Wednesday, February 19, 2014

love*birds: 2.19.14

things i am loving this week:
~ after a month long adventure out west (mostly visiting my pregnant little sister and her husband in vegas), my parents are back in minnesota! we missed them!
~ we are having our hardwood floors re-finished this week. i am excited to see how pretty they look when it's done!
~ while our floors are being done, we are going to wisconsin to stay with jim's parents. it will be so nice to see them. the kids love staying with grandma and grandpa. and jim and i might even get a date night while we're there!
~ it's megan's birthday week! whoop whoop! wish her a happy early birthday, y'all! i am excited for a yummy family dinner in her honor this weekend!

and here are a few other things we are loving...

nora bird

this is sch a fun party dress! you would definitely be the belle of the ball! i adore the bright, floral bodice and the tulle skirt.

this towel made me laugh because i often have this exact thought! this needs to be in my kitchen, asap!

this dress is simple and gorgeous. i love the back cutout and the vibrant emerald color! and the crochet trim on the shoulder straps is such a fun detail.

such a bright, fun, minimal screenprint! and funny! i would love to hang this in my home.

i want this dress and i want to wear it all spring! i love the pretty floral print. and it's sexy but still looks super comfy!


Sam's outfit, in this post, is so bright and cheerful, which is so nice to see when it is so cold and dreary outside! i love the yellow coat paired with the blue sweater. and the bag and shoes are pretty amazing, too. she looks effortlessly chic!

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i snapped this shot of my little ones sharing a snack the other day. those chubby little hands just make me swoon! so sweet!

megan bird
1984 democratic national convention tee
i love a good vintage tee. a good vintage baseball tee is even better. throw the san francisco democratic convention into the mix...even better! plus, it's cute!

heirloom carrot seeds
did you all know that carrots could be this beautiful? we got a raised garden for our wedding, and i want to plant some of these this spring!

lace dress
with three colors to choose from, you really can't go wrong with this gorgeous lace dress! it's feminine and springy, and all around gorgeous!

orange oversized tote
i have no words for this tote...other than i want it.

neon and gold necklace
when winter feels too long and i am starting to get sick of all of my winter clothing, i start to long for pretty and bright jewels. this necklace is pretty much what i need right now!

snow in the air
 connie is looking extra pretty and flirty in this fun pink dress and (gasp) sandals. i gasp because i'm jealous. we won't mention the flowers blooming, either. i will just use her, and this post, as my springtime inspiration!! check out her blog!

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i snapped this picture of my lovely valentine's on friday. they are better than any chocolate or flowers...the loves of my life!

what are you loving today?
two birds


  1. Today, I am loving your blog and all the fantastic images. I am also loving my cat because she says I have to. ;-)

  2. Those carrot are to cool. Happy Early Birthday Megan.

  3. I love the green open back dress. And, the orange tote is so cute.

  4. I oo-ed and ah-ed over and over through this post. Great picks!

    HaPpY bIrThDaY MeGaN!!!!

  5. I love all the spring dresses you shared! If only it was warm enough to wear them, sigh. Happy early birthday, Megan!

    The Tiny Heart

  6. Oh my gosh, that alessanda dress! Happy birthday megan!

    xo, Yi-chia
    Always Maylee

  7. Happy birthday Megan. Thank you so much for the feature. Who would have known that the bright yellow jacket that I wanted to get rid off one day would be a keeper. I need that towel in my kitchen too and the tote. Amazing pics and different color carrots, mind boggling that they even exist like the heirloom tomatoes.


  8. Megan I want that tote too! Nora that towel is hilarious, I agree with it!

  9. Happy Early Birthday Megan!!! Hope your birthday week is super bright!

    Okay girls, I've been getting lost in blogland following all your lovely links today! Fun, fun, fun! And that tulle dress. {{Sigh}} It's gorgeous. Great Etsy shop!

  10. Megan's Birthday!!! Chubby little fists, tulle skirts, Democratic convention tees, psychedelic carrots, ooooooh I am in such good company!! Thank you so much! And if it's any comfort, I really miss winter. I do! (I grew up in Montana!)

  11. Happy Birthday & fantastic blog, name twin! Thanks for featuring my vintage baseball tee - I could never have enough of them in my life! And that floral dress is EVERYTHING!


  12. Happy Birthday! :-) I absolutely LOVE that tulle dress and that orange necklace! thanks for the fun inspiration on that towel! love it! ~Tammy

  13. The tea towel is so funny and true! That would be nice to have. :-) Purple, red and yellow carrots?? Why, yes! Happy early birthday Megan!


  14. Happy everything! Terrific blog. Spring will be here soon, and crazy carrots will follow. Enjoy!

  15. love the vintage maxi dress. and the chubby kid hands - so cute!
    -- jackie - jade and oak

  16. First up...whoop whoop to new floors and Happy Birthday, Megan!!
    I am a huge fan of that Green dress, Orange bag and well let's have it all shall we?

    Fun stuff ladies!

  17. I adore tulle and lace! Happy birthday, Megan! T.

  18. Ok - yes those lace dresses? My Mom had one almost exactly to that Yellow dress when I was a kid, baby, girl, young!!! OMyGoooodnessgracious! I love so many of these this week. Super great!

    and ...thanks for the vote of me having made great decisions for my treatments etc. (hug)

  19. I love the fancy dresses but they are the type of dresses I would need once every 5-10 years. And I would still probably be overdressed with my crowd.

  20. Carrots come in colors? AWESOME! HAppy Early bday megs!

  21. Love the towel and the lace dresses... actually I love all your picks. I like the mix of colorful and artistic finds. :) Happy Early Birthday Megan!

    xo Always, Abby