Friday, February 28, 2014

bird's nest: shoes, scarves, and necklaces (oh my)

it's no secret that i love my shoes. it's also no secret that i love my necklaces. and while i don't love wearing scarves as much, that doesn't stop me from buying copious amounts because i think i will wear them. (don't get me wrong, i love the scarves i own, i just don't wear them as much as i should.) (i don't want to make the scarves feel bad.) but when it comes to storing the shoes, necklaces, and scarves, i had a problem. (ok, i admit the real problem is the buying and not the storing, but can we all just agree that one can never have too many shoes?)

i found myself throwing shoes all over the house. i kept my boots in a chest, and my shoes in a number of closets (and in the front hallway much to chris' dismay), but i wanted a place to keep them all. so i decided to take action. and that's where the trouble began.

i scoured craigslist for bookshelves..i figured i needed at least three of the same kind. and i finally found some for super cheap...and now i know why. i paid for them, and as chris and i were walking out with them, they proceed to just break. all of them. as we were walking to the car. being me, i shrugged it off and decided i could fix them. being chris, he was annoyed because he knew he'd have to fix them...which he did. he's a good man like that. i painted the backing, that counts for something, right? 

here is how i store all of my all of their glory.

the good news about storing all of my shoes in a visible place is that it has stopped me from buying a ton more shoes. the bad news is that it has stopped me from buying a ton more shoes. at some point in the very near future, i'm going to need another bookshelf. the very near future.

i had to use the top of the shelves for my tranny shoes. and i mean that in the best way possible...i think everyone should wear 5" heels every now and again. see those ones second from the left? those are my wedding shoes. yep, i walked up a muddy hill in those, in front of 200 people. and i wasn't scared at all.

what i failed to think about when i came up with this idea is that i rarely buy a shoe with a heel less than 3". that doesn't leave as much shelf space as say 100 pairs of flats. this (and only this) is the reason i need another bookshelf.

next to the shoes is my scarves. they are stored on a vintage crib spring. it's got built in storage that is perfect for hanging scarves.

oh, and that picture you saw up above...that's a painting my dad painted of my older sister and i. yes, my face was that big at one point in my life. i'm pretty sure it hasn't grown since then.

and yes, my sister's hair looked just like that. also, i wish i still had those eyebrows.

the shoes and scarves are in our basement, because i certainly don't have enough room in our bedroom to store all of those shoes. but jewelery i can keep upstairs. i made this little necklace holder out of an old ladder trellis and nails. easy enough.

you can see the original post about my trellis diy here.

and that's it. that's how i store my accessories. someday chris says we can turn one of the rooms in our house into a closet...but that would probably involve me cleaning it out, so we'll see when that happens. for now i am perfectly happy with what we've got.

happy friday!!
megan bird

Thursday, February 27, 2014

outfit of the day(bird): layers upon layers

scarf~ knit by my mom
jacket~ vintage, c/o avalon exchange
sweater~ F21
tee, jeans~ Old Navy
boots~ Bamboo

i really don't like complaining, especially about the weather, but i am about to. i'll admit it. my brain is no longer here. i am checked out and ready for vacation. my head is in california, where i will be in four days time! i am over this freezing cold, polar vortex-y winter that we've been having. i'm sick of being stuck inside or having to apply 500 layers of clothing to myself and my kids just to run the twenty feet to my car. i am sick of snow and the harsh winds. i am excited for warmer air and ocean and sun and green and relaxation. vacation! yay! i will, however, miss this scarf while i'm there. isn't this the best scarf ever? my mom is such a talent. actually, i think i will just bring it along. it get's chilly in california at night, right? i'll probably need a scarf.

xoxo, nora bird

p.s. i am taking next week off from the blog while i am away. i will miss all of you! but megan will be here, keeping it all up on her own! let's all try and convince her to take at least one day off, okay? knowing megan, she won't. but let's just try.

