Friday, January 31, 2014

bird's nest: the kids' rooms

i have shared a few pics of our house here and there, and i am pretty sure i have even included pictures of our kids' rooms. but, they are ever-changing beasts, so i thought i'd share them with you today. i will admit two things first:
1. we make our kids clean their own rooms. they do an ok job....just not ok to my standards. to both of them, a clean room means nothing visible on the floor. nothing visible on the floor to my kids means "push everything under the bed". so, every few months, i will go in armed with a gas mask, some j.r. watkins cleanser, and a vacuum, and deep clean their rooms. this not only gives them a good base to keep it clean, but it also gives me an opportunity to get rid of toys they no longer use. i'm a freak like that.
2. having said all that in #1, the reason i am willing to share with you pictures of their rooms is because last week, i had such a cleaning experience, and am no longer too embarrassed to show you their rooms. i guarantee that their rooms do not always look like this.
i am proud to admit that most of the items in their rooms (and really, in our whole house) are reused, recycled, craigslisted, or thrifted. i am that person that sees something new in a magazine and then scours garages sales and craigslist until i find a suitable substitute. some people call it cheap, i call it innovative! ;)
moving on. i'll start with eva's room. she has the room that i always wanted as a kid...and since i always wanted it, she gets it. i sure as heck hope that this is the room she always wanted (hint, it is). eva is a well-rounded girl, but she sure does love her pink.
and now onto henry's room across the hall (we are all right next to each other) (i did not deep clean my room, which is why it's not in this post). what you won't see are the two huge bins of legos under his bed or his mess of a closet that is currently being used by chris. i am not sure what we're going to do when our kids get older and actually need their closets!!
a few purchases that i am extra proud of:
henry's rug: $5
henry's vintage quilt: $4
eva's lamp: $.50
eva's chandelier: $3
eva's and henry's vintage dressers (that they use to "hide" toys): $75 for both of them together
and the tree painting above henry's bed was painted by my dad. he is a fabulous artist, and painted that tree when i was a young child. i loved it so much that he painted another copy just for me. i thought it was perfect to display in henry's room.
i do love my kids' rooms, even though they drive me nuts from time to time (like the time i found dried macaroni and cheese under henry's bed)...but i have only myself to blame....because as i mentioned earlier, my room wasn't clean enough to photograph. i am their teacher, right???
happy friday!
megan bird


  1. Both rooms are so cute! I love the fabric banners in both. And my gosh, I can't believe you got that cute chevron rug for just 5 bucks!

    The Tiny Heart

  2. do you have room for a grown lady and her pup to live in there? we won't take up much room! ;) love the pink!

  3. Wow!!!!! I adore these rooms!!! Sadly, we could never afford to have our rooms really decorated, just plain walls though we had a hot air balloon lampshade!! Your kids have double beds? Wow!
    I love the bargain rug and the quilts x

  4. What cute rooms! That quilt on Henry's bed, Kyle's grandma made one like that and it is SUPER warm! We have been using it loads the past month. I love all of the pink in Eva's room, I think that would have been my dream room as well!

  5. Oh wow, these rooms are so cute!! You did a great job!

    xo Megan, Lush to Blush

  6. Loving the rooms! Seiously amazing job decorating! I just updated my blog with some pics of a Safari I went, please check it out, it will totally make my day. Also,Could you please consider following each other on GFC or bloglovin? Thank you :)

  7. LOVE. Love them both. Want to come help me finish Oliver's room? Seriously. And I still use his closet too for my clothes, thank goodness for tiny clothes for now!

  8. What cute rooms, and still kid-friendly and homey too!

  9. i love what you did with your daughter's room! this is such an inspiration and perfect timing since we are doing a makeover with my daughter's room in march!

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  10. You did such a fabulous job decorating their rooms! They really reflect personality and aren't too young looking.Love that everything is thifted, reused, recycled, etc.!

  11. the pink room is so cute!

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  12. Lovely rooms! And, what a steal you got on the fab treasures featured! T.

  13. Such gorgeous rooms. I would have loved a room like Eva's when I was little!

  14. Such great rooms and such strong colour choices. I bet they love their rooms

  15. these rooms are precious- the sweet details show how much you love them :)

  16. such cute rooms
    i love when my boys go back to college after being home
    I can "pottery barn" (as they call it) their room again.

  17. Super cute room. I have a lot of yard sale find in my house. Also stuff from the recycle center. Plus I have hand me down items from my Oma(grandma in German).

  18. So cute! These are so fun and personal and all for a steal(s). Great job!

  19. Haha when you said nothing visible on the floor to your kids means everything under the bed, it reminded me of when we were kids & we would 'clean' by shoving everything in the drawers haha! Love the detail in the rooms :)

    Yasmeen x

  20. Love these kids rooms , The are like an updated shabby shock look, with a great eyeful of pleasant contradictions , my favorite kind of decorating . Proud that you upcycled it, fabulous !!
    XX Elle
    I dear I meant shabby chic, Hard to type on my ipad!

  21. These are both gorgeous! I'm the same way. I bought my kid
    s dresser from craigslist for $40, and I love finding special things to add interest to their rooms!
    E's chandelier and Hen's quilt are gorgeous. I love the map print in hen's room too. The birght colors in both are gorgeous.

  22. Megan these rooms are so wonderful and bright and full of personality. Your personality mixed with theirs and I am sure Chris' is in there somewhere too. Just lovely. dawn