Monday, December 16, 2013

inspiration monday: shady sales

the inspiration
rachel bilson
megan bird

pants ~ Kohls
boots ~
vest ~ b. (a resale shop)
sweatshirt, hat ~ thrifted

nora bird

leggings ~ Target
boots ~ DSW
sweater ~ Dry Goods
vest ~ Marshalls

chris had the oddest thing happen to him this weekend. he was shopping for a blazer to wear to a christmas party, and went to a major department store. (i won't say which one as to not get anyone in trouble.) (because i'm sure the ceos of all the major department stores read our blog.) (and probably president obama, too...why not?)

anyway, chris was shopping and a salesman was sort of following him around, asking if he needed help, showing a lot of interest in chris. chris picked out a very fancy navy velvet blazer and tried it on. when he came out of the dressing room, the salesman was right there, with a dress shirt in his hands. he told chris that the shirt would go very nicely with the blazer and that chris should buy it all.

chris is one who is easily persuaded when it comes to clothes shopping. all he needs is one person to tell him he looks handsome and he buys it regardless of the price. however, being so close to christmas, chris did look at the price tag and saw that the blazer was $250, and the shirt was $53. so, he hesitated...and the salesman said, "oh don't worry, it's on sale". chris didn't see a sale tag, but decided to check the price.

they both went to the register, where the saleman proceeded to ring up the two items. he was all hush hush and told chris that the two items together would be $75. yes, $303 worth of items for $75. chris started to argue that that can't be correct and the salesman shh-ed him and said, "no, it looks so nice on you, you buy it. but make sure you like it, because you can't return it".

confused, chris paid for the items and left the store. he still isn't quite sure what happened, or why the salesman gave him such a good deal, but i will tell you this...he sure looked handsome in his new blazer!

two birds


  1. That sounds sort of shady, but with such savings, why argue!?! haha

  2. Sounds like the deal of the century--an interesting one--no doubt! :) Love both your renditions of this look! This one inspired vests for me--all weekend long! :) Hugs, T.

  3. That is quite a strange little deal and shopping experience. But it turned out for the best! And I giggled at your comment about the ceos reading your blog. Hey, you never know!! And I really love your boots!

  4. Weird. Why doesn't that happen with my husband? He just ends up buying the full priced items.

    I really love Nora's outfit here. Super chic.


  5. Ok, yes that is rather odd. But I guess some guys will do anything to "make a sale"? Puzzling.

    Love your wonderful outfits and I did a major "shout out" to you guys in my post. Awh ~ it feels great to be back to blogging without the drama I've had lately. Prayers were answered, that's for DANG sure!

    Happy week before Christmas week to you wonderful 'two birds'.

  6. Wow, that is quite the deal!! But also very weird that he wouldn't be able to return it?

    The Tiny Heart
    Necklace Giveaway!

  7. Chris scored; hope there will be pics! Love you guys winter chic - you've inspired me to work some leggings into my cold weather wear, including an upcoming short trip to NYC!

  8. That is awesome...I need to go shopping with Chris!! You both look so cute and cozy :)

    The Other Side of Gray

  9. LOVE. Why does that never happen to me? ;)

  10. Wow that is a good deal. Maybe the salesman had a crush on him : O Love the quilted vest!

    Allie of ALLIE NYC

  11. Man! What a steal! I want to shop where Chris shops! I'm sure it will look very nice on him indeed. Love both of your vests girls!

  12. Wow!!!! Lucky Chris!!! Love your cute gilet jumper combos and Megan, am glad you are firmly entrenched into the hats with outfits club. Makes me happy to see them!!! X

  13. That's bizarre! I've definitely never had THAT happen to me while shopping. I must be in the wrong stores. :)

    Loving that orange hat Megan!

    And Nora - I NEED those boots!!

  14. Haha that is bizarre but kind of a great score for him! I'm also loving both of your vests, they look amazing on you.

    xo, Yi-chia
    Always Maylee

  15. I agree with Amanda, why doesn't that happen to me? What a great deal!

  16. Yeah I'd just go with it! And make sure that salesman is always working when you go in to shop!

  17. That was awesome for Chris. Maybe the salesman told him he wouldn't be able to return so that he would keep it. :-) Nice looks especially the red hat. :-)


  18. That's such a crazy story!!! Why doesn't that happen to me?! i'm loving that quilted vest!


  19. love both of your looks. that is so weird what happened at the store!
    -- jackie @ jade and oak

  20. You guys did a great job and look so much more put together than poor Rachel. Nora...those boots!!!!!

  21. Haha, I love the story! Now I'm wishing 1. I would look good in everything and 2. I will always deal with pushy, deal-making, rule-breaking salespeople.

  22. I want to see this velvet blazer! Love the hat and vest on Megan bird and the boots on Nora.