Wednesday, January 29, 2014

inspiration picture for february 3: jessican alba

jessica alba
we had high hopes of posting some sort of football-themed outfit...a varsity sweater or team-colors inspired shirt. but then we realized that we don't much dress for the super bowl. instead we dress for the food. and by dressing for the food, we mean cute jeans and a sweater big enough to hide the chips and dips baby that we'll be sporting on monday after game day.

so grab your favorite oversized sweaters, and a bag or three if you truly want to dress like jessica, and join us on monday.

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two birds


  1. Hey girls
    There is no picture showing up
    Can't wait to see what Jessica is wearing

  2. Jessica is fab, isn't she? Whatever she's wearing--I know it's stylish! :) T.

  3. Love this look. I can't wait to see your interpretations of it. I will definitely be in my pjs on game day, haha.

  4. On game day I'm going to be........baking.
    We don't own a telly but why should that stop me making yummy stuff, right?
    Jessica Alba has great taste and so do you guys, so your takes on this outfit are bound to be brilliant!

  5. I will be joining in on this one. No flat for me it too cold to wear them.

  6. Is that a polka dot cardie or is it a net-style cardie/!?!! Can't tell! Wishing I hadn't got rid of a patterned belt recently- it's not like it was taking up much space!x