Monday, March 31, 2014

inspiration monday: is it bad? (iphone)

the inspiration
Poppy DeLavigne
megan bird

shirt ~ Heartbreaker
jeans ~ Targer
necklace ~ Burlington
shoes ~ thrifted

nora bird

sweater ~ vintage. hand-me-down
pants ~ Target
shoes ~ Zappos
watch ~ Michael Kors, gift

~ Is it bad that when I was shopping for a new phone, the main criteria for me was that I could communicate better with my sisters?
~ Is it bad that communicate better to me means the ability to group text?
~ Is it bad that after I got my new phone, I spent a good 10 minutes just group texting emojis?
~ Is it bad that the second main criteria for my new phone was a good camera?
~ Is it bad that I was really excited to buy a super sparkly phone case?

Happy Monday!
megan bird

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Friday, March 28, 2014

love*birds: 3.28.14

Things I am loving this week:
~ Mimi had her first ballet recital last night and it was about the sweetest thing I ever did see.
~ Mimi has been reading to Ben lately and it is so darn cute. They cuddle up on our fluffy bean bag and she "reads" him all the books she has memorized.
~ It is supposed to be 60 degrees on Sunday! 60 degrees!!!
~ Girl's night out! There is one happening this weekend and I am super pumped!
~ We are starting a new feature today called local*love. We will be sharing some of our favorite local shops and haunts! I hope you enjoy! (Don't fret! We will still be sharing some great blogs in blog*love, too. We will likely alternate between the two features each week. Still working out the deets!)

And here are a few other things we are loving...

nora bird

I am in love with this flowy, silk dress. The shades of pink are so bright and fun and I love the colorblocking pattern. This is a perfect spring/summer dress!

Once all the snow melts and the flowers start blooming, my kids are sure to pick me tons of wildflowers and buds. What better way to display them than in the coolest little bud vases ever? Wheel thrown, hand-drawn, hand-painted, and locally (or at least pretty darn close) made in Wisconsin! I absolutely adore these!

Seriously, how gorgeous are these sandals? I am completely coveting them. The grey and yellow work perfectly together. I love love love these.

I would love to hang this print in Mimi's room! It is so colorful and fun. And so true!

This is such a simple, sweet dress. and it could so easily be dressed up for a night out or worn casually during the day! I love it's versatile style and, of course, the gorgeous mint color.


This is for sure one of my favorite local shops in the Twin Cities. Any time I am looking for a fun and unique gift, this is where I go. They have gorgeous jewelry, art, toys, housewares, name it! And it's all locally or independently made by amazing artists. The floor is made of astro turf, there is a swing in the store, and a play area for kids. And I am proud to call the owners my friends! If you are from the Twin Cities, or are ever in town, i like you is a must see.

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I haven't been on Instagram all week, but here is one from last week when I was dreaming of Spring and all the light, airy clothes I'll be soon wearing!

megan bird
green and white jumpsuit
 I am a huge fan of jumpsuits, and this one is no exception. I love the green and white top and the all around amazingness that makes this whole outfit.

Vintage Famalore Sandals
These sandals look both comfy and cute. I love the vintage cognac color, and the slight heel gives you a little boost while still being extra comfy!

Punch Today in the Face print
I want to wake up every day and say this to myself. In a good way of course...I mean, I don't want to hurt the day, just give it a swift punch to say good morning!

Arrow Cuff Bracelet
If for some odd reason, this particular bracelet doesn't toot your horn, click on the link above because there are so many amazing cuffs in the store. This happens to be one of my faves, but I could have picked so many!

Beaded Wolf Earrings
I can't even begin to describe how amazing these earrings are. I mean, look! Enough said.

b. (a resale shop)
We can't do local*love without talking about one of our favorite Minneapolis joints. This store is amazing, half my wardrobe is probably from here! They are affordable, super in to treating the world (and the people in it) right, and as a super added bonus, they have an amazing eye for fashion...I almost never leave the store without buying something. If you're local, check it out. If you're not, they have a great online presense, too, so no need to worry!

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If only my nails could look this cute every day. While these literally only lasted a few hours before they started peeling and chipping, I loved my cute little bow tie nails while they lasted!

What are you loving today?
two birds

Thursday, March 27, 2014

outfit of the day(bird): bikini dress

dress, necklace ~ Burlington
earrings ~ Forever 21
shoes ~ Goodwill, thrifted brand new
coat ~ thrifted

I wrote a post a while ago about how I wanted to take itty bitty fashion risks this year. So far I haven't done much. I would try something at home, and then immediately feel uncomfortable and change before I went out. And these risks aren't big risks...just things that take me out of my comfort zone. Like this dress. This dress. I bought it on a whim when Chris and I were getting ready to go to a charity function for our kids' school. I like it because it's like that old bikini t-shirt, you know the ones, right? They literally have a picture of a hot bikini body on them? That's what this dress reminds me of. (Not that I need any help in the curve department, I have plenty of those.)

I felt ok when I first put it on, but as we got closer to actually going out....out with other people, I felt uncomfortable. I changed about 20 times before Chris looked me in the eye and said, "you look great, just try it." So I did ~ I tried it. I sucked in for about the first two hours, and then as the second beer kicked in, I stopped caring. I stopped worrying if you could see my belly bump or my underwear line, or if my boobs looked saggy because I could only wear a strapless bra. I stopped caring, and you know what? I still don't care. And you know what else? I like this dress, I may even wear it again. And maybe one of these days I will actually feel comfortable in an actual bikini. But in the meantime, there's always the t-shirt.

megan bird

Wednesday, March 26, 2014

bird.i.y: a mirror makeover and some seashell art (a two-for-one DIY!)

