Wednesday, December 4, 2013

love* birds: 12.4.13

things i am loving this week:
~ asos. as much as i don't need two new party dresses and scarves, i somehow ended up on their site on monday. thank you 30% off.
~ secret santa. we do it at work and i love coming up with fun ideas for my secret person.
~ breakfast with's this weekend! we have a yearly tradition of having breakfast with santa, and will do it for as long as everyone believes, and quite possibly, way longer.
~ holiday parties...we have plenty this year and i can't wait. after all, i need some places to wear my new asos dresses!

and here are a few other things we are loving this week:
vintage red party dress
one can never have too many party dresses...right? i don't believe i own a red one!

vintage riding boots
i love the color of these boots, and the detailing around the ankle is so great. and they are in such great vintage condition! some lucky size 7 will rock these boots!

turquoise chevron necklace
what a beautiful simple, and so unique. i love the turquoise!

fur cowl sweater
i pretty much want to wear this sweater every day of the week. it's so cozy and cute!

beer print
how great a present would this be for that beer lover in your life? i love that it's both informative and artsy! i happen to know a few beer lovers, too!

turquoise blonde
melanie looks so cute and cozy in this amazing coat. i am a sucker for winter coats, living in minnesota, and i am always buying new ones. if i were to come across a cute one like this, i certainly wouldn't turn it down. (i also wouldn't say no to amazing hair like hers!)

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every once in a while, the kids get to sleep together, and when they do...they often snuggle up together. i love it when i find them this way.

nora bird

such a classic, elegant dress. i adore the lace sleeves. this would be perfect for a holiday party or new years eve!

this necklace is such a unique piece! i love the gorgeous blue bead and the black rope chain.

i absolutely adore this mobile. it is simple and gorgeous and i want it to be hanging in my house asap!

this clutch is so cool! it's simple, chic, and definitely makes a statement!

so, i am not sure i could pull this off as a dress, but i love it nonetheless! it would be so cute with a pair of leggings or skinny jeans and some ankle boots!


i love britt's sweet, girly holiday sweater in this post. the peter pan collar is my favorite. this is such a fun, casual, festive look!

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ben woke me up before the sun the day after thanksgiving. i was a little grumpy...until i saw this!

what are you loving today???

xoxo, two birds


  1. Lovely inspirations! A red dress is on my "to buy" list, too! :) T.

  2. oh yes, that red dress is gorgeousss!!

    I have a Secret Sister on Etsy and it's been so much fun special things to send her.


  3. such a wonderfully happy post - with all the christmas parties coming up, it's a good thing you've scouted out all these gorgeous party dresses -- i especially love the margot dress. jon has the company holiday party on friday, so i'll be dress hunting today and tomorrow :)

  4. That black lace dress is gorgeous! I can't wait to see what goodies you scored from ASOS :)

    The Tiny Heart

  5. That sunrise is gorgeous!!! That res dress also has my name on it, surely! X

  6. I love that red party dress! I have 3 red dresses because I feel so feminine and fun in them!
    Sincerely, Sara

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  7. I am loving this entire post! Nice new items and holiday ideas. And ... my Wednesday isn't complete until I have been to your Love post each time. Awesome!

  8. Love them all! Especially love the turquoise blonde pic!

  9. kids sleeping together - so cute!! and i love that winter coat!!

  10. You're the cutest! Thanks for the love

    xo Mel

  11. Ooh, that beer print might just have to go on the list for hubby. Love that!

  12. Love these choices! Am crazy about the red dress, and that rope necklace. I agree, too, that one can not have too many parties, or party dresses!
    XX, Elle

  13. That turquoise necklace is stunning. It is my favorite stone. I love your name "Two Birds" too! Since my logo has a bluebird, I am always calling out "Put a bird on it!"