Tuesday, December 17, 2013

outfit of the day(bird): it's not good news

sweater~ Marshalls
jeans~ Jessica Simpson
scarf~ hand-me-down from mom
boots~ Restricted, DSW

the other day, i very nicely asked mimi to pick up some of her toys that were strewn about the house. she huffed and puffed and then walked away and said, "my mom is not very nice", under her breath. and then this happened:

me: what did you just say?
mimi (looking startled): nothing!
me: tell me what you said?
mimi: no, mama! i love you so much!
me: what did you say, mimi?
mimi: nothing, mama.
me: mimi?
mimi: i'm sorry, mama, but it is not good news...

i couldn't help but laugh. living with and raising a preschooler is definitely challenging. some days are so tough and exhausting and i often wonder if i am doing everything wrong. three-year-olds are hard work! (that terrible two thing is a lie. three has been our most difficult age...so far.) but man, that kid makes me laugh every day. and i love her so much. even when she has some bad news to share.

xoxo, nora bird

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  1. love your sweater. Kids are so cute. My sister would always say she hated my dad. She finally got that out of her system when she was 5.

  2. Oh, that is so funny. And I can totally relate - my spicy four year old keeps me laughing, even when she's being a stinker. :)

    That orange is so fun - and a welcome spot of color in our drab winter!

  3. LOL Kids do say the funniest things.

    Love the orange and grey together.


  4. Haha, that is so funny! I love that you're wearing brights on what looks like a dreary winter day.

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    Necklace Giveaway!

  5. i am in love with your sweater and how you are wearing your scarf - pinning so i can try to copy :) and I dont' know how you can not laugh at that!!

  6. That is so adorable! Three is challenging but it also one of the funnest ages I think. I love your sweater!

  7. Haha this is so funny, Mimi is such a card!

  8. aww, your daughter is so cute!

    Love your striped sweater, looks so cozy!
    Chic on the Cheap

  9. You look gorgeous! I always say people think 2 is hard because they have not had a 3 year old. Love your parenting stories.

  10. Cute outfit! Those boots are killer.

    I keep hearing that 3 is worse than 2. My daughter has been 3 for a couple weeks now, and I was just thinking about how the terrible twos weren't too terrible. I definitely see much sassiness in our future though.

  11. mimi is a riot! a lot of people have told me that age 3 is more tough to deal with than age 2. just know you look awesome, & you are strong. i can see you fostering mimi's independence & using her spirit as strength, even at times if it tests your patience. sending hugs & love. :)

  12. Love the orange and it looks so good with the gray boots.
    Tracy Its Mostly About Fashion

  13. That sweater is adorable and I love the detail on the scarf ends! My nephew is 2 and he is just starting to get hilarious (and difficult).

  14. LOL kids say the funniest things! My mom is a kindergarten assistant, and I love hearing what her students say. Love that sweater!


  15. omg, she is hilarious! i'm dying with laughter right now, so funny!

    and i LOVE your outfit! everything about it.

  16. how cute is your daughter.
    Loving this stripe combo with the matching scarf

  17. You own this color, girl!

    ♥, Jo | www.STYLEAT30.com
    Fashion | Food | Travel

  18. Love orange on you! My son is 3 1/2 and he is exhausting right now. How many times does it take for the word poop to quit being funny????

  19. I still smile thinking about the cute things my kids said as toddlers (many years ago). :) Fab look! You hit the jackpot with that hand-me-down scarf! Hugs, T. http://tickledpinkwoman.blogspot.com

  20. haha, this is so cute! thinking back I think that was the age that I feel like I was constantly laughing at the things our niece and nephew would say (they're 5 1/2 ande almost 5). so much fun, but I was always thankful to send them back to their mommas if we needed to when the attitudes kicked in! :)

    Jess - J's Styl

  21. Thank you so much for your comment! I would love for you to feature my post tomorrow!!

  22. Also, I really love that sweater :) so cozy!

  23. nice look. Kids can be so spontaneous :)

  24. That is cute and funny for a 3 year old. :-) Nice scarf!


  25. Oh I love that sweater! Orange is my favorite color! You look great!
    Kids can be so exhausting...and crack you up two seconds later! She'll be growing up fast, love every minute!

  26. Three was difficult for my daughter too! She'll be four in no time, don't worry.
    Those boots! I die.

  27. Awh ~ man, I missed the giveaway, dang. Oh and that is so hilarious that Mimi said "but it is not good news". LOL That was so dang 'grown up' of her. I think there is a time in every kid's life that you can deem "the terrible twos" even when they are 21 and think that they walk on water. LOL