I'm giving you a two-for-one DIY today because both of these DIYs are super duper easy. I know, I know, my DIYs are always easy. But seriously, these are really really easy. I almost feel bad calling this first one a DIY. I should just call it 'spray painting the frame of a mirror'. But I digress. Let's get on with it. After that intro, I am sure you can't wait!

I have been wanting to redecorate this little corner of our living room for a while. I have been thrifting things here and there and I knew I really wanted a full length mirror in the space. I finally found a nice looking, vintage one the other day while Ben and I were out thrifting. It was a pretty shape and I liked the frame and it was only $12. SOLD! The only things I didn't like were the condition and color of the frame. It was old and rusty and kind of a gross brass color.

I knew I would have to paint it. Easy enough. I decided on a light, limey green, to match one of our couches. And one can of spray paint later, the mirror is good as new! Sort of. I won't show a close up since I was lazy and did not sand or prime the frame. This is why I shouldn't be trusted to write DIY posts, people. I cut corners and take the easy way out. But I love the new mirror and that's what matters, right???

And it is also Mimi's new favorite place to hang out...

Next up in the 'redecorating the corner of my living room' game? Some seashell art! While we were in California earlier this month, Mimi and I collected a bunch of seashells and brought them home. I knew I wanted to do some sort of artsy project with them, but I wasn't sure what. At first, I decided to do a seashell and driftwood wall hanging/mobile type project. All was going well until I broke one of Jim's drill bits trying to drill holes in the shells. Yep. Turns out it was a wood bit, NOT a stone bit. Sorry, Jim! So, there went that project. Ultimately, I decided to make a seashell shadowbox.

I gathered my supplies.

I cut my card stock to fit the frame and glued it to the back.

I decided where to put the shells and glued them down with craft glue. Then I put everything back into the frame.

The little corner is really coming together! I think the mirror and the shadowbox were two fun additions! What do you think?

xoxo, nora bird

Tuesday, March 25, 2014

outfit of the day(bird): Instabreak

shirt~ TJ Maxx
jeans~ Jessica Simpson
boots~ DSW
necklace~ gift from Megan
hat~ knit by my mom

My husband told me the other day, as I was checking my Instagram feed, that I had a problem. An Instagram problem. He said it jokingly, but I think he maybe meant it as a bit more than a joke. And, while I think saying I have a problem is a bit harsh, I do spend quite a bit of time on what is definitely my favorite social media site. I love seeing little snippets of of my friend's lives and the pretty photos people post. I really enjoy sharing little bits of my life on Instagram, too. I find it fun; sharing what I ate for dinner, or if my kids did something particularly adorable or hilarious, or a new outfit, or just something I find pretty. I try to be honest and not stage my photos, except maybe food shots which, I think, should look pretty. And obviously, I don't share photos of my kids fighting or crying, because who wants to see that?  I actually know, in real life or through the blog, most of the people who follow me and that I follow. And I appreciate every like and follow, so I try not to get caught up in feeling bad that I don't have a ton of followers or get a ton of likes or if I follow someone and they don't follow back or if a certain blogger follows Megan and not me, but it is tough at times. It can feel like a popularity contest. And, even as an adult who knows better, it can sometimes get to me. Even though I know it doesn't define me. And even though I know that I have friends and family that love me no matter what, even if they don't like a silly photo on my Instagram page. Isn't this age of social media so strange? I am kind of happy that none of this was even invented when I was a kid or a high schooler. (Okay, social media, as it's defined today, wasn't even invented until well after I graduated from college. I'm old. Much older than Mark Zuckerberg. With much less money.) Anyway, the point of my rambling is that I have decided to take a (very short) break from Instagram. Because, for one, Jim thinks I am on there too much (even if I disagree) and I feel the need to prove to him that I can step away for a bit. And, secondly, because I just don't want to worry about the little things like follows and likes for a few days. Yep. Just a few days! I am sure I will be back by the end of the week, because I really do enjoy sharing with you guys and seeing a little of what you're up to every day. So, if you follow me on Instagram and notice an absence of my photos or likes from me on your feed, now you know why! I'll be back soon!

xoxo, nora bird

Monday, March 24, 2014

inspiration monday: random facts (i.e., brain freeze)

the inspiration
olivia palermo

megan bird

jeans ~ Old Navy
shirt ~ Target
sweater, sunglasses ~ Goodwill, thrifted
shoes ~ Marshalls
necklace ~ Forever 21

nora bird

jeans, shoes ~ b. (a resale shop)
shirt ~ H&M
sweater ~ hand me down from mom
necklace ~ vintage, gift
watch ~ Michael Kors, gift
sunglasses ~ Old Navy

i have been staring at the computer screen for about 10 minutes and am drawing an absolute blank. i am giving my brain a little rest right now, i guess. so today, you get some random facts about me.

~ i played soccer from ages 5-18. my dad called me a brute because i was apparently very aggressive.
~ i was also on my high school's danceline team. at one point in time, i was able to do a russian split jump.
~ my first job out of college was at a minneapolis park as an after school/summer care coordinator. i neither applied nor interviewed for the position. i was offered the job because the director of the park was impressed with how i handled a difficult situation while i was volunteering there as a soccer coach.
~ i don't believe in the whole "if you wore a trend once, you can't wear it again" rule. if i want to wear something, i'll wear it (even if i shouldn't). and yes, that applies to overalls.
~ i'm 40 and i own a pair of overalls.
~ i never drink shots. ever.
~ i'm extremely stubborn. i hope i pass that on to my kids, even though i know it will be hard for me as a parent to deal with. maybe they don't need to be quite as stubborn as i am.
~ i believe honesty is the best policy, especially when it comes to food in your teeth. i am also a horrible liar.

and that's all i can think of for now. i'm off to relax my brain some more with a few episodes of house of cards.
megan bird

if you want to play along next week, here's the inspiration picture: poppy delavigne