Monday, March 24, 2014

inspiration monday: random facts (i.e., brain freeze)

the inspiration
olivia palermo

megan bird

jeans ~ Old Navy
shirt ~ Target
sweater, sunglasses ~ Goodwill, thrifted
shoes ~ Marshalls
necklace ~ Forever 21

nora bird

jeans, shoes ~ b. (a resale shop)
shirt ~ H&M
sweater ~ hand me down from mom
necklace ~ vintage, gift
watch ~ Michael Kors, gift
sunglasses ~ Old Navy

i have been staring at the computer screen for about 10 minutes and am drawing an absolute blank. i am giving my brain a little rest right now, i guess. so today, you get some random facts about me.

~ i played soccer from ages 5-18. my dad called me a brute because i was apparently very aggressive.
~ i was also on my high school's danceline team. at one point in time, i was able to do a russian split jump.
~ my first job out of college was at a minneapolis park as an after school/summer care coordinator. i neither applied nor interviewed for the position. i was offered the job because the director of the park was impressed with how i handled a difficult situation while i was volunteering there as a soccer coach.
~ i don't believe in the whole "if you wore a trend once, you can't wear it again" rule. if i want to wear something, i'll wear it (even if i shouldn't). and yes, that applies to overalls.
~ i'm 40 and i own a pair of overalls.
~ i never drink shots. ever.
~ i'm extremely stubborn. i hope i pass that on to my kids, even though i know it will be hard for me as a parent to deal with. maybe they don't need to be quite as stubborn as i am.
~ i believe honesty is the best policy, especially when it comes to food in your teeth. i am also a horrible liar.

and that's all i can think of for now. i'm off to relax my brain some more with a few episodes of house of cards.
megan bird

if you want to play along next week, here's the inspiration picture: poppy delavigne


  1. You both have such cute shoes and sweaters!

  2. Fabulous looks--the shoes, the sweaters, the jeans... Well done! I am also stubborn and believe I should tell others when they have stuff in their teeth. :) Happy Monday & thank you for this fab link-up party. T.

  3. Oh I love the shoes poses. ...which seem a bit familiar. ...hmmmm? Cool. I love to inspire and to a part of Inspiration Monday. Yes, I am up early because I don't sleep well since the hospital did some rearranging lately. I'll get back to my regular sleeping pattern as time goes by. Each of your pairs of shoes are so COOOOL!

  4. I have recently decided that I will never drink shots again either. It's for the best!

  5. The fabulousness (a word?) of both of your pairs of shoes is KILLING me. Seriously! And I like the random facts. I'm very stubborn too and I can already tell I passed that trait down to my little one. Oh, and I totally want a pair of overalls.

  6. This was a fun post! I am fine with trends coming back around, but I can't wear overalls again. I associate them with the 7th grade and that's not a time I want to revisit!

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    $520 Giveaway!

  7. I love both of your shoes! I'm getting some shoes from my cousin and I can't wait, I need some new fun things for my feet!

    Fun facts too! I played soccer for two years and then decided I didn't like getting beat up that much. I just wasn't that good at it, lol.

  8. I adore both of your outfits. I need those shoes, the snake skin ones. You are both looking amazing.

    I want to see you rocking those overalls.


  9. Both of you have AMAZING HEELS! I think I might need to steal them :)

  10. Those shoes!!! Both pairs! Sigh...


  11. We all have those days . . .

    That's funny about the soccer thing! I was in floor hockey once in elementary school. But I was horrible at it for the opposite reason. I was so timid.

    I love both of your shoes and cardigans. You both did a great job of interpreting this look!

  12. you both nail this recreation. I feel the same way. If I like the item. Then I will wear it.

  13. Aww! You two in the cute cardigans and the awesome shoes! It is STILL waaaay too cold for shoes like that here! Nothing wrong with overalls, I totally want a pair myself! :D

  14. You both look wonderful! I love both pairs of shoes; now I'm even more inspired to buy a fun, colorful pair of heels!

    I'll be linking up tomorrow!

  15. I can't believe you have rainbow shoes Nora!!! They are fab! Your takes on this are so stylish!! X

  16. um hello hotties in high heels! yall both look gorg! nailed it!

    XO Meghan
    citrus fashion

  17. Oh love. hey hotties your heels are calling my name. You guys both look gorg! Great inspiration ladies.


  18. You gals look great as always
    I swear the two of you have the best shoe collection ever
    PS...when you get to be as old as me, you won't want to wear that trend again!! LOL

  19. @meg I love your look head to toe. The heels are so unique and fun. @nora those shoes! How do you walk in those shoes? they make your legs look 10 miles long!
    That's awesome that you could do a russian split jump. I'd like to see that!

  20. one of my favoritest inspo monday posts...i LOVE both your looks! both spot on with the speckled sweaters and printed shoes. nicely done :)

  21. I am totally with you on the food-in-teeth thing. My boyfriend always gets mad when I tell him...I don't get it...I want to know when it happens to me!

  22. OMG I just stopped by the blog today and saw the inspiration photo. I am actually wearing something very similar, but a little more Wintery. Instead of a White button-up, I have a Chambray button-up on. Both shoes are great as are the Cardigans. I own the Ballet Flat version of the Fuchsia Python Pumps and the same Python Pumps but in Gray/Black version. I also love the fringe necklace, Megan.

    Maybe I can link up my Outfit from today?

  23. You guys always have some cool and cute heels! :-)


  24. Y'all did great! Love what you both came up with ... and the heels! Obsessed!!