Wednesday, January 29, 2014

love*birds: 1.29.14

things i am loving this week:
~ while i'm not particularly loving the weather, i did get to work from home on monday since the kids' school was closed. i taught them how to make pom poms and brought up all the craft supplies i could carry in one trip. they made chris some pretty fabulous valentine's day gifts (which i will be sharing soon).
~ while i don't love that my whole family has been sick, i have been taking full advantage of the extra snuggles i am receiving from my kids.
~ i also have been taking full advantage of being lazy on account of being sick. sometimes it's just nice to let yourself be lazy without guilt.

and here are a few other things we are loving this week.
megan bird
coffee money bank
how cute is this? and back in the day this was made, i'm assuming they had no idea how much coffee would cost in the future! i could use a bank just for coffee money!
mid century kitchen prints
i love the colors and the cuteness of these great prints. we are updating our kitchen a bit, and i could totally see these hanging on our new walls!
mid century bookcase
i have absolutely no room or even need for this bookcase, but that doesn't stop me from really, really wanting it. it's such a statement piece, and would look great in any home!
60s chiffon and chantilly lace dress
i just want to wear this dress and sing that song. (chantilly lace and a pretty face) no? is it just me who knows that song? either way, fabulous dress! i love the lace detailing.
camel wool cape
i know i don't need another coat, but in minnesota, it is one of the allowances i don't really feel guilty about buying. because when it's this cold, the least i can do is try to look cute while freezing my buns off. i love this coat!!

literally, everything
sometimes we work so hard at creating outfits and accessorizing, that we forget that oftentimes, a nice clean, simple outfit is the way to go. i love how effortlessly chic alex looks in this great outfit.

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eva and i snapped a photo of our soon to be new clothes from forever 21 (aka forever 12) last weekend.

nora bird
vintage icelandic coat

this might be the coolest coat ever. i love the geometric print, the huge pockets, the hood. i love this coat!

i like a good, slouchy hat. this one has the perfect amount of slouch! and i love the gorgeous, warm colors.

such a comfy, cozy, cute sweater. this would be one of those sweaters that i would throw on over everything and wear every day!

this woven, wood necklace is such a gorgeous and unique piece! wearing this, you would surely feel special!

well, we definitely have a coat-heavy post going on today. but i had to include this gorgeous, camel overcoat. i adore the black sleeves and collar!

Good Red Herring

speaking of great coats, check out dana's perfect camel coat in this post! gorgeous. and i love the fun pop of bright pink from those cute shoes!

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ben got a hold of my phone this weekend and managed to attempt a selfie. and mimi totally photobombed  his attempt. this picture really cracks me up!

what are you loving today?

xoxo, nora bird


  1. That camel cape coat is SO chic!

    I love the look on Mimi's face..too funny!

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    Headband Giveaway!

  2. I love those bright kitchen prints! And the cape is gorgeous!!

  3. ha ha! that last photo is priceless!

    I want that bookcase, the clock and the plant stand.


  4. I hope you family feel better soon. Nora love the last photo of your kids.

  5. i'm loving those bright colors in the kitchen. so different from my style but i really like them

  6. Lusting after your "loves" this week! Such awesome finds, ladies!

  7. I love everything in this post! I really want that beanie. Both of you have the best instagrams! That last one cracks me up!

  8. How funny is that selfie!!!!!
    I love that cape too!!!!! Is that really an old bookcase? It looks so modern!! X

  9. ah that blue bookcase is seriously so amazing! a statement piece for sure. and love that camel coat with the black sleeves - so chic.
    -- jackie - jade and oak

  10. That camel wool cape is AMAZING. And the baby selfie too - ha!

  11. These coats are pretty amazing, we all need a coffee money bank and the slouchy hat is so adorable. Hope you feel better soon and stay warm and cozy.

  12. How cute is that last picture? And Eva is looking SO grown up now! The coats are amazing (okay, everything is) but I'm truly lusting after the coffee money bank... not for me, you understand, but the Great Scot would LOVE it.
    That's my story and I'm stickin' to it!

  13. I would agree - living in Minnesota justifies needing more than one coat! End of story!

  14. the camel cape is gorgeous :) excited to see the pompoms- that sounds like fun!

  15. Oh I LOVED the coat overload! They were each so great. The ombre weave necklace was tremendously so unique {it reminded me of an abakus}. You guys find the most awesome stuff. I LOVE THE insta-love PHOTOS, SOOOO MUCH, TOO! I always know I will enjoy Wednesday's Love Birds.

    ♥ ♥ thanks for the Pink Power commitment, too ♥ ♥

  16. I seriously need those blue shelves and the camel overcoat with the black sleeves

  17. Haha! That selfie is hilarious! Gosh, I'm such a sucker for coats too - I want every coat i see!

  18. "She wiggle and walk,giggle and talk,makes the world go round-round-round.... " Love me some 50s classics! You are not alone!