Thursday, January 2, 2014

bird.i.y.: minnesota silhouette upcycled quilt

i'm going to start off being very you ever feel like you have a really good blog post, be it a great outfit, fabulous words of wisdom, or just a really funny story to tell, and you don't want to post it quite yet because you feel like it might be a day where no one is actually reading? well, that's kind of how i feel today. i feel like it's the holidays and not as many people are blogging or reading blogs (myself included, i will admit...sorry), and i am super psyched about my diy...and i feel like it's the tree that fell in the forest when no one was there.

but for our favorite loyal readers, i hope you like this diy as much as i do. (ps, thanks for reading, you are awesome!!)

anywho, here's how my diy thought process started for this project...chris and i have this little game we play every new years eve. we each come up with three questions of things that have happened throughout the year, and we each buy three gifts for the house. we spend new years at home, and make a big dinner that we inevitably end up not eating because we filled up on hors d'oeuvres and wine, but who cares because we are having fun. throughout the night, we will ask each other our three questions and then pull out the "prize" for answering correctly. it's fun, and we get to buy fun stuff for the house without feeling too guilty about it. (on a side note, i learned this year that chris basically had an old school moment at our wedding and totally blacked out almost our whole ceremony because he was so nervous. on new years eve, i had to re-read him my vows....i cried a lot less this time.) (if you hadn't guessed already, all of our questions this year were about the wedding.) (it was an awesome wedding.) (even if you don't remember it.) (i remember everything.)

ok, ok,ok, i have talked too much about everything else, and not enough about this diy. long story short (too late), i had bought two of my new years gifts already, and really wanted to buy a minnesota-themed duvet for our bedroom. but the only one i could find was $175, and i'm honestly too cheap frugal to pay that. so i thought to myself, why not make your own???

so, if you are frugal like me, and love your state as much as i do (as evidenced here), here is the easiest way to make a super awesome state-themed quilt. or really any shape you want.

what you'll need:
a quilt or comforter (i had a white one on hand)
fabric or an old sheet
fabric glue
stitch witch
fray block glue (the stuff i used is called "frock block". does anyone else think that is weird?)
sewing pencil
measuring tape

(have i mentioned that we used vintage sheets as tablecloths at our wedding? (see pics here and here) you will be seeing a multitude of diy projects for a while using vintage sheets.)

from here, i don't even really need to write a lot about what i did. in a nutshell, here it is:

1. i cut out the shape of minnesota from a vintage sheet. i started by drawing it with the pattern pencil, but basically just free-handed it and cut more as needed because that's how i roll.
2. because i hate to sew, i ran a line of frock block around my cut edges to prevent future fraying.

3. i let the frock block dry overnight.
4. i measured the quilt to figure out where i wanted the minnesota to go. i didn't want it perfectly centered, but close. i then pinned the sheet to the quilt.

5. i then measured and cut a ton of stitch witch to fit under the sheet to get it as secure as possible. i did this all while watching a very bad movie with sarah silverman. something about cheese.

6. i followed the directions to a 't' on how to use the stitch witch. it involves a damp towel, the wool setting on my iron, and lots of steam. so much steam, apparently, that i blew a fuse in our basement. the bad movie was interrupted, and i was running around like a chicken who had just blown a fuse. did i mention it was 6:00 am, i had just finished working out, and i was supposed to be getting ready for work? well, that all went down the drain....i switched the fuse and started ironing again. that's how much i love minnesota. (even if it is like -35 degrees right now.)

7. i ironed the stitch witch, following the directions, and then took the fabric glue and glued all around the edges of the state just to be safe. i let it dry for two days just to be even more safe.

8. i will admit that i was scared to wash and dry it. i thought it would all fall apart. but happily, i did it anyway, and it held together pretty well. chris told me that he would be willing to sew a seam around the whole state...because i'm literally scared of my sewing machine and he's not.

9. tada....all done!!!

i love it, chris loves it, and the kids love it. i guess that's all that matters, right?
(ok, i would really be happy if you loved it, too.) (but it's ok if you don't.)

happy friday!!! (fri-diy???)
megan bird


  1. That's awesome!! You both are so creative! I wish I had time/patience/talent to DIY. Ok, really, talent and patience. I have all the time in the world!

  2. I LOVE THIS! I definitely want to make a California one.

  3. that turned out so cute!
    and yes, i totally feel that way!!

  4. You girls always have the best DIYs! Love love love the Minnesota quilt...too cute :)

    The Other Side of Gray

  5. That is fabulous! Have a wonderful weekend:)

  6. Aww this is gorgeous and so, so sweet. I love the idea of questions but my other half has a terrible memory so it would be a wasted exercise with him!

  7. the quilt try out great, Have a great weekend

  8. Man, Ain't that super creative? Snaps to you Megan. You have such a fun style to your home. Thanks for the mention of my honesty. I have to be if I am going to convince my friends that I get those great {unbelievable} deals at my thrift shops. hahahahaha. Have a tremendous weekend!

  9. I adore this!! I wish I was nearly as crafty as you! You need to teach me, lol - along with helping me decorate my house because I still say yours is the cutest I've ever seen!

  10. 1. This is AMAZING. And only further fuels my desire to fill my apartment with every and anything WI + MN themed. So flippin cute! 2. I have that thought ALL the time about posting. And yet, I still found myself posting on saturdays about 90% of the time when I was still in grad school. Such is life. :)

  11. This is just so cute and would be perfect for a guest room

  12. Awww, what a gorgeous idea!!!! Isn't Minnesota a strange shape! Almost symmetrical! I TOTALLY get what yoy mean about not wanting to post a oost yiu really care about! X

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    Have a wonderful week-end <3

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  14. Beautiful quilt! I love your creativity! And...I absolutely adore the fact that your hubby is handy with the sewing machine--too cool! Have a fab weekend! T.

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  16. Totally awesome! I still love MN, even if it's the coldest thing ever right now!

  17. That's so fun! I never would've guessed from your Insta clue that it was a comforter! Great job.

  18. Megan,
    That is a great DIY, and I loved your talky intro , you are fun writer. Also love the vintage pillows on they, and am looking forward to seeing the vintages sheeted from your wedding,
    XX, Elle

  19. you're right: this post is too good for an ordinary day! what a gorgeous quilt.. maybe my newfound sewing hobby will lead me somewhere similar? i'm inspired!

  20. It looks sewed on, I love it! What a creative idea for someone who doesn't like to sew :)

  21. I love it, had to see it on the blog, not just instagram. I love that you love your state. I am not sure if I love mine, and had not given it much thought until I met you. I love the thrifting, beach is 40 min away, the winters are great, but the summers make me hate it every year. Awesome job and I love your cozy bedroom. Dawn