Monday, December 9, 2013

inspiration monday: dance off

the inspiration
ferne cotton
megan bird

jeggings ~ H&M
boots, sweater, shirt ~ thrifted
snood ~ etsy (gift)

nora bird

sweater ~ vintrage, gift from megan
jeans ~ jessica simpson
boots ~ vintage, thrifted
scarf ~ Target, gift

eva had her her birthday party this weekend. it was a gymnastics/dance themed party, and all the girls came ready to dance. we moved the couch out of the way and they all danced like no one was watching. ok, they watched like everyone was watching, because that's how seven-year old girls dance. then they had a dance contest, and being my best seven-year old self, i decided that chris and i needed to have a dance off. so we did.

i pulled out some of my best moves from my high school danceline days, high kicking my way to victory. and then chris tired to do a head spin on the hardwood floor, and failed miserably.

it ended with me doing the worm across the living room floor, and chants of "awesome, awesome!" as i danced. it was a bit of a high point for me this weekend...because everyone wants to be the best dancer in the eyes of a bunch of seven-year old girls.

for real.

two birds


  1. haha your dance party sounds super fun!!

  2. I adore both of your renditions of this fab outfit! What a fab birthday celebration for a little girl! Lot of memories for you all--no doubt! Hugs, T.

  3. haha! i busted out my best 8-s moves for the 4 year old, who was not impressed.

    y'all look so cozy! it's been in the 70s here and it snowed last week! i want winter!

  4. Oh my gosh that is so funny, love it!

  5. So funny. When I dance in front of my 7 year old, she shields her eyes in horror. Love the outfits today.

    Tracy @ Its Mostly About Fashion

  6. I love how chic and cozy you both look!

  7. My niece had a Just Dance birthday party this weekend. I wasn't there so, thankfully, I didn't have to participate in the dancing... I. Am. Awful!


  8. cute <3


  9. Haha, your dance off sounds like so much fun!

    It must be so cold out there with all that snow but both of you look so cute in cozy in your oversized sweaters!

    The Tiny Heart

  10. Haha, sounds like your daughter's birthday party was a lot more high energy than my daughter's 3rd birthday party yesterday. Then again, toddlers are pretty easy to entertain as long as there are enough balloons to go around.

  11. So perfect,
    Want to follow each other on GFC, Bloglovin, FB and Twitter? Love
    New Post Fashion Talks

  12. LOL How fun! My niece had a dance recital last night. She is in the hip hop class. All the classes were so adorable--especially the hip hop boys group. I cried at every. single. performance. I loved it so much.

  13. Oh I love both of your posts and photos mainly because you posed in the snow. I'm always afraid I'll get out in the snow and fall down and stick up. lol Happy Monday to you both ♥♥.

  14. Great inspiration. I wish I would have done this. You both look great. You both nailed it. I love both sweaters and Nora's Scarf.

  15. I love these comfty sweaters! They look perfect for all that snow. And your cake was adorable!!! :)

  16. First off: I am super jealous of that birthday party! Seriously, best parents ever! :D

    Secondly: You both look like little snow bunnies! I love all of the layers in both looks, and I am envious of all of that snow. We got another light dusting and that was it. Boo!

  17. Love your layered looks! The fur snood and target scarf are both just gorgeous!

  18. These are such lovely wintry outfits ladies. I love your scarves, definitely a must-have! The themed party sounds fab! /Madison

  19. You too do slouchy jumpers so well! Love these combinations of scarf and jumper- sooo snuggly and weather appropriate!
    And Nora, I think that your post requires some vlog evidence so we can share in the joy!!!!!x

  20. I wish I was there to see you do the worm! You both look so cute and comfy in these outfits, totally my kind of outfit for this time of year.

    xo, Yi-chia
    Always Maylee

  21. Ooh, do share the video - how I'd love to see you doing the worm! :)

    Megan, you're so cute in your glasses! And Nora, I'm in love with the scarf!

  22. Ohh I love both of your looks so much! Super cozy. And what a sweet party idea-- clearly fun for everyone young or not! :)

  23. Such pretty scarves!! I have that black and white one and it's so cozy!


  24. I like dance offs! :-) Sounds like a grand time. I like both you guys' sweaters. I could use some more sweaters in my life.


  25. I want Megan's scarf with Nora's sweater!!!

  26. I can't decide if I like the furry cowel or the tribal scarf more - actually, I'll have them both, please!
    Chic on the Cheap

  27. when i saw the original inspiration post i figured you two would have this on lock- it seems so much like your normal style.. lovely, per usual.

  28. holy sexy birds looking better than the inspiration. yeah i said it, and i mean it. oh my gosh i so wish i could have gone to that party now, and when i was 7. of course i'm completely uncoordinated & that would be a hoot.