Thursday, February 20, 2014

outfit of the day(bird): what my daughter is learning from fashion

dress ~ H&M
shoes, belt, jacket ~ thrifted
tights ~ Target
necklace, bracelet ~ vintage, thrifted
earrings ~ Forever 21

i was not a fashionable child growing up. as a young child, i rarely thought about what i was wearing. my first memory of caring was in fourth grade when i asked my mom to make me a plum colored corduroy vest and knickers. yes, knickers. and let me tell you, it was a fashion disaster...a story for another blog post perhaps.
anyhow, i was not fashionable, and i turned out just fine. but i have to say, i love that my daughter is turning out to be ultra-fashionable. and not because i am vain and want my daughter to be the prettiest, best dressed girl in the room. trust me, i don't...i want my daughter to have her fair share of losing and teasing (safely, of course) because that also makes us stronger. but i digress...i want my daughter to be fashionable for many reasons.
~ being fashionable, in my eyes, means you are creative. eva has been picking out her own outfits since she was able to dress herself, and as long as she is weather (and otherwise) appropriate, i don't ever make her change. she is the queen of pattern mixing and color blocking, right down to her mismatched socks.
~ i want eva to be able to express herself freely, in as many ways as possible. i believe how you dress can definitely be artistic expression.
~ i want her to be confident in her choices. there are some days that people make fun of her for her sartorial choices, and there are far more days that people compliment her. the bad days teach her to accept that you can't please everyone, and the good days are just plain nice. either way, i am trying to teach her to please herself when it comes to dressing, and no one else.
~ if my plan works, maybe i won't have to deal with my daughter begging us to buy her a $200 pair of jeans. maybe, but i doubt it.
~ i want eva to learn to reuse and recycle. right now, because she is only 7, she doesn't mind thrift shopping, and in fact loves to browse racks with me and pick out fun outfits. i hope this lasts as she gets older, but please refer to the aforementioned $200 pair of jeans.
who knows, maybe 20 years from now, eva's name will be in lights during new york fashion week. maybe she'll be a super cool blogger. maybe she'll be a smart and confident business woman. and maybe she'll be a super cool mom who lets her kids dress themselves. either way, i'd like to think she learned a little something from being fashionable. it's not just about vanity.
megan bird


  1. I total agree with you. I got mad a couple weeks ago at a comment someone left. Which after I calm down I wrote on FB and Twitter. If you don't like what I wear keep it to yourself. I dress for me and only me.

    You house is so addable. I love the huge ruler you have.

  2. Right on! I love your sentiments here. I just watched my two Middle School daughters walk out of the door to the bus and thought...yes they have it. They are so confident in their choices, they don't need to look like every one else or be dolled up from head to toe, etc. You should see some of the Middle School girls now they could rival us any day. Where's the fun? Where are the children? I think our kids have so much pressure to be "mini" grown ups far too soon.

  3. Aw! I feel the same way about London (she's 8.) She actually is less focused on fashion this school year but I hope she gets back into. I feel like it's such an easy way to be creative and there are endless possibilities and combinations. Maybe Eva will be a designer one day!
    Those tights are seriously cute BTW. Is the mini velvet?

  4. I love that you're teaching Eva to dress for herself and no one else! Kids tend to want to have the same thing as their peers but as you grow up you realize it's better to be an individual.

    The Tiny Heart

  5. I think you are nurturing what will turn out to be a very creative gal. Growing up from the time I was 11 I was working and since I made my own money (working in an ice cream shop my parents owned) I was allowed to buy my own clothes and make my own choices. That shaped me into the person I am today.


  6. love the tights! xo

  7. yes! I love this. I have nices that are very fashion conscious (some say this is my doing!) but I lve seeing how their personalities are reflected in what they wear. Whenever I'm visiting they drag me in their rooms to have me give my opinion on what outfit they're going to wear that day. I'll have to feature their styles on my blog someday.


  8. That's awesome Megan, I think it's a great approach and it's also teaching her positive self worth!

    I wasn't very fashionable as a child either, I can totally relate to that!

  9. Awh, those are all great! She will probably do very well at fashion because she has you as a role model. My Mom was my guru, leader, adviser or example. We learn a bunch from our female counterparts. My 3rd granddaughter is only 4 and she is EXCELLENT at it in comparison to her sisters. I firmly think some are born with it, too. I love your ensemble here today, Megan. You are ALWAYS inspiring moi! ♥

    1. Congratulations on scoring on the Sunday prior day sale. Can you believe I wasn't going to go but my ydd talked me into it. We got there at about 1 pm and still had great things to select from. Yay SAVERS!!!!

  10. I feel the EXACT same way about my daughter. She is 6 and just coming into fashion interests too. In fact, this morning she was having a "fashion show" with all of my shoes. The red booties from Target, she was in love with. Then she instructed me to not come into my room because it was her "fashion lab" and told me it was going to be hard for her to wear her tennis shoes after all of the heels because now she was used to them. LOL I love having a daughter!

    (I also love your leopard tights and denim jacket!)

  11. I absolutely LOVE this outfit! Those tights are so chic!

  12. Such a fantastic post! I feel the same exact way and feel that I would be the same way as a mom.

    You look fabulous. Loving those tights!

  13. "the queen of pattern mixing and color blocking, right down to her mismatched socks" -- what a wonderful title :) and i love your tights!

  14. Great tights! I was pretty much a fashion mess when I was younger. I love all your thoughts in this post. I hope my daughter takes pride in her appearance but doesn't care about what other people think.

  15. You go girl! I agree and feel the same way about my girls! btw... love your hot tights! Tammy

  16. Nice points! Yes, nice to have a but of creativity and thriftiness! X

  17. I love the way you are approaching fashion and dressing with your daughter and she sounds very creative. I agree that how you dress yourself can definitely be an expression of creativity. I feel that nearly everything I do is an outlet for creativity, especially if it involves colour.

    I suggest that if and when she asks for $200 jeans you tell her she can have them if she can pay for them herself, or you say what you are willing to spend on jeans for her and she can earn some money and add to that. That will help her to decide if she thinks $200 jeans are worth it and it will be her decision and not something you tell her. What you are teaching her now will stick, even if she temporarily abandons some of it as she explores who she is and deals with peer pressure.

    Love your outfit in the pics above, love your approach as a mum, and your little girl sounds absolutely delightful. Cheers to you!

  18. Very cute outfit and I love hearing your thoughts on your daughter and fashion too.

  19. Great outfit and may I say your hair is looking especially lovely here

  20. I have the same situation with my daughter but I need to let her dress herself more. We are usually so rushed in the morning and she takes forever to pick. The thing that worries me is how high school girls dress nowadays. I think it may be because I'm in S. Florida, but some of these girls wear shorts that are maybe a 1/2" inseam. I am hoping that I'm not fighting with a future 14 year old about the inappropriateness of her outfit choices. Boys are so much easier.... And I can't leave without commenting on how much I love those tights!

  21. i love that about her!
    i remember wearing an outfit pretty much exactly like you described--color too. and one with a tie! i cried and tried to get the office to call my mom so i could change it. hated the tie.

  22. What a fabulous gift you are giving your daughter through example! Bravo! And, what a great look head to toe!!! T.

  23. You're doing amazing as a mom! Learning that fashion is a creative outlet and not vanity is such an important lesson to learn and at such a young age, that means you're doing something right too! (Also, I love this look and the room you're in looks awesome!)


  24. Staying true to yourself and being comfortable in what you wear works for anyone of all ages. :-) Great job!