Wednesday, December 18, 2013

love*birds: 12.18.13

things i am loving this week:

 i'm going to say my kids and leave it at that. henry broke his arm so bad the other day that he needed surgery. he had, and still has me in awe. he was honestly so brave that i couldn't help but be proud of him. he went 7 hours with no pain medication because they needed an empty stomach to operate. and i cried more than him, a lot more. he is amazing.

also amazing is my now 7-year old daughter. yep, her birthday was yesterday, and she spent it caring and sharing everything with her injured brother. she also makes me proud every day.

(i will also say that because of the above, i have been a little absent in the blogosphere this week. my apologies...i can't wait to catch up!)

and here are some other things we are loving this week:
megan bird
black and gold dress
i am envisioning the ball dropping and a champagne-filled countdown in this dress. how gorgeous is it?

pierre cardin cardigan
this sweater looks both cozy and stylish. i love the length and pattern!

high-waisted pleated tulip skirt
this skirt could be worn so many ways...casual, dressy, you name it. i love the pleated pocket look!

velvet cocktail dress
yes, i know, another black party dress. but come on, this is too pretty to pass up. i love the mixed material and the fun neckline.

sequin sparkle clutch
and everyone needs a beautiful sparkly clutch to wear with their party dress. i can find nothing wrong with this one!

chin up buttercup
 i think mona is beautiful to start with, but add in that gorgeous smile and sparkle in her eyes and you can't help but smile when you see her. then throw in the most amazing zippy sweater...what is it about zippers in unique places that make clothes all the better?

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capturing a photo of my family where we are all smiling and desi is laying calmly next to us is nearly impossible. ok, it's taking three hands and an elbow to keep him in the photo...but still, i love this picture!

nora bird
sequin top

slouchy tops are my favorite. and i love how glam this top is while still looking totally comfy!

colorful prep bowls

mimi and i love to bake, especially during the winter months. i think having such a beautiful set of measuring cups would make it even more enjoyable than it already is!

cupid's arrow ring

another week, another gorgeous, dainty, gold ring. i know what i like, and i really like this ring!

i think i may have actually owned a kid-sized version of this dress in the actual 80s. and i feel like i could possibly, maybe rock it again? it's so cute!

there is almost nothing better during winter than a hot beverage in a pretty mug. and this mug is certainly very pretty! i adore the hand-painted gold feathers!


catherine is looking super festive and fun in her cute leopard skirt, snowflake sweater, and sassy red lip! i adore this outfit. and now i definitely want a leopard print skirt!

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i snapped this photo of my snuggly boys this weekend. it warms my heart. they look so cozy and cute!

what are you loving today???

xoxo, two birds


  1. Wonderful pics and family! You have reason to be proud. :) T.

  2. Sorry to hear your son broke is arm and need surgery. Hugs and Prayer. Happy Birthday to you daughter

  3. That is too bad about the broken arm : (

    I love the family photo by the tree.


  4. Oh no, your poor Henry. Kids are resilient. I love the tree picture and the look on your dog's face is hilarious.

  5. Poor buddy! And poor Mommy!!! Glad everything is ok now and praying for a speedy recovery.


  6. Love your family photos this week! Megan, you would look great in that black dress. I can totally picture you with in it! Nora, I can totally picture you in that sparkly top too. Would look so cute on you!

  7. Thank you so much for featuring me!

    xx Catherine

  8. oh poor boy.. hope he feels better soon.

  9. Oh so sorry about Henry's accident and surgery, oh, so sad. Hope everyone is much better today, including birthday girl. Wow.

    That peach dress is sooooooooooo similar to an ensemble I had. My gosh, I had to stare at it.

    I love your IG photos!

  10. Poor Henry but how great he was so brave!!! Those bloggers have such beautiful outfits, love that yellow bag!!! X

  11. I love that sequin top and velvet cocktail dress. You have yourself some pretty amazing kids!

    xo, Yi-chia
    Always Maylee

  12. Ohh your sweet boy, best wishes to him for a speedy recovery!!Love all your other snippets of the week, and that slouchy sequin top is perfect!

  13. so sorry to hear about henry! poor buddy :( you really do have the sweetest kids. sending hugs!

  14. Oh poor Henry! Logan broke his back in September and I was amazed at the tenacity of that little man. Children are such wonders. I'd have cried too!

  15. Love the family photos and that sequin clutch is to die for