Monday, February 17, 2014

inspiration monday: work o-limp-ics

the inspiration
megan bird

coat, purse ~ Target
shirt, leggings ~ Kohls
booties ~ b. (a resale shop)
hat and earrings ~ gift

nora bird

coat ~ Forever 21
sweater ~ thrifted
shorts ~ Marshalls
tights ~ Target
hat, shoes ~ gift

there is a gym in the building i work in, and this year, they decided to have an olympics of sorts. there are eight events, and each team consists of four people. for some reason, i joined and said i would do the plank and wall sit events. i did the plank last week (5 minutes 11 seconds), and then wasn't set to do the wall sit until the end of the month.

on friday morning, i got a text from my coworker who was set to do the lunges, and she asked if we could trade because she hurt her knee. i agreed, but didn't make any promises.

so that morning, i went down to the gym, where i found out that only one other person had participated so far. she had done 106 full lunges, so that was the number to beat. i started off strong, and was being extra stubborn. they were full knee to the ground lunges, which i rarely do, but i had it in my head that i would go until i fell down, or something equally as embarrassing.

i got to 330 and my form was starting to fade. so i decided that i would just get to 350, and i'd allow myself to quit. and i did it...and then i quite literally couldn't walk. luckily the gym manager left the room, because my walk back to the locker room looked something like this.

the next two days involved me walking backwards down the stairs because it hurt too much to walk normally, every once in a while just losing my footing for no reason other than my legs didn't work, and chris, henry, and eva laughing at me a lot. i don't even know if i won, but here's hoping.

two birds


  1. you gotta find out if you won!!! that's awesome!

  2. That's impressive!!!!! How lovely you too look in this!!! I'm really sorry but might have to link tomorrow as I'm cleaning and tidying today and this look is just not conducive to cleaning!! Will try ASAP or tomorrpw!! X

  3. This one's a hard one to pull off, but you both did...and swimmingly! I got booties & tights incorporated into my look, so guess that's a start. :) Hugs, T.

  4. I can plank for approximately 45 seconds on a good day. haha

    Also, love both outfits, but Nora's shoes are TO DIE FOR!!!!

  5. I my gosh! I would totally do something like that. I'm super competitive too! The outfits are so chic, ladies. All black suits you both.


  6. I hope you won after all that! 350 is incredibly impressive!!

    The Tiny Heart
    Target Giveaway!

  7. Those numbers are amazing! Here I was super impressed with myself for planking for 2 minutes the other day. Now you've given me a new goal to aspire to. :)

  8. Ha, that gif is hilarious! And I can just picture you walking backwards on the stairs. I'm pretty impressed by your number though!!

    Also your bag is so cute Megan! I was ogling it at Erin's yesterday too! And Nora, those blue shoes are too fun!

    One of these days I'll get back to Inspiration Monday outfits myself!

  9. HOLY CRAP!!!!!!!! That is amazing! Good for you! And lol at the gif. I would NEVER be able to do that! Love the inspiration and the looks ladies. Hope you are resting now! Yeesh!

  10. Haha, too funny! But wow, you go girl!

    Loving both outfits :)

  11. Ok, Megan (sorry) but this made me get the giggles. I mean between your description and the giraffe video, I just couldn't help it. Sure hope you won!!! But let me tell ya, you scored big time on this 'inspiration' concept. I love it!!! I love Nora's too. ('specially her cool blue shoes).

    Thank you for your fun comments to me and diggin' the safety pin watch. This is where he got it.
    (and now I am applying that link to my post, like I should have in the first place, doh!) :D

  12. You both look amazing..I love the accessories and the falling snow is a plus!
    Megan, you are rockin' that slouchy beanie!! Nora, your cut and color is so pretty. No wonder you have legs like that....a million full lunges and you lived to tell us about it? Go girl!!

  13. Oh my goodness, I can SO relate to that!! Not from lunges, but from the elliptical. I overdid it and then had to walk down 3 flights of stairs in the parking garage to get to my car.


  14. I hate exercising. Mucho props to you for digging it. :-) Love both looks and the pop of blue with the pumps is nice.


  15. hehe lunges will get ya! I over did the squats last week and I was feel it ever time I leaned over.. the worst but good.

  16. Hey, you, over there. Send us some snow to Baveria please.
    Have a good time.

  17. Nicely done on the plank and lunges!! You both look great in your layered looks!

  18. You girls are rockin' the short coats
    I don't even own one LOL

  19. The Target coat is awesome - and I adore the inspiration outfit!

  20. Say what now??! 350?! Yeah, that'll do it!

  21. Omg 350!!!!! I don't think I can even pass 50 my legs would be shaking. This outfit inspiration is spot on. You both ladies look so chic! Thanks a lot for visiting my blog and for the sweet thoughts and of course I don't mind my future feature on you blog on Wednesday. Can't wait to see it.


  22. 330? goodness gracious we need to work out together so that you can be my inspiration :) and both of you rocked this look - lovely lovely lovely - you should let taylor be the inspiration more often - she's got style!

  23. Oh man, for all that I certainly hope you did win!

    Love this outfit, perfect for a snowy day!

    Chic on the Cheap

  24. I have those shoes in pink, but I LOVE them in blue as well!! You just reminded me I need to wear them :)