Wednesday, January 22, 2014

inspiration picture for january 27: kate hudson

the inspiration
kate hudson
this week, we are taking inspiration from another blogger's inspiration. like the xzibit of blogging (see below if you haven't seen this meme yet). anywho, we saw sharon's post earlier this week and knew we wanted to steal be inspired by her inspiration. so here it is, kate hudson. 

join us on monday...if you'd like to play along, but aren't quite sure how, click here for the rules.

and guys, feel free to give zach's look a go!! we'd love our first ever male inspiration monday participant!!
two birds


  1. I adore Kate's sweater!'s always good to see Zach. Would love to see some guy link-in's next week! :) T.

  2. Hmm...this one is challenging. I may have to give this a try just to see what I can come up with!

  3. You know I have an offbeat sense of humour, right? I think it would be hilarious for a couple to do this...with the guy as Kate and the gal as Zach.
    I know, I know, colour me a weirdo!

  4. i LOVE kate hudson!!! great inspiration.

  5. I didn't know these two were an item. They look like they are good for each other. I love her HATTTT!!