Wednesday, March 12, 2014

love*birds: 3.12.14

things i am loving this week:
~ megan bird! thank you so much for keeping up the blog all by your lonesome for the past week and a half! you are the best!
~ my bed. vacation is awesome, but there is nothing like coming home and sleeping in your own bed, am i right?
~ the ocean. gosh i wish i lived near an ocean. they are so calming and beautiful. i soaked up all i could while i was in california since i won't be back for a while.
~ warmer temps, melting snow, and sunnier days! spring is trying desperately to spring here in minnesota and i am so excited!

and here are a few other things we are loving this week...
nora bird

speaking of spring, this dress is perfect for the upcoming season! i love the floral print. the pink, mustard, and black go so well together. and the pleated skirt is so flattering.

this is such a sweet pillow! i love the hand-stenciling. it is perfect for this bird's home!

a pressed flower iphone case? yes, please! how unique and gorgeous. i really really want one.

flour sack towels are my favorite. that's kind of a strange statement, but it's true! and i absolutely love this gorgeous feather print. hand-printed and so very pretty!

i still don't own a knuckle ring! i am so behind the times! i adore this simple, modern triangle style. so colorful and fun!


jessica has me wishing that i had the perfect pair of red pants, like the ones she is wearing in this post. and how great are those sunglasses? she looks so chic!

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this was mimi's reaction to the ocean (she has been there a few times before, but was too young to remember). it was so beautiful to see! i am a little nervous that this one will be packing up and moving to the beach once she turns eighteen. she is a cali girl at heart!

megan bird
upper arm cuff
i love an upper arm cuff. i think it's a nice twist on the bracelet. add in some gold and turquoise and i'm sold!

cherokee maxi dress
i want to be in this dress, on a beach, holding a drink with an umbrella or a lime. is that too much to ask? if so, i'll just take the dress.

tassel lariat
i love this lariat it's got bulk to it, so it won't get lost on the mix of an outfit. and it has tassels, so i automatically love it.

velvet fringe kimono

i feel like if i wore this, i'd have the voice of stevie nicks and the grace of a ballerina. without it, i have neither, so i should probably get this for myself, right? it's worth a shot!

navy fortuner
i don't feel like i need to even sell this purse. i mean, look at's big and beautiful, and blue. it works for everything and i love it.

leaving the corner and dipping my toes
how does natalia pull off a perfect denim on denim look in this post? springy heels and a fabulous envelope clutch, i say. i love this whole look. those jeans look perfect on her!

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eva is a sap like me...and i love it. this is the card she wrote for chris for his birthday. what dad doesn't want to hear that he is a wish come true???
what are you loving today???

xoxo,  two birds


  1. Awwww! Eva is a sweetie, and Mimi is definitely a Cali girl.

    I love everything on here today, especially the fringed kimono!

  2. I always love my bed after a vacation

  3. This is so sweet! Love the card from Eva!!

  4. Hehe I love the photo of Mimi at the beach! I am truly spoiled being able to see the ocean every day, even if I can only sit on the beach 4 months out of the year :)

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    JCrew Giveaway!

  5. Psst!!!! I'm totally making that iphone case!!! Love it!!


  6. That first dress is so cute!

  7. I love the "our nest" pillow, how cute is that?!

  8. I love that floral dress the fit is perfect, and that burlap pillow, super cute.

    Thanks for featuring my Denim on denim post :)


  9. Mimi sure looks right at home at the ocean!! And Eva is just the sweetest!!

  10. That maxi dress is gorgeous! The pressed flower cases is so pretty, great way to keep nature with you.

  11. I love everything here, as always! You guys NEED that pillow! Because Bird blog! Also, I *almost* bought a maxi dress at Target last night, and then it snowed 6 inches overnight. WAH.

  12. That pillow is gorgeous. I wish I lived near the ocean too.

  13. LOVE the iPhone cases, peacock towels, maxi and kimono! Great picks, as always, ladies!


  14. Hey, thanks for featuring me in your blog post!! I am going to follow you. :)

  15. Fantastic!! Thank you so much for feature! So lovely! Nuann

  16. The maxi dress is lovely:)
    Thanks for including me here! xoxo

  17. Gorgeous images but the card from Eva is of course the best! Yesterday in a consignment shop I tried on two pairs of red skinnies/jeggings. They were hilariously wrong on me. I wish I could have sent them to you, though you probably wear a smaller size than I do.

  18. So many things!! I love that dress and the iphone case! I honestly love flour sack towels, too. I buy them almost every time we travel so I have them from fun places!

  19. i love that floral dress! and i want burlap everything!!!

  20. I love the floral dress! I too love flour sack towels. They're the best. Let's just all move to the beach!

  21. i love that first dress!
    and yes, sleeping in your bed after vacation is THE BEST!

  22. Megan you are funny...the voice of Stevie Nicks and the grace of a ballerina, you should order that fringed beauty. I saw your grace and strength when you hung in the air on the trapeze!! Really great stuff this week, Spring is in your hearts, for sure. Nora, that picture of Mimi says it all about her wonderful, little spirit and style. Dawn

  23. Awww...that is so sweet! I bet his heart grew 3 sizes when he read that.

    How I love that first dress...and the iphone case...and the lariat...and the pillow...and all of it.


  24. I love your What I am Loving Weekend Posts. So many great things, especially the photo of the daughter by the ocean - love it. Some great items to lust at such as the floral dress, maxi dress, arm bracelet and burlap pillow. I am also in love with the Red Jeans (I don't own a pair either) outfit.