Tuesday, February 4, 2014

outfit of the day(bird): california dreamin'

sweater, sneakers~ b. (a resale shop)
tee~ Marchall's
jeans~ Jessica Simpson
watch~ Michael Kors

jim, the kids, and i try to travel to california every year to visit some of our friends that live out there. we always try to plan the trip around february or march which, in my opinion, is the perfect time to get out of minnesota. march is that month when i suddenly become really sick of winter. i think it is partly because, in my mind, march should be spring. but in minnesota, march is definitely not spring. so it is nice to travel somewhere a bit warmer and gather with our friends and eat and drink and be merry and relax and forget about the stresses in our lives for a while. double bonus if it is anywhere near an ocean, which i find so calming. we just bought our tickets for this year's trip and i could not be more excited! it's so nice to have something like that to look forward to. especially since i am already getting that really sick of winter feeling!
some other small comforts that help me through the winter:
~ warm boots
~ a good coat (or five!)
~ yoga
~ good books
~ dark chocolate (almost every night!)
~ red wine (almost every weekend!)
~ hot tea with honey
~ comfort food
~ four-wheel-drive (this is my first winter with a 4wd vehicle and i will never go back!)
~ movies and popcorn with my kids every friday night
~ snuggles under piles of warm blankets

is it cold where you live? are you tired of it yet?

xoxo, nora bird


  1. I agree--at this point, the cold is just wearing me out. Doesnt help when we have random warm days to trick us into thinking its Spring! Sigh.....at least the days are starting to get longer!

  2. i'm headed to orlando this week to thaw out! ;)

  3. California sounds heavenly! It's been a long, cold winter in Pennsylvania too, and it's only February 4. =(

  4. Yay! What part of California will you be visiting? If you'll be anywhere near Sacramento then we obviously need to go thrifting :)

  5. Oh, what I'd give for a trip to Cali right now! I am SO over the winter. It's been snowier and colder than usual here and I can't take much more!

    The Tiny Heart

  6. Oh can I go to Cali too?? Seriously!

    But you look so cute - I love the sweater! And I love your ways to beat the winter blues, especially the red wine and dark chocolate! I love both - put them together too - yum!

  7. It is so cold now--and snowy! But I can't complain because for several weeks beforehand, we had warm sunny weather. This is really weird for Colorado btw. California sounds great to me! Love the sweater!

  8. Lovely bright outfit! I love that list! You sometimes need a reminder of the good things to get you through the cold months. And then again in the summer when it is stifling hot, lol.

  9. Unfortunately, we have not had winter weather here where I live. We're actually experiencing severe drought and it's pretty scary. UGH.
    But, as far as getting through cold weather when we do have it, I love tea with honey as well! =) Along with all the cozy sweaters, big coats and colorful scarves.


  10. We are also headed to California in March for our kids' spring break. I can't complain about my warm Florida weather, but I understand the winter blues since I grew up in Michigan.


  11. I'm jealous! I want a beach and a margarita somewhere. You'll hardly need pants!

  12. oh yes! it's cold where I live and I'm so tired of that! can't help but think of summer outfits!
    love you top by the way
    Inside and Outside Blog

  13. Snow! send us some this way. Tahoe is grass skiing. That outfit it so sweet with the cherry (did I get the fruit right?) sweater and shot of neony red.

  14. It has been cold here. Its a little warm in the day time then the night time. Your sweater is super cute.

  15. I seriously love this outfit, every bit of it!
    Sick of winter? If winter were a person I would...... edit every word I was about to type. =D

  16. I understand. I feel the same here. CBC and I have been saying we must go SOMEWHERE at half term holiday because we are SO sick of the cold, rain and ming weather! I am also sick of being ill!!
    I've realised who you remind me of after all this time reading your blog- you remind me of my best friend from Primary School, Lucy. She had her hair cropped like this when she was a teen and she's cute and pixie-like, like you!x

  17. I am beyond sick and tired of the winter!! There's only so much I can handle in a season. I really love that little pop of colour you're wearing...very "pre spring."

    On another note, thank you for reading my blog! It makes me happy to know people enjoy reading and I'd be over the moon if you share!! Thank you!

    Jackie @ something about that

  18. I was over winter from the day it started haha California sounds like the perfect little getaway!


  19. I am definitely sick of the cold weather, snow, and just winter in general. I am ready for spring and sun and open toe shoes!

    xo, Yi-chia
    Always Maylee

  20. From the looks of all of that snow, you need to escape to warmer climates!! I would love a little getaway right about now. By February, I am so tired of winter!


  21. I'm envious of your 4 wheel drive. I hate driving the mini-van on these icy roads. It feels like the roads are worse than ever.

    Take me with you to Cali?

  22. Ahhh, I'm jealous of your upcoming vacation and your 4WD!

  23. That sweater is absolutely adorable!! Love it!

  24. didn't i see that more snow is headed your way??
    I would be going stir crazy for sure by now.
    We we lived in PA when the kids were little, we went to Florida every February
    I think that is the only way I survived those days.

  25. What a sweet look this is! I, too, am so very tired of winter! California sounds really good right now! :) T. http://tickledpinkwoman.blogspot.com

  26. california is going to feel so nice in march :) i always think the best part of going somewhere in the winter is looking forward to it on the negative temp days!

  27. gorgeous outfit!

  28. I adore your haircut and color! So cute!

  29. California Dreaming for real!!
    It was icy and freezing here last week and now in the 60's?? Seriously!

  30. Oh, missed this post, dang. Oh we are suppose to get warmer temps this week, like in the 50s. My GUERSH, can't wait. I want spring soooo bad, for more than a couple of reasons. (hug)

    I really love this cute, springy ensemble. Congrats on California.