Tuesday, January 21, 2014

love*birds: 1.22.14

things i am loving this week:
~ ben has learned the word 'happy'. it is so sweet. he likes to take my face in his hands when i am holding him, smile, and say, "happy!!!" cue my heart melting.
~ jim and i took mimi to see her first play at the children's theatre last weekend. she loved it and i am so excited to take her and ben to so many more!
~ my vitamix. yes, i am loving my blender. i have been blending up healthy, delicious juices every morning for breakfast. they are so yummy and i feel great!
~ sleepytime tea. i think this one has been on my list before, but i really love this stuff. i have been having a cup every evening and i have been sleeping so well! (my mom, sisters, and i are not known for sleeping well, so this is a big deal!)
~ you guys! thank you so much for all of your book recommendations yesterday! i am excited to fill up my amazon cart!

and here are a few more things we are loving...

nora bird
triangles cardigan

i adore this cardigan. the colors, the pattern, the wooden buttons. i love it all!

farm fresh print

i love this print. it is so simple and so cute. i want this hanging in my kitchen!

crochet necklace

this necklace is so bold and bright and cool! such a great statement piece!

3D gold ring

this studded ring is so edgy and unique! i am crazy about it!

ribbon banner sweatshirt

this is such a fun, easy sweatshirt. i love the colorful ribbon! if it were mine, i would seriously wear this all weekend long.

Respect the Shoes

Lisa's outfit, in this post, is so beautifully put together and so much fun! how cute is that puffin sweater???

follow along @mrsbeyers

i took this last night when jim got home from work. the kids (and i) are always so happy to see him! this photo is so precious. i love my boy's smile.

megan bird
personalized disc ring
i love how simple and beautiful this ring is. you could even layer them with your kids' initials, or yours and your husband's. the possibilities are endless!

horse sweatshirt
again, i love the simplicity of this fun sweatshirt. and i love the coziness, the kangaroo pockets, and the wide neckline. perfect for comfy weekends!

vinyl wall art heart stickers
i have been toying with the idea of wallpaper, and then the idea of stenciling. this seems way easier, way less permanent, and just as cute. i might need these! (also, i love this room!)

holly golightly mustard dress
what a beautiful dress. the color is timeless and the cut-out in the back makes it so interesting!

vintage knee-high boots
normally these are not boots i would be drawn to. but there is something about them that makes me love them, and want to own them. i love that they are like rugged work boots with a fashionable twist!

The Tiniest Firecracker
ashley has a fabulous post here for so many reasons. 1. the name of the post, 2. that turban (and now i need one), and 3. the thought behind the post. go read it...it's great!

follow along @meglets

my in-laws bought me a sweater for christmas that was too big. so i returned it for store credit and got to do a little guilt-free shopping on saturday. hello shiniest of shiny rings! i'm in love!

what are you loving today?
two birds


  1. Love your hot pink nails polish Megan. I'm loving the fact my house is all nice and clean.

  2. that ring is so sweet. i'm not a good sleeper either, so i need to try out that tea. i used tea yesterday in a diy!

  3. That colorful necklace and those vintage boots are so so pretty, lovely choice! XO


  4. Oh if only those boots were a size 7!

    I love that heart room too.


  5. So cute about Ben's new word! :-) I like the boots and triangles cardigan. :-)


  6. Things I'm loving? Ben's beautiful smile and the ring right below it!

  7. Awwww! I want that first sweater so bad! I love the instagram of Ben, such a little cutie!

  8. Aw thank you so much for including my little post! :D Hearing about your boy saying happy makes ME happy. Aren't kids the sweetest? Then they start school.... Haha!

    xo Ashley

  9. I am loving the hearts on the wall
    This is why I need a daughter!

  10. Where do I start? Ok, cute baby smiles, knee high lace up boots, cute haircuts, rings, nails, sweaters...I need more time. These are all great, but I keep going back to the lace up boots!

  11. Great ideas here. I love so many of them. I know Lisa but I'm excited to get to know Ashley. I love all the RINGS in this post!

  12. Oh my god! The ribbon banner sweatshirt! I think I can make this. And I love the neckline and on the horse sweatshirt too. You gals have such good and different (different-good :-)) taste.

    Tracy @Its Mostly About Fashion