Wednesday, February 26, 2014

inspiration picture for march 3: kate bosworth

is it a furry pink vest over a coat? is the furry part attached to the coat? we're not sure. but we do know we love it! this is a nice inspiration for the beginning of march. the coat (and vest?) and jeans are cold weather appropriate, but the color of the coat (and vest?) and the shoes have a spring-like feel to them! we hope you will play along with us on monday. bonus points if you get a gentleman friend to pose alongside you!
not sure how to play? click here to find out!

xoxo, two birds

love*birds: 2.26.14

things i am loving this week:
~ it's still my birthday week, and chris is making sure i am treated like a queen.
~ even though we don't do birthday presents, chris has bought me something for every day this week so far.
~ he claims they are from the kids, so they don't count as a gift from him.
~ so far i got a new phone and a new camera.
~ he is also making dinner and doing the dishes every night.
~ he also stayed up until 3am one night to finish the kitchen nook that i had envisioned in my head.
~ eva called me "the queen of moms" and said I was "like a rose".
~ henry told me i was his "bestest best friend ever, aka mama."
~ my family rocks.

and here are some other things we are loving this week.

megan bird
mid century club chairs
 we have similar chairs in our house that i adore, but the color of these chairs is so eye catching, i can't not want them!

1970s floral dress
i love a good 70s wrape dress. throw in a fun, yet understated floral print and a big red bow, and it's a definite winner.

floral wiggle midi dress
the shape of this dress is so classic, and the print is so unexpected. i love the contrast of the two, and think they work together beautifully to make a fabulous dress!

cotton rope plant hanger
a whole wall of little plants in fun pots and a simple cotton plant hanger sounds amazing, no?

geometric bracelet
i love the look of this bracelet. it's simple, yet complex. it would be perfect alone, or fabulous with a whole arm of bracelets.

vodka infused lemonade
agi wrote this beautiful post, and is hosting a link up next week (march 4) to inspire everyone to show their real beauty. she wants people to post pictures of themselves without their hair and makeup done. to get us all inspired, she posted this gorgeous picture of herself. join in next week!

follow along @meglets

sometimes when our kids aren't getting along, we make them hold hands, or hug, or something equally as cringeworthy to them. we made them walk to school like this last week after an argument. by the end, they were laughing and getting along!

nora bird

i am in love with this shirt. it is perfect for spring! i love the simple, gorgeous garden print.

such a pretty, delicate ring! i love that it's bronze. i hope dainty, geometric jewelry never goes out of style, because i am obsessed!

this print needs to be in my home! look at that gorgeous type! i love this.

i am loving brass jewelry lately. this understated crescent pendant is so pretty. and the stars make it extra special.

it needs to be warm and someone needs to throw a fancy party so i can wear this dress! it's classic and flowy and so beautiful!


Christina looks so comfy and chic in this outfit. the glittery mustache sweatshirt is so much fun and so perfect paired with her boyfriend jeans. and how gorgeous is her hair?!

follow along @mrsbeyers

i mentioned last week that we were re-finishing out hardwood floors. well, they are done and they look so pretty! yay!

what are you loving this week?

xoxo, two birds

Tuesday, February 25, 2014

outfit of the day(bird): sally o'malley

jeans ~ Ross
shirt ~ hand-me-down
shoes ~ Target
watch ~ ?
rings, earrings ~ Forever 21

sometimes you have a neighborhood party the night before your birthday. and sometimes after a few margaritas, a few of the people at the party take shots (not me, i have never been a taking shots person). and sometimes that party lasts (at least) until midnight. and sometimes that neighborhood party, for at least a few minutes, turns into an inadvertent birthday celebration. and then sometimes you pose for a picture, acting like the molly shannon character from saturday night live. and then sometimes you share that picture on your blog.

i like to kick, stretch, and kick. i'm 40!

