Friday, February 7, 2014

bird.i.y: no-sew elbow patch sweatshirt

for today's bird.i.y, i was obviously very inspired by the elbow patch sweatshirt i featured in our love*birds post on wednesday. it was just so cute and i knew i could make one of my own! now, you know that we birds are not known for our difficult diys, but i am warning you: this is literally the easiest diy ever. it's so easy, i almost feel bad. but the result is super cute, and that's all that matters, right? right.

here's what you'll need:
sweatshirt or sweater
enough fabric for two elbow patches
fabric glue (you fancy people could hand sew the patches on, but i am not that fancy)
cardboard or heavy paper for cutting your stencil

very (very!) easy instructions:
1. find the garment you want to use. i had this hot pink, vintage sweatshirt that i knew would look cute adorned with some elbow patches!
2. cut your stencil (i made a heart stencil, but you could do anything!) out of some cardboard or heavy paper or junk mail (which is what i used).
3. using the marker, trace the stencil onto the fabric you are using for the patches. then, cut out your patches. so far, so good.

4. put on the sweatshirt and have someone draw two x's on the middle of each elbow. (don't ask my husband to do this as he seems to have trouble locating elbows. "what do you mean? where? your elbow? here? huh?" he did finally figure it out. phew!) this is where you will place your patches. (duh.)

5. take the sweatshirt off and put on another shirt. or just continue the diy shirtless, which is what i did until my husband reminded me that it was dark outside and light inside our house and any of the neighbors walking by could see me. oh well. shirtless diy-ing. that's how i roll. (unfortunately, there is no photo to accompany this step.)

6. put fabric glue all around the edges and the middle of the back of your patches.

7. carefully, place the patches over the x's on the sweatshirt sleeves and let dry overnight.

8. finally, wear your fancy new sweatshirt! (posing in your backyard and taking photos is optional.)

super easy, but i love how it turned out. and just in time for valentine's day! what do you think?

xoxo, nora bird


  1. Finally, a craft I might be able to do! It turned out beautifully!

  2. That sounds so easy that even I might be able to pull it off! Love it!

  3. I think I'm in love. Color, pattern...smitten and inspired. I am doing this. Dawn

  4. SO cute! I love that it doesn't require sewing so I can do this one!

    The Tiny Heart

  5. This is seriously the cutest. idea. ever. And the fact that it's no sew? LOVE!!


  6. I just realized you gals are a no-reply blogger (insert sad face) but anyways glad that someone finally experience the Facebook move let-down that I got. I mean I am sad that yours was anti-climatic too but I was beginning to think FB just hated me LOL

    PS> Love, love elbow patches!!!

  7. Such a great idea and sompretty

  8. Such a great idea! You are so crafty.

  9. Super cute and crafty. I won't even fool myself into thinking that I will try it. I will just enjoy the fact that you made such a lovely craft for all of us to see.

    Happy Friday!

  10. Oh, that is so cute and adorable. Knowing me I would have them on crooked or one higher than the other. lol Have a great weekend, my friends and take great care of those punkin' ya'll love. ♥

  11. I love this! I definitely need to try it.


  12. so cute and since I am a sucker for elbow patches
    I really need to try this

  13. aww, love this - so creative how you always manage to find things you like and then make it yourself :)

  14. amazing!

  15. Very cute!!! I might do this to a boring t-shirt! X

  16. Such a cute idea.

  17. Love this idea and as someone sewing challenged it would work for me! Have a great weekend. We are having very light flurries in the Southern part of MN.

  18. Just pinned this so I can steal this idea later - so cute!

  19. I love elbow patches!! I need to do this right now!!
    Sincerely, Sara

  20. You are right, as I could totally do this! And I am not a good DIY person. Great post and excellent idea;
    this would be a fun snowy day project with a daughter ( but mine is grown up!)
    XX, Elle

  21. WANT! This might be easier than the one we're going to do with Erin even! I should pick up two sweatshirts now and do this one too!