Wednesday, February 5, 2014

love*birds: 2.5.14

things i am loving this week:
~ cooking! well, i always love to cook, but i have been trying new recipes lately and it has been a lot of fun. not to mention, delicious!
~ jim and i have been supplementing our daytime workouts with a quick yoga or abs workout together in the evenings. not only are we fitting in a little extra exercise, but it is fun to do it together!
~ dance parties! the kids and i have one every afternoon before jim gets home from work. lately, their song of choice is, "i like to move it, move it", from madagascar. we've listened to it so much that ben has started singing along, which is hilarious!

and here are a few other things we are loving...

nora bird
psychedelic shorts

clearly, i am dreaming of warmer weather! shorts would not be practical in minnesota right now. but these are so cute! i love the neon and the crazy print.

set of pillows

this is such an adorable set of pillows. i love the russian nesting doll style! and the colors would work perfectly in my living room!

so simple and sweet. i love a cozy sweatshirt. add cute heart elbow patches and i love it even more!

colorful bangles

these bangles are so pretty. i love the colorful stones. what a fun way to brighten up an outfit!

knitted top

this top looks so comfortable. and it could be easily dressed up or worn casually! such a versatile piece.

Stilettos & Sequins

Dhruvi looks so chic in this outfit. i love her pretty floral top and the pop of neon from her fab bag. not to mention those amazing booties!

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seriously, though. how cute is this kid?

megan bird
i love a big, bulky, trendy scarf, and this one does not disappoint! i would wrap this thing around my neck five times and stay warm and fashionable all winter long!

if it can't be spring, i can at least dream about it. baring my arms (literally) and wearing sandals sounds so fabulous right now!!

i love the simplicity of this necklace, but i also love what it stands for. what a beautiful piece!

i wish i would have had this for my 80s party! i love how cute this is, and it reminds me of my childhood, which is (almost) always a good thing!!

i don't even own a cat, and i think this is the second time i've posted a cat hat on love*birds. but how can you not love this? seriously, a cat in a knit pom pom hat...too cute!


i love how jackie is talking about making more of an effort on weekends in this post. i have been feeling the same way lately...a little lazy in how i dress because it's cold, or i'm not going anywhere special. she is right when she says it can make a difference by putting in a little effort. i love her weekend wear here!


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the other day, i didn't feel like doing a traditional workout, so the kids and i got our best workout/dance clothes on, went into the basement and danced straight for 30 minutes. it was a blast, and sure enough, i was sweating by the end!

what are you loving this week?
two birds


  1. i love an impromptu dance party! that's too cute. the little one i nanny loves them and constantly shows me her latest "moves." we also do yoga stretches together and she always critiques my performance!

  2. I love any picture of a cat in a hat and you know they just hate it! And now I have that "move it, move it" song in my head :-)


  3. I'm aching for the day I can wear shorts like that again. It feels like it'll never be here. :)

  4. Dancing is the best medicine for beating the crappy weather we have been having and it's a great workout. Win win all around! Loving the eternity necklace too!

  5. Those bracelets are SO pretty! I might have to buy one!

    The Tiny Heart

  6. I have the dress version of the red and navy blouse you posted. It's my favorite dress right now.

    Love all your picks!


  7. I love your picks! Thanks so much for including my pom pom hat!!

  8. I must have missed the last cat hat - that is hilarious! I don't know if my cats would like that so much though! And I love the idea of dancing for a workout!

  9. That cat in the hat kills me. : )


  10. i'm loving the fact I have been selling my used items that have been laying around the house.

  11. Colourful prints like the one in the shorts are fun to wear. The heart elbow patches are adorable, I might give that one a good DIY, I love elbow patches!

  12. Oh great ideas and inspiration here. Great blogs to know about, too. I love the jewelry almost every single week, hands down!

    Thanks for your support of liking my "pink updates". You guys are simple awesome!!!!!!

  13. I love everything in this post! Those pillows are so cute! Ugh, if only my dog wouldn't knock them off of my couch if I had them >.<

  14. Where do I begin? Love the pillows and the big scarf...oh, and those bangles are delightful and delicious. But really, it was the kidling photos that made my day, my daughter and I used to have a blast dancing around to our favourite tunes. Happy memories!

  15. That Pacman ring is so cute! I'd definitely wear that Laura Ashley dress- so pretty!x

  16. the eternity necklace and the pacman ring are awesome -- but not nearly as awesome as the fact that you have dance parties with your kids every day #jealous

  17. Lots of great stuff here--especially the Insta-love! :) T.

  18. Oh my goodness, thank you so much for featuring my blog!

    I think we have the same taste, because as I was scrolling through the post, I kept thinking, "love it." I basically want all of those accessories, especially that Pac Man ring.

    xo Jackie
    Something About That

  19. Love love love! Esp. that cat hat, pac man ring, cooking (!!), owl pillows and Dhruvi's outfit!


  20. Oh man, I need to buy that hat for my cat. It would go perfectly with the sweater I bought him for Christmas. (I'm pretty sure he secretly hates me).

  21. Love the floral dress! It's so beautiful!
    Xoxo- Joelle