megan bird

Monday, February 24, 2014

inspiraton monday: birthday weekend

the inspiration
megan bird

coat ~ Dots
dress ~ H&M
tights, boots ~ Target
necklace ~ vintage, thrifted

nora bird

coat ~ TJ Maxx
boots ~ Shoedazzle
tunic ~ hand-me-down
tights ~ Target
sunglasses ~ H&M

thanks to everyone who wished me a happy birthday this weekend, either by blog, facebook, or instagram. i had a super fabulous birthday. birthdays are huge in my family, and chris has really done well over the last 10 years to always make sure i have a great day (or week, or month). he had the whole saturday planned for me, which included a relaxing acupuncture treatment, a delicious ecuadorian brunch, lots and lots of thrift shopping (he mapped out stores that he knew i had never been to) (at one of them, i found this), and a super fun dinner that had lots of vegetarian options, two for one glasses of wine, and totchos.

so yeah, it was a pretty perfect weekend. how was yours?

happy monday!!
megan bird

Friday, February 21, 2014

bird.i.y: craft day!

technically, this isn't really a diy post. well, it is, but it isn't. meaning, i don't want to call it one because, while i did make something, it is not all that great. so, i am mostly focusing on a fun craft day i recently had with a few blog friends! erin hosted the crafting get together last weekend and it was lots of fun. megan, beth, and lori were also there and we each brought a little something to work on, but mostly we just chatted and laughed and held oliver (beth's baby) and pet ace (erin's dog) and had a fun little girl's day. i thought i would share a few iphone photos from the day, including my diy t-shirt. but you don't have to focus on that, okay???

erin and megan

beth and lori

erin, working hard on her project!

the beginnings of my tee.

cute, snugly ace, distracting me from my crafting.

who, me?

hey, look! i painted some words (a little off-center) on a shirt! hooray!

i wish i had gotten a picture of ollie. he is so darn cute! i love hanging out with these fun ladies. i hope we do it again soon!

xoxo, nora bird

Thursday, February 20, 2014

outfit of the day(bird): what my daughter is learning from fashion

dress ~ H&M
shoes, belt, jacket ~ thrifted
tights ~ Target
necklace, bracelet ~ vintage, thrifted
earrings ~ Forever 21

i was not a fashionable child growing up. as a young child, i rarely thought about what i was wearing. my first memory of caring was in fourth grade when i asked my mom to make me a plum colored corduroy vest and knickers. yes, knickers. and let me tell you, it was a fashion disaster...a story for another blog post perhaps.
anyhow, i was not fashionable, and i turned out just fine. but i have to say, i love that my daughter is turning out to be ultra-fashionable. and not because i am vain and want my daughter to be the prettiest, best dressed girl in the room. trust me, i don't...i want my daughter to have her fair share of losing and teasing (safely, of course) because that also makes us stronger. but i digress...i want my daughter to be fashionable for many reasons.
~ being fashionable, in my eyes, means you are creative. eva has been picking out her own outfits since she was able to dress herself, and as long as she is weather (and otherwise) appropriate, i don't ever make her change. she is the queen of pattern mixing and color blocking, right down to her mismatched socks.
~ i want eva to be able to express herself freely, in as many ways as possible. i believe how you dress can definitely be artistic expression.
~ i want her to be confident in her choices. there are some days that people make fun of her for her sartorial choices, and there are far more days that people compliment her. the bad days teach her to accept that you can't please everyone, and the good days are just plain nice. either way, i am trying to teach her to please herself when it comes to dressing, and no one else.
~ if my plan works, maybe i won't have to deal with my daughter begging us to buy her a $200 pair of jeans. maybe, but i doubt it.
~ i want eva to learn to reuse and recycle. right now, because she is only 7, she doesn't mind thrift shopping, and in fact loves to browse racks with me and pick out fun outfits. i hope this lasts as she gets older, but please refer to the aforementioned $200 pair of jeans.
who knows, maybe 20 years from now, eva's name will be in lights during new york fashion week. maybe she'll be a super cool blogger. maybe she'll be a smart and confident business woman. and maybe she'll be a super cool mom who lets her kids dress themselves. either way, i'd like to think she learned a little something from being fashionable. it's not just about vanity.
megan bird