a picture and apply hot glue at the same time? I wouldn't recommend it.

And here is the finished product on my floor because I was scared the hot glue wouldn't be powerful enough to hold the hanger on the plate. What was I thinking? Hot glue holds everything!!

And here it is on the wall, where it has safely stayed for over two days. And I love it. Even Henry noticed it ("Mama, you put something new on the wall. I like it." That's high praise from him.)

I will leave you with a card that I framed and is also hanging on our bathroom wall. Because this is how I feel about Chris.

megan bird

Tuesday, April 29, 2014

outfit of the day(bird): date night, clean laundry, and muffins

shirt~ Old Navy
jeans~ The Limited
shoes~ thrifted
watch~ Michael Kors
necklace~ Etsy

Jim's younger sister had a birthday party this past Friday evening and Jim was going to attend it alone until I suggested that we try and find someone to watch our kids and make it a date night. My sister, Izzy, kindly agreed to watch our kids and I was excited. Jim and I rarely get to go out together, so a date night is a special treat. We ended up at a restaurant in the neighborhood where we lived when we were first married. We hadn't been there in ages and it was even better than we remembered. Then we stopped at the bar next door, where a good friend of ours happened to be bartending, for a quick drink before heading to the birthday celebration. We hung out with Jim's sister, her husband, and a couple of their friends for a while before heading home. We arrived home to freshly made apple cinnamon muffins, clean and folded laundry, and snugly, sleeping kids. That's right! Not only had my sister taken care of my kids but she had also baked us breakfast for the following day and done some of my housework! The night out with Jim had been so much fun, and this was the icing on the cake! I know I have said it before, but I will continue to say it again and again: I have the best family in the world.

xoxo, nora bird

Monday, April 28, 2014

inspiration monday: ebay wars (and not the bidding kind)

the inspiration
Reese Witherspoon
megan bird

skirt ~ Marshalls
tank ~ TJ Maxx
shoes ~ Charlotte Russe
jacket, sunglasses ~ thrifted

nora bird

 jacket ~ Buffalo Exchange
dress ~ Forever 21
shirt ~ Old Navy
boots ~ Urban Outfitters
purse ~ b. (a resale shop)

Last week I ordered some essential oils on Ebay. I am making my own night cream, and needed a number of oils in order to make it. I received my package fairly quickly, only to find that one of the oils was wrong. I immediately contacted the seller, thinking that it would be an easy fix, she'd apologize and send me the correct oil asap. Instead she went into this long diatribe about how it was too expensive for her to ship the correct one, and that she tried to contact me regarding what I ordered, but had to ship before I got back to her (note there were no messages from her in my inbox). I told her I would send the incorrect oil back (she would pay for shipping, of course) if she would send me the correct one. And she kept refusing. She thought she was coming up with reasonable solutions, but in my book, giving me a partial credit, or having me pay for sending her mistake back was not the reasonable solution. So I finally emailed her and told her to forget about it, that I had already ordered a new oil from a better store, and that I planned on giving her negative feedback for her poor customer service. And now she keeps emailing me telling me she did her best.

No, your best would have been a happy customer. And on that note, I now need to come up with a new DIY for Wednesday because clearly my night cream won't be ready in time!
megan bird

Friday, April 25, 2014

love*birds: 4.25.14

Things I am loving this week:
~ I started running again. It hasn't been super warm (or light) at 5 am, but I am running again and I'm so excited about that!
~ Skittles. I got some for Easter, and I have been eating them like they're going out of style.
~ Eva's school program was on Wednesday. She had a solo and rocked it out!
~ In an effort to stay up just a minute later, Henry will come find me to give me a hug. I don't care that he's trying to be manipulative, I get free hugs!
~ Our new niece or nephew will be here very, very soon!!!
And here are some other things we are loving!
megan bird
Stackable Bangles
I love how delicate these bangles are. I love the colors together, and the odd shapes give them a statement-making punch.
Vintage Sundress
I can't wait for the day (soon!) that I can just wear a plain sundress and sandals. It's been so long! This one would be the perfect one to start it off!
Travel Trailer Wall Art
Another thing I am extremely excited about is camping (scamping) this summer. I might need to buy this little piece to hang in our Scamp!
Linen Sun Hat
I guess I have summer on my mind. I want to Scamp on a beach with a fun sundress and this amazing hat! Seriously, isn't it amazing? I love the simple striped detail!
Unicorn Pillow Cover
"Where Happiness Comes From"...I love this! What a fun, kitschy pillow cover!
Pizza Biga
Because I've been hungry all week, I'm choosing a restaurant for local love this week. Pizza Biga is our neighborhood pizza joint. It's within walking distance, offers delicious wood-oven cooked pizzas, a fabulous beet salad, and is connected to a place that has delicious desserts. Go hungry and order more than one won't be disappointed!
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I snapped this pic of the kids on Easter. They look so sweet together, Eva picked out that dress herself, and Henry was actually excited to wear that hat!

