Sunday, January 26, 2014

inspiration monday: forever 12

the inspiration
kate hudson
megan bird

jeans, boots, hat, shirt ~ thrifted
sweater ~ Target

nora bird

hat ~ H&M
boots ~ Sorel
jeans ~ Forever 21
shirt ~ Marshalls
sweater ~ thrifted
for eva's birthday, we gave her a "girls day". she and i got pedicures, went shopping, went on a roller coaster at the mall of america, and had some gelato. it was a great day. after our pedicures, i asked her what she wanted to do, and she said, "go to the mall". i was so happy that my little girl wanted to shop with me. and then as i was driving around the mall of america parking lot for a good 30 minutes, it hit me...and i asked her, "wait, why do you want to go to the mall? to shop, or to go on a roller coaster?" and of course she answered "roller coaster". but, i made her go shopping with me, too, because if i'm going to go to the mall on a saturday, when there's a dance competition going on, and i have to wait 30 minutes for parking, and another 30 minutes in line to ride a $15 roller coaster, then i'm going to shop a little at Forever 21. or as eva calls it, Forever 12.

two birds


  1. Surprisingly I don't like Kate's look (I think that's a first from me!) But I LOOOOVE both of yours! Very cute - I'm all about a fun hat when it's done right!


  2. Love it--Forever 12! :) I adore you two's hats and sweet boots! This inspiration was truly fun, wasn't it? :) Hugs, T.

  3. Hahahaha....I think when I was a kid I would have wanted to go to the mall for the same reason, if I had it! Unfortunately, there were no roller coasters to be found in Central PA malls.....she will grow into the thrill of shopping! You both look so cute and cozy! Love those hats!

  4. Forever 12, haha! You guys both nailed this look...I love your cute snow boots!

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  5. you ladies have some cute boots!

  6. Ladies, you both nailed this Rustic, Every day, Winter-Chic, Cozy Look. I love both of your Boots, Sweaters & Hats. That Rose Sweater is gorgeous. I too have a hat like this, but it is in US. I have to remind myself to link up with you sometime. I got to see what next week's inspiration will be. And I had to laugh at Forever 12.

    Stop by to see how I remixed my Fair Isle Sweater, today. Have a Great Week Megan & Nora. Ada. =)

  7. I love your hats! Both of them. Great replications, you two. Hahahahaha, Forever 21, I love it! Did you see my boots there? Did you get some? I love them so much and they are so fun to dress up / or not. Have a super week, you two. ♥

  8. Two birds one stone, right? I love your hats ladies! Happy birthday to Eva!

  9. Forever 12! :-) I love both sweaters and the hats look very cozy. You both did good with this inspiration.


  10. Eva is a canny bird!!! Happy birthday to her-how old is she now?
    Absolutely LOVING your furry hats!!!! Megan yours is gorgeous and that jumper is greater! Nora, yours is so fun and makes me think of another furry hat I have in my collection but forgot to consider-same shape but white and grey! Also wishing I had some of those boots!

    By the way, wish you COULD come to Beamish- would be totally cool to have Two Birds do Northumberland!! X

  11. I have never gone to the Mall of america. I hope to go there one day. Happy Birthday to Eva. In Germany we have Forever 18.

  12. LOL aw. Seems like it worked out though! Both of you are cute with the hats, and the sweaters, and dem boots! I SO need a pair of boots!

  13. Oh and one more thing. {always forget to say this} I love your neighborhoods where you guys live. I love those older, cool architectural styled homes that are classics and full of history and the whole vintage vibe thing. LOVE IT!!!

  14. I want both of ya'll's boots.
    If only we got some snow around here, I'd be out buying a pair in a NY min

  15. okay how awesome is Kate's sweater? I love that you did this cozy outfit. I love both your furry hats, and megan, your boots are so cute with the pattern. nora, love the patches on the sweater! thanks for another fun Monday inspiration!!!

  16. Both of you look adorable and practical.


  17. LOVE your hat! I live in California and we never get to wear all these cute winter accessories. You look fab, girl!

    ♥, Jo | www.STYLEAT30.COM
    Live Life Fashionably

  18. you girls are so cute!

  19. You both nailed this look! i love your boots!


  20. Love your looks. You both have great sweaters and amazing style

  21. I would so snitch your boots, both of you!

  22. This hat is so fun!! Wish I could rock it.


  23. That's adorable... Forever 12. I am glad you got to do some shopping to. Mall parking lots are the worst!!

    I am loving these inspired by outfits, your booties are so cute! I love the top of color in the plaid and the coral shirt underneath. :)