Monday, December 23, 2013

inspiration monday: dogs that look like cows

the inspiration
gwen stefani
megan bird

sweater ~ thrifted
boots ~ Urban Origina;
leggings ~ Marshalls
necklace ~ F21

nora bird

 sweater ~ TJ Maxx
tank ~ H&M
leggings ~ F21
booties ~ b. (a resale shop)

our little sister is in town from las vegas, so naturally we all hang out as much as we can. nora (unfortunately for us) is spending the next few days at her in-laws' house. she emailed all the sisters yesterday and said, "what are you guys doing today? whatever it is, i'm jealous and wish i could be with you" (this does not mean she doesn't want to be with her in-laws, they are super fabulous people...she just misses us when we're not all together.)

in all honesty, none of us emailed her back, because to put in to words what we were actually doing would have confirmed how ridiculous it was. here's a short list of what we did all day.

~ googled "dogs that look like panda bears"
~ googled "dogs that look like lions"
~ found a site where dogs looked like all sorts of animals, and laughed a little and cringed a little at knowing that people shave and dye their dog's hair to make them look like a tiger
~ googled "cats with short legs" 
~ googled "world's cutest puppy" (are you seeing a theme here?)
~ ate cheese and crackers for dinner
~ watched tosh.0 trust falls on youtube
~ made some microwave burritos when the crackers weren't enough
~ laughed a lot at really stupid things
~ watched some really disgusting tosh.0 videos with our eyes half closed
~ maybe talked for at least five minutes about boogers
~ googled "dogs that look like cows" just to see if there were any (there aren't) 
~ there is, however, this

what did you do this weekend?
two birds


  1. Adore both renditions of this week's inspiration photo! Too fun--googling dogs that look like other animals. One time my son and I saw a dog that looked like a little black bear. He was very young at the time and said, "Look Mom--it's a bear dog!" :) Hugs & happy holidays! T.

  2. Haha! It makes me kinda sad when they dye the dog's fur...I doubt the dogs enjoy that.

    I love both of your printed leggings!

    The Tiny Heart
    December Group Giveaway!

  3. Sounds like I'm going to have to spend some time on Google today. :)

    Megan - those boots!!!

  4. I don't know what is more funny; the talk about boogers or the link over of the "horse-dog"? LOL
    Just know that both of your ensembles are adorable. Megan, those boots and necklace are incredible and Nora, your leggings and that super sweater are great fun!!! Have a tremendous day, you two.

  5. That totally sounds like when my little sister and I get together . . .while my brother sits by all judgy. LOL I love you ladies' leggings and boots! I hope you both have a very Merry Christmas!

  6. sister time is the best, though it's kind of a bummer that you all couldn't be together. and megan,THOSE FRINGED BOOTS!!! get in my closet!!! you guys are both rockin your dogs that look like cows (lolz for days) outfits and seriously thank god there were no google search results for that phrase!

  7. Love that you were googling pictures of dogs! I do this literally all the time!

  8. haha love that you googled so much about animals! I'm loving both of your printed leggings!


  9. You sound like lots of fun! You have amazing leggings/tights!!! I'm off to see if anyone had cow print ones! X

  10. And so sorry, I could've done this outfit but forgot to bring the clothes up north!!! X

  11. I love both your leggings. Nice prints! :-)


  12. Both of you are wearing great leggings.
    And you both wear them so well!
    Have a Merry Christmas!

  13. I love all that randomness...haha! I hope Nora gets some sister time in before your sister heads back to Las Vegas. Happy holidays to both of you!!

    Jess - J's Style

  14. Wishing you and your family a Happy Christmas. Hope you have a fun filled day.

  15. You both pull off the look so well! I like that you use an inspiration photo for your outfits. I also googled dogs that look like panda bears and laughed!

    mi vivere

  16. I love both of your interpretations Megan & Nora. You both have on great leggings & necklaces. Megan, the Fringe Boots are awesome. Nora, love the Wedge Booties, also.