Wednesday, December 11, 2013

love*birds: 12.11.13

 things i am loving this week:
~ sleep! i don't know if it's the frigid temps or if i'm fighting off a cold or what, but i have been so tired this week! i have been going to be early and sleeping as late as my kids have let me (which is not very late.) but all the sleep has been nice!
~ coffee! even with all of that sleep, i still love my morning cup (or two...or three...)
~ the sing off started again! i will almost never say no to a singing competition show, and the sing off is one of my faves!
~ hats. i have a haircut and color next week that is very much overdue needed. until then, be prepared to see me in lots of hats! at least it is cold out so i don't look like a complete fool wearing my beanies everywhere!

and here are a few other things we are loving this week...

nora bird
80s party dress

this vintage party dress is so much fun! the abstract silver pattern has such a festive feel!

festive pillow

i want this pillow for my living room couch! not only is it true, but it is super cute!

hammered stacking rings

these handmade, hammered stacking rings are so delicate and so pretty! i love the soft, winter-y colors.

screen printed tea towel

i am in love with this screen printed elk tea towel. i would just want to hang it in my kitchen as a piece of art!

fair isle beanie

i mentioned i have been wearing a lot of hats lately. i really think i need to add this one to the mix! i love the fair isle print and the pom pom!

Sweet Escape

an oversized sweater, leggings, and booties has basically been my uniform this winter so, of course, i love april's look in this post. she looks so cozy and so chic! and i think i need that sweater!

follow along @mrsbeyers

a date night is rare in our house. last weekend, jim and i had not one, but two date nights! i took this photo on our way downtown on friday night to meet chris and megan for dinner, drinks, and a comedy show. it was lots of fun!

megan bird
urban tote
i have been on the hunt for a new purse. for some reason i thought i had a ton, but as i looked through them, i realized they are all outdated. this one would be the perfect bag...big and roomy and super cute!
sweater mug
i am very weird when it comes to coffee mugs. i hate drinking out of small, ugly, thin glass mugs. i know, that is very weird, but i feel like coffee tastes better out of a huge, unique, needs two hands to hold it mug. this one would be perfect for me!
grandpa cardigan
what to wear while drinking that huge delicious cup of coffee? why this gorgeous vintage, cozy cardigan, of course.
vintage brocade dress
i can pretty much guarantee that if you show up at a party wearing this dress you will 1. be the only one wearing it, and 2. be the best dressed person there. how gorgeous is this?
love print
i can't get over how much i love this print. it's so simple, yet so fabulous!
a memory of us
darcy of a memory of us is simply stunning in this party dress. i love it with the pop of red tights and that perfect top knot!
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it's an annual tradition to go have breakfast with santa. the kids are always so excited, and this year was no different. henry asked for a phone, and eva asked for an american girl doll. since they met santa, they have both changed their minds, and now want to write santa to let him know.

what are you loving this week?
two birds


  1. I have been loving coffee too. That mug with the sweater on it. Is super cute.

  2. Fab pics and inspirations! Here's to less sleepiness and added energy! Hugs, T.

  3. I have been tired lately too. I think it is the shorter day with less sunlight. I love date night. We go when m kids go to an open gym on Saturday nights but now my 7 year old has decided she doesn't want to go anymore - still trying to convince her to go again. I love that coffee mug!

    Tracy @Its Mostly About Fashion

  4. I love the stackable rings sooo much. and that gorgeous cardigan as well. too bad I'm trying to not spend any money this month!

  5. I've been so tired this week too! It's been really hard to get up in the mornings...I think because it's dark and cold.

    The photo with the kids and Santa came out really cute!

    The Tiny Heart

  6. I love those stackable rings! I have been into dainty, thin rings lately. Maybe because I have been into big chunky necklaces :-)


  7. i also feel like i need more sleep this week. that vintage brocade dress is AMAZING!

  8. that pillow is adorable! so perfect for December

  9. So many great picks! I feel the same way about mugs. The sweater mug is adorable! Love both your vintage dress picks, too!

  10. today is a special day
    11.12.13 (11 dec 2013)
    rarely happen :)
    i like ur first dress
    would you like to follow each other?
    Please, let me know! ;)

  11. the picture of you two with santa is so sweet. and you know what, i don't own a hat. that is terrible, isn't it? i have earmuffs and stuff, but no hats... that might have to change now that i'm living in minneapolis, right?

  12. that pillow is so cute! and yeah for date nights!

  13. As soon as I saw that pillow, I got the song stuck in my head! I also love the map print; it seems like a really easy Pinterest project for a snowy day.


  14. I love the sweater mug and the pillow!! :-)


  15. I love everything! Especially that mug. I agree. I think I only have one, tiny vintage mug and it has an owl on it. I only use it when the others are dirty.

  16. I am in love with this pillow and coffee mug

  17. Those stacking rings are so pretty!! I've always loved the style of very thin delicate rings! And the blogger's outfits that you picked as among your favorites are really cute!

  18. I love these posts so much! You guys always pick the best stuff!

  19. I've been eyeing that Baby Its Cold Outside pillow for weeks now. Love it. Great finds. Drooling over a lot of them.

  20. The map print is cute! We bought CBC's wife one like that for her birthday a couple of years ago! I love the cosy hats too!x