Tuesday, January 14, 2014

outfit of the day(bird): my crazy mind

jeans ~ Ross
vest ~ Kohls
sweatshirt, t-shirt, booties ~ thrifted

when we were up north last weekend, i went for a much needed run. i woke up and my fingers looked like l'il smokeys, so i threw on my warmest running clothes and headed outside.

what i didn't think about (at first) was that we were in the middle of nowhere, no one was around, and i went for a run without mapping it out or telling chris even what direction i was headed. as i was running, i was thinking what a good workout it was because of all the ice and packed snow that i had to navigate through. and then my mind went here:

~ what if i slip and fall? 
~ if i do slip and fall and break my leg, how long will it take to drag myself back to the condo?
~ if i do slip and fall and break my leg and have to drag myself back to the condo, will i make it before i freeze?
~ how long will chris wait before he starts to look for me?
~ do bears ever wake up from hibernation?
then i realized i was on a snowmobile track, and my mind went here:

~ would i be fast enough to dive out of the way of a snowmobile?
~ how much attention do snowmobilers pay to what is in front of them?
~ would a snowmobiler even stop if they hit me?

and then i saw the main road, and knew i was close to the finish line.

when i got back, i said to chris, "two questions, 1. what direction do you think i ran? and 2. how long would you have waited until you started looking for me?"

and chris broke into a whole, "yeah, i started thinking about how i didn't even know where you were, and then i thought, you need to wait 24 hours to report a missing person, but i couldn't wait that long because i knew you were running outside......"

and this is another reason why i love chris so much.

megan bird


  1. Not just your crazy mind apparently! ;-)

  2. aww! i have that fear because my pup isn't much of a rescue dog. he's a great therapy dog, but yeah, he's best at sleeping

  3. I'm glad you made it back safely and Chris didn't have to send out a search party :) I love all the layering in this outfit!

    The Tiny Heart

  4. I will never have this problem because I DO NOT RUN. :) Ha! But good for you. And the fuzzy vest? Love.

  5. That is totally how my mind works too. You are lucky to have a great guy with a mind that works like yours :) Miss you guys!

  6. LOVE your faux fur vest! Gorgeous!

  7. Eeps! That would freak me out too! Love your cozy layers!

  8. LOL @ your hubbie's reaction. Mine would have said the same thing and I not only would have reacted the same way, but I actually dreamed about something similar happening to me last night. Crazy! Good to know that you are safe! Love the vest and your hair looks so good in these photos!

  9. hahahah ya running outside in winter is sketch!! and he's right about you need to wait 24 hours before a missing persons... man by that time I would imagine the people who were kidnapped would already be in a different city and someone who cracked their head over from slipping on ice would probably be dead

  10. Whew, the things we think about, eh? Glad all worked out. I actually got my hubby a Road I.D. for Christmas since he trail bikes,etc. I actually need one for running too. Check them out..you won't regret it.

    I love the vest and booties!

  11. I love the adorable layers today! You always make jeans look so damn cute!

    You guys are so sweet and adorable. I know I say adorable a lot, but it is just so awesome that Chris was already thinking about the same things that you were thinking of!

  12. Loving the touch of fur, doll!


  13. Loving this look
    So fun, cozy and stylish

  14. Ah--so sweet! Fabulous vest and what great scenery! Looking awesome, Megan! T. http://tickledpinkwoman.blogspot.com

  15. Glad to hear I am not the only one who thinks crazy things, ha ha! I come up with all these weird scenarios and get myself all freaked out. Loving this whole outfit. The snow is the perfect backdrop too!

  16. Awe, what a sweetheart he is! Looks like a great spot for pictures and I looove your vest!


  17. These photos are beautiful. What a lovely sweetie you have. Great vest! :) /Madison xx

  18. Darlin you look great! Love your vest <3



  19. Ok, you guys. I miss a whole day and you go and get a new banner! My word. and ...you changed your width too! My word. Ya know how much my banner has changed and changed and changed over the past year, that I thought you guys would never ever change yours. Just saying...

    The reasons I don't exercise outside ...like is ...that exactly where your mind went. I am so GLAD you were safe and had such an awesome run! ♥

  20. Nice look! You would look great in some of our vintage jackets :)
    Becky x