Friday, February 14, 2014

bird.i.y./bird's nest: i give you my wall (the valentine's day edition)

i was inspired by cheryl's fabulous love diys and wanted to incorporate something like them for my gift for chris this year. we both decided years ago that for valentine's day, we would only give homemade gifts, and i have loved every gift, both given and received.
on one of the many snow days, the kids and i spent the day crafting. i literally went downstairs to the craft dresser, grabbed whatever i could carry and threw it all on the dining room table. it was one of my favorite days this year! the kids made chris some paintings for his office. and then helped me with making pom poms for a "wreath" that you will see below. i also made a "in this house" clipboard that i have been wanting to make since i saw a super expensive version at joann fabrics a while ago, and a pipe cleaner/yarn love hanging.
i thought i'd just leave it at the gifts we made. but then i thought, why not give him a wall for valentines day...something that he will see every single day when he walks in the house. sort of a "welcome, i love you" reminder. we have a front entryway that is rather small, and i have created a mural wall when you walk in. it is a little busy, and i didn't really plan on where to put i loved it, but i also wanted to change it. so i did....
i am pretty proud of myself that i actually thought things out. i measured the wall, cut out some paper to size, and arranged (and rearranged) (and rearranged) the pieces until i found an order that i liked. i then marked where each nail would need to go, hung the paper on the wall, drilled some holes, and made it work (i even spackled the old holes...that is so unlike me). and i love the finished product. hopefully chris does too!

xoxo picture ~ eva made at school
"O" ~ the kids and i made
clipboard ~ i made
clock ~ Etsy
everything else ~ thrifted

 heart mirror ~ Ikea
love hanging ~ Target
you are here ~ diy (see the post here)
key ~ wedding gift from erin
this is our happy ever after ~ made for wedding
home sweet home ~ thrifted

 arrows ~ diy (see the post here)

daily affirmation magnets on our door ~ thrifted

orange cabinet ~ semi diy (see the post here)

sure, a wall is a very untraditional valentine's day gift, but no one has ever called me traditional!

happy valentine's day!!
megan bird


  1. This is such a lovely idea I may have to borrow; mayhap for the Great Scot's birthday!

    Happy Valentine's to the both of you and your families.

  2. Great gallery wall! Happy Valentine's Day!

  3. I love it!! What a fun mix.


  4. What an amazing idea! So many lovely pieces!

  5. This is so creative and eclectic! I love it. He is one lucky guy.

    Happy Valentine's Day.


  6. What a great gallery wall - I love the 'you are here'
    Chic on the Cheap

  7. This is adorable- and so creative, too!

  8. So awesome! I still love that You Are Here picture, I need to do one of those one of these days!

  9. This is AMAZING! I love all of it. So creative and unique!

  10. Do you care if I totally copy that clip board? It's adorable. I actually need ideas for my kiddos room! We moved in last year and there's NOTHING on the walls!

  11. So cute!! Do you know what Etsy store that clock is from? I love it!

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  13. I totally worded my response to this post wrong ha-ha. The previous post displays how sweet and thoughtful you are with your gifts! This just continues to show it! :)

  14. That is absolutely gorgeous dear Megan!!!!x

  15. Such a truly heart-felt, creative, and beautiful idea. I am sure he will appreciate it.

  16. Great collection, Megan.

    Yes, I emphasized Lexi being from Minnesota --- for all ye Ol' Minnesota Bloggers, Yay!

  17. Loving this love wall! Awesome idea. :-)


  18. Love the clipboard. I want to make!
    Can you give/direct me to instructions?

  19. I am SO gonna do that clipboard! Nice. Thanks for the great idea!

  20. This is so cute! I love how you used the entire wall all the way to the ceiling! All the little DIY elements are so special!

  21. this is adorable! You guys are the cutest x

  22. Fabulous design! That framed xoxo pic is priceless! I have a framed picture of apples in my kitchen my youngest son made when he was about five years old--he's 24 now. :) T.

  23. This is just the sweetest wall! I love all the unique pieces! The clock and the 'you are here' picture are lovely!


  24. so sweet and different from anything i've seen lately. i love your love wall!

  25. so adorable
    I hope everyone appreciates it

  26. Megan, this is the most creative and inspiring Valentines day display ever !
    I am in awe !
    Have a great week!
    XX, Elle

  27. Adorable. Truly makes your house a home. <3