Thursday, December 5, 2013

outfit of the day(bird): she was an american girl

sweater, booties ~ thrifted
tank ~ hand-me-down
jeans ~ ross
hat ~ diy

eva informed me that for christmas, she wants an american girl doll. she has one of those fake ones...i think they are called our generation or something like that. regardless, she has one and never plays with it. in fact, she rarely plays with dolls at all. but she wants one for christmas.

in particular, she wants saige, the blue eyed, brunette doll, and according to the american girl website, is "a spirited girl whose passions inspire action". and with saige, she wants the art set, the pony, and the hot air balloon that saige apparently rides in. saige has quite the exciting life, if you ask me.

well, i finally got it out of eva that she really doesn't want the doll, she just wants the accessories that come along. (i mean, who doesn't want a doll hot air balloon? (hot air dolloon?)) i thought i was off the hook on the $170 doll, until i looked and realized that the hot air balloon is $150.

it looks like fake saige might just get the pony this year.
megan bird


  1. Your sweater is so cute. Wow I never realized how much those dolls cost.

  2. Geez those dolls are expensive! I mean I knew they weren't cheap but didn't realize they cost so much! Love your sweater, it was a great idea layering it over the long tank!

  3. ha! i had no idea they were so pricey. and really how fun is a hot air balloon unless it's up in the air, like an airplane?

  4. Fabulous! Head to toe! That hat is so adorable on you! T.

  5. Wow... those things are costly! Ha-ha that is funny though. Kids are so cute! :) and I am loving this sweater! :)

  6. Haha! All the American Girl stuff is so expensive. I conned my parents into getting me the Samantha doll when I was younger and I really didn't play with her all that much.

    The Tiny Heart

  7. Oh, those things are crazy expensive. My parents bought the girls their dolls - I could never bring myself to spend that much money on them. They do have some pretty fabulous accessories though!

    I love how you wore the cropped sweater - I feel like I now know how to wear them. Whereas before I shunned the cropped trend as someone in her 30s who has birthed three children. No one wants me in a crop top! :)

  8. Back in my day (so old), I feel like the dolls were $90. Not that I bought myself one - my parents did - but I think that's how much the catalogs said they were. I can't believe how much more expensive they've gotten in the last 18 years. Although maybe I shouldn't be surprised. I fear for how much more they'll cost if my daughter wants one in like 5 years. Methinks that'll have to be a present from her grandparents.

  9. LOL This reminds me of my daughter who also doesn't really play with dolls. This year for her birthday, she wanted a Monster High girl party and MHGirl dolls. Whaaaat? I'd never even heard her talk about this before. But apparently, they are all the rage at her school. So she wanted one. And she got a lot of them (her friends got the memo). And now they sit in a box in the corner of her room barely touched. Aw, kids.

  10. First of all, that sweater is sooo cute. Love it. Second, I love American Girl dolls! For my kindergarten graduation, I got Samantha and I loved her so very much. She went everywhere with me (I was an only child, so she was my fake sister). I actually still have her. Do they not have the original girls any more? Like Samantha and Molly and Felicity and Kristen? I will definitely get my daughters American Girl dolls (I have no children, therefore can make these types of statements - ask me again in 5 years!)


  11. I love that cool sweater! The pattern is so cool!

    I got an American girl doll from my grandma one year and I was in love! I hardly had any clothes or accessories though because they were so darn expensive!

  12. Now that I have a daughter I finally realized why my parents never got me one of those dolls! Love the colors in your sweater!

  13. Oh my, that's just crazy! I have a friend from church who treats her girls to the doll slalom and spa. Those dolls are pampered more than I am! Love he bright colors on you today!

  14. LOL for the real reason she wanted the doll
    I am in love with your neon atzec sweater

  15. My nieces have them and the hot air balloon and lots of other SH, I mean stuff for them that we think is nuts! It is a doll she can not really ride in the balloon or ride the bike!

  16. you look adorable. the price of that doll and hot air balloon is not!


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