Monday, December 2, 2013

inspiration monday: the vomino effect

the inspiration
olivia polermo
megan bird

pants, shoes ~ Marshalls
sweater ~ ?
earrings ~ Kohls

nora bird

sweater ~ F21
shirt ~ Marshalls
pants ~ Urban Outfitters
shoes ~BCBG Generation
bag ~ Dry Goods
sunglasses ~ H&M

our family is known for being psychosomatically sick. the minute someone gets sick in our family, we all automatically start to feel queasy. 

last week, ben was sick for a day. i didn't think much of it since he's a toddler and teething, i just assumed it was that. but then, thanksgiving night, after we had all gone home, my sister emailed and said her whole family was sick. the next morning, we all got another email that our niece had gotten sick overnight as well. 

immediately after hearing all of this news, my stomach started hurting. knowing how i am, i ignored the pain ~ i just assumed it was all in my head. plus, my baby sister was in town and i wanted to get in as much time as i could with her. but lo and behold, it wasn't all in my head, and i spent the next 40 hours in bed. and as i was sick, we continued to get more emails of more sick family members, one right after another. i like to call it the vomino effect.

luckily it seems to be a one to two day thing. unluckily, i missed two days of family time, and the better part of my long weekend was spent in bed. but on the plus side, i'm pretty sure any holiday gluttony weight gain was lost in those two days, and i'm all caught up on the voice now.

you've always got to look on the bright side.

i hope your thanksgiving was wonderful!
two birds


  1. You two look fab as always! I truly need to get a pair of faux leather leggings, myself. Glad the illness was short lived. Thanks for hosting this fab link-up! T.

  2. Too bad about being sick : (

    I love this look on both of you.


  3. Sorry to hear the sickness passed through everyone! I saw Megan had been sick on Instagram, I didn't know that you were too Nora! Hope you're all on the mend!

    I am loving both of your shoes!

  4. Aww sorry to hear you were ill over the weekend. Both looking fab though!

  5. What a bummer of a weekend! But those pants are smokin' hot on both of you!

  6. Oh nooo, that stinks that everyone got sick! Hope you're feeling better now!

    The Tiny Heart

  7. Oh sad you were sick and missed out but your outfit is dang CUTE!! I love that you both can wear leather leggings like NO other!!! Great ensembles; love Megan's earrings and sweater and SHOES and love Nora's purse, leggings and SHOES! And ...the word 'vomino'. LOL

  8. Oh no!!!! Glad you are feeling better now though! Hope everyone stays healthy during the season! I love you ladies' leather pants and comfy sweaters!

  9. Wow! That's crazy how it affects everyone in the family. Hope everyone feels better soon. :-)


  10. Hi there! I hope you are all feeling better!! You both look amazing too, l so love this look, very inspiring and stylish! xx

  11. Glad you're feeling better! You both look amazing in those leggings!

    xo, Yi-chia
    Always Maylee

  12. Ugh, being sick sucks but at least it only lasted a couple of days. we were sick over here too - but it lingered for almost a week.

    you guys are rockin the leather skinnies!


  13. love it! you totally hit the inspiration on the head! feel better!
    xo Jessica
    stop by if ya get a chance

  14. You both look great!
    I love that you can pull the sweater and legging look

  15. Oh no!!!! That's terrible! Hope you get better soon!
    Wow, you look amazing in those trousers. Can I ask- I've never tried a pair of those leather-look/leather leggings on- are they hard to get on? Are they elasticated? Are they comfortable!?!! I'm intrigued!x

  16. Perhaps, then , we are related, my hubby is a terrible hypochondriac! I think you two Birds, slammed dunked it, sorry Olivia..
    XX, Elle

  17. Adorable looks from both ladies today! I lurv the leather look leggings on you both!
    My nephew was sick on Thanksgiving, and then I was hit with a nasty cold. I did get some shopping done, though. Got to power through!

  18. oh no!!! it's hard to stay well with little ones around! but you both nailed this outfit!

  19. Hi, first time joining in... Not sure if I did it right, though. Hope you're feeling better and very cute outfits!

  20. I hope you're all feeling better.

    Love both outfits! They are spot on!

  21. I hope everyone feels better!