Wednesday, March 19, 2014

bird.i.y.: soda bottle planter

for our regular readers (hi!), you will notice that we are not doing our normal love*birds post today. don't fret (i bet you were)...we will still be doing them, but we are switching to fridays for now. on another administrative note...if you participate in inspiration monday, we will no longer be dedicating an entire post to the inspiration model on wednesdays. we will now be linking the next week's choice in the monday posts. i hope i am making sense. if not, it wouldn't be the first time that something made complete sense in my head and absolutely nowhere else. basically just read our blog on monday and we will link to the next week's inspiration picture. easy peasy? we hope so.

anywho, onto the diy. this was a super fun and easy one for me, and the kids helped, too. as some of you know, we do birthdays big in our family, and during chris' birthday week, he got one little present every day. i was at a loss for what to get him, and then i remembered that he wanted to snaz up his office a little, so i decided to make him a whimsical planter. bonus – i had everything in the house to make one. here's what you'll need:

~ a 2-liter bottle (empty and all packaging removed)
~ scissors
~ paint (i used wall paint since it's more durable)
~ a black sharpie
~ a plant
~ a paint brush (not pictured)
~ a nail file (not pictured)

first thing to note, don't try to carry it all downstairs at once. bad things can happen...

but don't worry, with a few items, your problem can be fixed...

i started simply by drawing a very rough outline of what i wanted the planter to look this case a cute kitty.

i then (carefully) cut the bottle (it's not as easy as it sounds). the edges were a little jagged, so i ran and got one of those cheap nail files from my manicure box and filed the cut bottle where it needed to be smoothed. also, there was some sharpie leftover from the outline, so i wiped it off with alcohol.

 next up, i poured some paint in the cut bottle and swished it around a bit. i used a paint brush to ensure it covered the entire inside of the cat. and then i waited overnight. (this was the hardest part.)

the next morning, i did my T25 workout in the basement, right next to the cat. i figured it didn't want to watch me, so i waited until my workout was done to draw the eyes and nose on. (this makes absolutely no sense at all because i drew the eyes closed.) (it also makes no sense because the cat is not real.) (or is it?) (kit-T25)

 i then planted a small jade plant in the cat...and promptly un-planted it because i needed a taller plant that you could actually see it over the cat's face. luckily i had a spare. and as you can see, it turned out cute as can be!

and then chris took it to work. and it's a shame because it looks so cute in our house. i'm gonna miss that little guy.

 see, besties.

the bad news is that i don't drink soda, so i don't know when i'll be able to make another one. too bad you can't make them from wine bottles!
megan bird


  1. Aww that came out adorable! I think you should make another one for your house :)

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  2. That turned out so cute! What a good idea!

  3. that is adorable!! love how it turned out :)

  4. You have rocked my world with these changes! I can't handle it!!! I'm kidding :) I think it's good to shake things up every now and then!
    And I love the kitty planter! It turned out really well!! If I didn't have real kitties that would eat whatever I would plant, I'd do one of these!

  5. So cute!!! Love how you think outside the box!


  6. The cat turn on super cute. Moving inspiration Monday photo to Monday, Make sense. Now we have a whole week to plan our outfits.

  7. This is such a cute idea! I love how it turned out, you'd never know it was a plastic soda bottle. And I love how you decorated that little nook. It's so cute!

  8. this is so so adorable :) how do you like your T25 workouts? my husband and i did them for about three weeks but never followed through. we loved them though and loved how it just made us sweat! but i missed running so much so now we spend 35 minutes at the gym running.

  9. I love how the wine helped get things cleaned up :) what an adorable planter!

  10. So cute! This is perfect for my 7 year old daughter. I'm always on the look out for projects we can do together

  11. So cute. I like that things have the second life.

    xoxo Ra

  12. You are so clever!! Love it! ~Tammy

  13. OMFG I WANT ONE. I need to make this! NEED.

  14. That is,so clever and adorable!!! You are so creative!!x

  15. Such a cute cat-pot!

  16. Ha, this is too cute- although I would make a dog instead of a cat

  17. This is adorable! I'm gonna do this but make owls!

  18. Hah so cute! My take away lesson here is wine fixes everything. But the cat is pretty adorable. Well done, crafty lady!

  19. aw, this is so precious and creative - i'm sure he loved it :) have you shared any of your projects on craftgawker?

  20. Megan, not sure if I understand your plans of 'administrative' changes but no fear, I will be here. I love this little planter and that you can paint it what color you want it. I love that it HAD a place in your home, but I get it also as to why you made it for Chris's home away from home, too. Cool of you!!

  21. That is so cute, bright & unique. It blows my mind that you even thought of this. I also really love that brown pair of kitties, porcelain or whatever it is. And yes they are besties and belong on the same shelf. =)