Friday, January 17, 2014

bird.i.y. flashback: movie ticket save the date

yes, i have posted these pictures before. i apologize. but 1. i love our save the dates, and 2. i'm lazy. i was very busy this week reading stieg larsson books and looking at pictures of chris pine (hello golden globes beard), so clearly i didn't have enough time to do an actual diy. instead i'm re-sharing how i created our save the dates. so let's play a fun game called, "guess that movie"...

movie # 1
a. sixteen candles
b. dumb and dumber
c. star wars
movie #2
a. stepbrothers
b. e.t.
c. pretty woman
movie #3
a. transformers
b. smurfs: the movie
c. the notebook

and here we go. the answers are 1.a, 2. c, 3. c. See below for the comparisons.
and here is our actual save the date. (with last names blocked out. i'm not sure why.) we took all the pictures ourselves....ok, nora bird actually took the pretty womand and awkward notebook pictures. we were in our shower with a blue blanket hanging behind us, and she probably took 100 pictures. this is the only one that was decent enough for our card. not because of her picture taking ability, but because chris and i clearly aren't actors, and we clearly don't feel comfortable making sweet rain love in our shower with nora taking pictures.

we used to create the card; they already had the movie strip template, and we just added our pictures and text. et voila...easy as pie!

happy friday!
megan bird


  1. I love this, what a great idea!!

  2. I love this! What a great idea and the result is awesome!


  3. I absolutely LOVE these! I think they're the most creative Save the Dates I've seen!

    The Tiny Heart

  4. This is adorable! What a cute (and original) idea!

  5. it always fun looking back at old pictures

  6. I love seeing this! I repeat stuff all of the time on my blog too, sometimes you get new readers and you need to show off all of your cute stuff again! I approve!

    Cute new header too BTW! I have been slacking on blogging lately, so I just noticed, but very awesome!

  7. That is awesome!! you are so creative! :) I love the "From the producers who bough you "Henry and Eva". :)

  8. Now that is a cool save the date! i only got the Notebook one!x

  9. i hadn't seen this before - so sweet and creative :)

  10. These are SO clever! I love them and I guessed them all right haha (helps to be a movie fanatic sometimes lol)


  11. This is so awesome! The best "save the date" I've seen yet! T.

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  13. love this!! he's a keeper based on the fact he did this with ya!

  14. I loved these when you posted them but now I can't stop laughing at "sweet rain love in our shower with Nora taking pictures". Awesome!