Tuesday, December 31, 2013

outfit of the day(bird): eavesdropping

jeans, shirt, vest, socks ~ Kohls
boots ~ b. (a resale shop)
earrings ~ gift from in-laws
necklace ~ H&M

before i begin, i will admit something, i am a total eavesdropper. if i overhear something remotely interesting, i will continue to listen. i know that's not a great thing, but i can't help it...i'm nosy. 

so now on to my story...you'll be happy i eavesdropped.
i went to the dentist yesterday and while i was waiting, i couldn't help but notice the group next to me. after all, it's a small area, and they were making quite a scene. a teenager had just gotten some dose of drugs to get her teeth pulled and they made her wait in the waiting room while the drugs kicked in. she was being quite dramatic. as a side note, i will mention that she had super cool rainbow colored hair, and she was wearing a raccoon tail...as a tail. so yes, i noticed them. at this point i wasn't trying to listen to them talk, but that's because the mom hadn't started talking yet.

they came to get the girl and the mom stepped outside for a moment. when she walked back inside, the receptionist asked her to sign a waiver for the girl to get her teeth pulled. and that is when the mom started talking....

"yeah, it's the craziest thing. she has three sets of teeth. that's why she's getting these ones pulled. when she was younger, she grew an inch-long fang where your two front teeth are supposed to be."

amazing, no? wouldn't you have listened, too?

of course as soon as i got home, i googled "person with one middle fang" and found nothing, so maybe she was exaggerating. it doesn't matter though, i still would have listened.

megan bird


  1. I'm an eavesdropper too and my hubby hate it

  2. Haha, how weird! Doesn't everyone technically have three sets of teeth...baby teeth, adult teeth, and wisdom teeth?

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  3. Ha-ha, I'm an eavesdropper as well!

  4. ohmygoodness, i was one of those people that get the fang-- ahh, i didn't have three sets of teeth though, just 2. my baby vampire tooth never fell out (not sure what it's actually called) and then the adult tooth started to come down over my two front teeth (pushing them out). EEK. the doctor showed my mom the xrays and then i had oral surgery and years and years of braces and ortho and wah wah wah. anyway, i love eavesdropping too -- you learn so much!

  5. When my brother moved to a foreign country and could not understand the language he said this was something he missed a lot! He said he did not realize how often one listens in on the conversations around them and then not being able to understand sucked! Stay warm and Happy New Year!

  6. Love the peep of pink of your socks!
    Hope you have a fun NYE and a brilliant 2014!!

  7. Cute vest!! I love eavesdropping on people! You can learn so much about the people you know and complete strangers, haha!

  8. That is a very interesting story indeed. How bizarre! I love this vest--I have the same one. Great paired with the all black! And I love your necklace!

    I've had three sets of my front four teeth but none were a fang. That's freaking WEIRD.
    I love your vest. Let's stop talking about fangs lol.

  10. Hahaha I'm guilty of eavesdropping too. This was a good one! Happy New Year!