Thursday, January 16, 2014

outfit of the day(bird): is it bad? (celebrity edition)

jacket~ Behnaz Sarafphour for Target
shirt~ Kohl's
hat~ knit by my mom
jeans~ Jessica Simpson
boots~ Alloy

~ is it bad that every time i wear this jacket i feel a little bit famous because michelle williams wore it in the january, 2007 issue of nylon magazine? i already owned the jacket, so when i saw it on her, on the pages of a glossy mag, i felt super cool.
~ is it bad that i even remember that? it has been seven years.
~ speaking of famous it bad that almost every time i have actually met a celebrity, i have totally humiliated myself?
~ is it bad that, on my twenty-first birthday, i saw Prince sitting alone at a corner table in the club at which i was celebrating and decided to invite myself to sit with him?
~ is it bad that he didn't even pretend to notice i was there, stuttering at him that it was my birthday?
~ is it bad that, as i stood up an slowly backed away from Prince, i ran right into his gigantic bodyguard, who said to me, "you were in my seat"?
~ is it bad that, to this day, whenever i think about that, i cringe?
~ is it bad that i am also still a little mad at Prince? he could have at least said 'happy birthday'!

none of that would have happened if i had been wearing this jacket. Prince for sure would have thought i was famous if i had been wearing this, am i right? he would have been like, "oh, doesn't michelle williams have that same coat?" and i would have been all, "oh, Prince! you know i had it first! she totally copied me!" and we would have laughed and laughed, Prince and i.

oh well. next time, i suppose.

have you ever met a celebrity? please share!

xoxo, nora bird

p.s. that new header up there is courtesy of our very own megan bird! she's not just a pretty face, people!


  1. You outshine Michelle Williams, and she totally copied you! Is it bad that, of the celebrities I've met, the only one who impressed me was John Cleese?

  2. I loveee this jacket! It's the first thing I noticed. Any time there is leopard print anywhere (in photos, in life, lol) my eyes just automatically focus to it. I think I'm addicted, I might need help. ;) Screw Prince, if he can't even say "happy birthday" to you, he doesn't deserve to even SEE you in your leopard jacket. ;) Lol. Love your blog, I'm going to subscribe to it on GFC. Let me know if you end up subscribing back. Thanks!!

    xo, Sarah
    Hustla, baby.

  3. Hilarious! I've never actually had an interaction with a famous person. I've just seen a few out and about. I saw James Caan and his son, Scott in Vegas. They are both very short. And, I saw Mama Elsa (RHOM) riding in a car in my town (I swear it was her!). Love this look but I love anything leopard.

    Tracy @Its Mostly About Fashion

  4. Hahaha! That is still pretty cool that you met Prince, even if he was a jerk about it!

    I've had a bunch of celebrity encounters thanks to living in the city. The worst was when I saw Hugh Grant on the street and he gave me the look of death. Seriously, I think he wanted to kill me and all I did was make eye contact!

    The Tiny Heart

  5. Oh my goodness, your Prince story is hilarious! I feel like most people in Minnesota have some sort of Prince story. He should have said "Happy Birthday" and bought you a drink and a dove. :)

  6. ha ha! At least you had the guts to go up to him.

    We were in NYC shopping in Soho at a place called Agent Provocateur when Naomi Watts and Nicole Kidman came in and started trying on lingerie. I didn't even realize it was them until I almost grabbed the same bra off the wall and had to turn and look at the extremely tall Nicole. It was surreal. I just kept shopping and didn't bother them though. Lingerie shopping is personal ; )


  7. Haha! Love this post! So cute! I am glad you went up to Prince, that is awesome.

    PS: You should totally feel cool that you have the same jacket as Michelle Williams. I would talk about that all the time if I were that cool! :)

  8. First - love the new header - so great!

    Also, I met Prince one time and was a total dork too. Sat down with my friend and tried to make conversation, and he clearly wasn't interested. Finally, the big guy asked us to leave him alone. Probably because I wasn't wearing a fabulous leopard print jacket! :)

  9. Boo Prince! He totally should've told you Happy Birthday. I don't think I've ever personally had a random celebrity encounter. Mine have all been planned. When my family vacationed in LA my senior year of high school, we spotted Helen Hunt at the same restaurant we were eating lunch, and my mom went up and asked for her autograph. I don't think Helen Hunt said anything, but she did give my mom an autograph, so there's that.

  10. Aw what a jerk Prince was!!! I wouldn't feel bad--he should feel bad! I have never met a celebrity really (except Mondo from Project Runway I guess), but I imagine I will be a hot mess when/if I do. I love your coat and I can totally relate to your relating it to a celeb. It is fab!

  11. Princess should have at least acknowledged you...what a little girl. Sorry but he's not worth your time although I understand how we can become star struck when the moment hits. I stood face to face, on a remote island, outside a restaurant with Bruce Willis and his first infant child. I was making a fuss over the adorable kid and he was taking the child's hand and gesturing to hit me with it. Then Demi walked by and got into the back of the awaiting car. I had no idea it was him or her until seconds later when he was gone. figures. Very hip look, I would wear all of this, great job on the hat mama bird. Dawn

  12. This is an awesome jacket- love it on you!


  13. You're a tredsetter. You knew animal prints would be huge soon. There is nothing bad about that :-)


  14. haha, none of it is bad when you a story like that out of it:) i roller skated with DMX once -- he was at great skate in phoenix and i asked him to go around the rink with me -- no regrets!

  15. Ohhhhh I am lmao! Prince can be a D***. That's why he is the purple one. He's above us all lol. I mean, he kicked Kim K off his stage for not dancing well once! Don't feel bad!
    I love this coat! I wish I could wear one. Every time I try on fur my Mom says I look like Biggie Smalls.

  16. Oh poor 21 year old you!!!! How mean is he?!?!?! I've met various Doctor Who stars but that was at signings and a proper event. Met various UK celebs at a celebrity golf event I used to go with my dad to. Only one I've met accidently in real life was Lee Mead, who is a musicals celeb in the UK and he was on the phone and I nervously said, "Eeerr, excuse me.." and he said, "Sorry but I'm on the phone"

    I don't really like animal print but this coat is seriously NIIIIIIIICE!!! It looks sooooo soft and the print is really subtle and lovely!! Love the hat too.
    Hope you are well Nora

  17. haha! prince's lost that he didn't get to experience your wit ;)

    i have a longer version of that jacket

    1. ôops hit enter by mistake but i feel ya on how much it rocks!

  18. wow...surprised and bummed that prince didn't say anything...i used to LOVE him!! you always kinda hope they're not jerks in person.
    but you do look like a rockstar in that amazing leopard coat!!

  19. Love the super-cool jacket (you wear it so well!)...and the fab new banner! Boo, Prince--for a bummer move! Happy belated, Doll! T.

  20. Oh my goodness my friend would absolutely love that cheetah jacket!!! Following!!

  21. I love this coat, and yes, it is very celebrity-like. And how rude of Prince...birthdays are important! Great new header as well!


  22. We have to take our "fame" anyway we can get it
    Fab coat and you can wear the heck out of a beanie