Monday, March 31, 2014

inspiration monday: is it bad? (iphone)

the inspiration
Poppy DeLavigne
megan bird

shirt ~ Heartbreaker
jeans ~ Targer
necklace ~ Burlington
shoes ~ thrifted

nora bird

sweater ~ vintage. hand-me-down
pants ~ Target
shoes ~ Zappos
watch ~ Michael Kors, gift

~ Is it bad that when I was shopping for a new phone, the main criteria for me was that I could communicate better with my sisters?
~ Is it bad that communicate better to me means the ability to group text?
~ Is it bad that after I got my new phone, I spent a good 10 minutes just group texting emojis?
~ Is it bad that the second main criteria for my new phone was a good camera?
~ Is it bad that I was really excited to buy a super sparkly phone case?

Happy Monday!
megan bird

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  1. None of these are bad things!! I want an iPhone right now for all the same reasons haha (while minus the sisters part because I don't have any) Your both look great, love your takes on this look!


  2. I pretty much have all the same criteria for a new phone as well. I just got an iphone and the first thing I did was text my boyfriend a bunch of emoji's, just to irritate him. And I already found a funky case for it on etsy.

  3. Not bad at all! Communication and iPhones are good things! Loving the inspired stylings! I wore my zebra pants in a post I had already published last Friday, so that's what I'll link this week. Thank you for hosting!!! T.

  4. Those are the reasons I got my phone and nothing wrong with that at all. I love both looks. This is totally my style and I'm bummed that I missed this one because we were out of town.

  5. Not bad at all! :) Nora - those shoes!!!

  6. You both look fab and make me want to get a pair of cute printed pants pronto! And no, it's not bad at all :)

  7. Love both of your looks... and no; communication of any sort is good in my book!

  8. Nope it not bad to shop for a phone with a good camera. Thats how I shopped from my new phone too.

  9. I don't think any of those reasons are bad!! Yay new phone!

    Megan - I love your pants and Nora - I love your shoes! My look is so lame this week, lol.

  10. I think those are important things to look for in a phone! Emojis are the best :)

    I love both of your printed pants!

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  11. None of this is bad at all! Sometimes my sister and I communicate completely through the use of Emojis! I love the printed pants ladies!

  12. Nothing on that list is bad and I'm glad you like your new phone. :-) Both looks are cute.


  13. Loving the pants and shoes of each of you. Funny how we want to save more time but we take more time texting over and over. I see you have better weather there. YAY spring!

  14. You birds are soooooo good at this! Looks like the snow may be melting.

  15. NONE of those are bad :-) They were criteria for me too. You haven't lived until you have an entire conversation using nothing but emoticons.


  16. You you birdies are rocking this trend! Love the printed pants and the shoes , in Both cases, love the black blouse and pretty sweater, beautifully done !
    XX. Elle

  17. Lovely birdies, you are rocking this trend. I am going to link but was not able to take some photos for not feeling well. Mine would have been the camo bottom.


  18. No, It's not bad!!! My only criteria is it is my sister's old one so I don't have to pay for it!!! Love your trousers ladies!! Great colours! I dressed in a Poppy inspired outfit but not taken any shots as I felt really frumpy in mine! Just driving home from swing dance so I guess I could... x

  19. Yes, it's terrible to want to communicate easily with your sisters and to find joy in simple things. Shame on you. Bad Bad Bad!
    Love the way both of you have done this inspiration outfit! I am still on the hunt for jeans with some sort of pattern, subtle or bold floral. I can never find them in my size, though I have not looked in every shop in town. I can just imagine the accidents I would have it I tried to wear those heels. You guys look so great in them but I would only be able to sit down in heels like that. Seriously I'm not even sure standing still would be safe.

  20. all very good criteria for a new phone
    i am scared of group texts, sometimes things go out accidentally to "the group" that shouldn't always be seen LOL

  21. Great photos! Sometimes I feel like Sam's iPhone takes better photos than my camera :)

  22. LOL. I don't think I've ever sent a group text!

  23. You ladies always rock your inspirations and make them your own. I love both pants and Nora's Sweater and Nude Heels. Tres Chic!

    1. Ohhh and it's not bad about the phone either. I mainly do 2 things on the phone: talk and text. LOL