Wednesday, March 5, 2014

love*birds: 3.5.14

things i am loving this week:
~ it's coming up on chris' birthday week now and i am so excited for all the things i have planned.
~ i wish i could tell you about them, but i don't want him to read about it ahead of time.
~ who am i kidding? i don't think he reads the blog.
~ but on the off chance he does, i'll keep my mouth shut.
~ but let's just say it's going to be fun.
~ we both took friday off to celebrate his big day.
~ even though he teases me that i'm older (and with daylight savings time, he actually gets an extra hour in his 30s).
~ 39 or 40, he's still the best husband around. i can't wait to celebrate with him!
and here are a few more things i'm loving.
planters for raised gardening
 how great is this? we have been trying to garden every year since we moved into our house and the rabbits always get the best of it. these planters would be great for vegetable gardens, but also fabulous for an indoor succulent garden!
kiss me i'm wasted sweatshirt
 i will be honest, i have no irish blood in me. i also am not a huge party on st. patricks day kind of gal. but i do love this sweatshirt. i think it's funny, even if it's not true for me!
vintage maxi dress
 i don't just want this dress, i want this whole outfit. but i'll just take the dress (ok, and the hat). maybe i'm extra antsy for warmer weather, but this dress is so pretty i might even wear it in the thick of winter.
vintage statement necklace
 there is something about this necklace that evokes memories from my childhood. it's not anything specific, but just a feeling. i love the gold and bright tropical flowers. plus, there's a splash of sparkle in it, which makes me love it even more.
animal alphabet poster
you're never too old to have an animal alphabet poster in your house, right? please tell me i'm right because i adore this picture. and can we all just agree that how it's displayed is also a stroke of genius?
babble & bloom
i won't repeat too much of what mary says in this post (please, please read it), but i'll give you a little clue as to why my blog*love pick is a little different this week. so you see that book above? it's selling for $10 on amazon, and for every book brought, one life can be saved. yes, it's true. it costs $4 for a life-saving malaria pill, and for each book sold, they are donating $4. read mary's post for more information, or you can read about their cause here, as well.
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oh what's that? you haven't seen this beautiful treasure i found while thrifting on my birthday? why yes, that's a unicorn music box. and it plays 'the impossible dream'. and it's magical.

what are you loving this week?
megan bird


  1. I'm very jealous of your unicorn box!

  2. i'm loving pinks. pink nails, pink hair, pink everything.

  3. The vintage jewelry looks like something my mom would wear in the 70s and early 80s. It's pretty great!

  4. Can't wait to hear what you have planned for Chris's birthday! LOVE your unicorn music box...such a great find!

    The Tiny Heart
    Jewelry Giveaway!

  5. I'm loving anything that reminds me of spring... because I'm so ready for it!

  6. I want that "Kiss me I'm wasted" shirt - cause I am Irish and while I might not be partying hard this St. Patrick's Day, I pretty much needed that shirt last St. Patrick's Day, lol.

    And isn't it fun having a birthday around the same time as your spouse? I love it - the celebrating never stops!

  7. I LOVE your list. Raised veg boxes. I neeed those. And the sweatshirt, yeah, I probably need that, too.

  8. Love the planters--- I wish I had somewhere for something like that!

    Hope you have a great time celebrating… I love planning birthdays even more than I love having them!

    ~Alexis Grace of North On Harper

  9. Thanks so much for sharing about the book, Megan! And happy happy birthday to Chris!

  10. Happy Birthday to Chris! I hope that you guys have a blast on your day off! I love everything here, I think I need to bite the bullet and buy a cute maxi dress like that this summer.

  11. These lists are fun! I think, as a teacher I got enough of animal alphabet posters, so you are welcome to them-lol. Thanks for sharing the link to Mary's blog-what a lively girl she is!- and the book that will save lives. I will definitely look more into this blog and this book.

  12. Those planter boxes are great creations. The cute little unicorn that plays "The Impossible Dream" is adorable and I love that you continue to be thrilled with it. That necklace and earrings are so COOOOL!

    i miss Nora, too.

  13. I sent that planter to my dad with a strong hint that it would make a good gift :-)


  14. i am all over that planter

  15. love that flora maxi- i'm thinking i need a black floral maxi skirt for spring/summer. might even trying making one? and how happy that you both took the birthday off work - let the celebrations begin!

  16. Im'm with yo u on the alphabet!! It's cool!
    Where's Nora today?!x

  17. I hope you and Chris have a great time on Friday! :-)