nora bird
vintage black and white shorts

These vintage shorts are so fun and look super comfy! I can see them easily dressed up or worn casually all summer long!

wooden clogs

I really want a pair of cute wooden clogs this summer. These handmade ones are perfect!

vintage plaid mini dress

This is such a cute, fun everyday summer sundress. I love the preppy plaid.

gold beaded necklace

These beaded necklaces are so simple but so pretty! They would be the perfect pop to any outfit!

ursula bag

I love an oversized carryall. This one is sort of rugged but still chic. And it looks like it's big enough to carry everything I need!


MOTTO is a well curated lifestyle boutique in the heart of Uptown. It features home furnishings, decorative accessories, gift items, men and women's apparel, jewelry, scarves, and apothecary. They also offer interior design services and personal styling! It is a gorgeous store with some great, unexpected finds!

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Yesterday morning, I kept trying to run upstairs to change for the gym. Every time I made a move, Ben would run up to me, jump in my lap, and give me the tightest, longest hug. Needless to say, we were late for the gym. And that was just fine with me!

What are you loving today?

xoxo, two birds

Thursday, April 24, 2014

outfit of the day(bird): my girl

dress~ gift from little sister
boots~ vintage
necklace~ etsy, gift
watch~ Michael Kors
leggings~ Target

My daughter, Mimi, celebrated her fourth birthday on Monday. In honor of her, I will share with you a few of my favorite Mimi quotes and conversations from the last year. Enjoy!

Mimi, looking at the living room rug with disdain: Mom, when are we going to get rid of this tired old rug?
Me: What? We're not.
Mimi: Really? I really don't like this rug. I would like a nice, new one.
Me: You would, huh?
Mimi: think about that.
Me: Mimi, what do you want to be when you grow up?
Mimi: Ummmm...prrrrrrobablyyyyy...a diva!
Mimi: Mommy, my belly hurts!
Me: Oh no! What's wrong? Are you hungry?
Mimi: No, it's just a really silly reason.
Me: Oh, what's the reason?
Mimi: It's so silly. My appendix is just really hot.
Mimi: Mama, I hope someday I'm as good at sweeping as you!
Jim: listening to metal downstairs while getting ready for work.
Mimi: Wow. He did NOT pick a relaxing song today. He is really rocking out down there!
Mimi: So, first it's spring and then it's summer and then it's April and then it's winter and then it's Halloween and then it's CHRISTMAS!!! Right, mama?
Me: Pretty close...
Mimi: Thanks for giving me a cookie, Mom. I am SO proud of you!

And here she is, in the same dress, on her 2nd, 3rd, and 4th birthdays. She's getting to be such a big girl. I am so proud to be her mama.

This weekend we will celebrate with family and a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle ice cream cake! Fun times!

xoxo, nora bird

Wednesday, April 23, 2014

bird.i.y: suede fringed sweater

I bought this sweater months ago, on sale for $5, at H&M. I bought it without trying it on (because, $5!) and I haven't worn it a ton. A couple of times, tops. Every time I go through my closet to clean out and get rid of stuff, this sweater always makes the cut. I'm not sure why. Maybe I knew that it was meant for bigger and better things? Like suede fringe! This is a very simple DIY (what a surprise!) but I love the results. My sweater got a cool new makeover and I will now be certain to wear it a ton!

What you'll need:
sweater with an open knit
suede lace

Begin by cutting the lace into pieces about an arm's length. I didn't measure perfectly but, as long as the pieces are pretty close to the same size, you'll be fine. I cut about 20 pieces.
Next, fold a piece of the lace in half and loop it through the sweater at the top, near the neckline. Pull the fringe tight to secure.

Continue the folding and looping throughout the sweater until you get a shape you like. I followed a sort of waterfall shape down the sweater.

Once you're done, just throw it on, go in your front yard, and have your husband take photos! Or you could go somewhere way more exciting than that. That's cool, too. I did the front yard thing...

What do you think? I am excited to wear this with jean shorts once it gets a little warmer around here!

xoxo, nora bird

P.S. My favorite outtake from the front yard photo shoot:
Nerd alert.