Monday, December 30, 2013

inspiration monday: christmas shopping

megan bird


sweater, necklace (gift from money from parents and in laws) ~ Forever 21
leggings ~ Marshalls
earrings ~ gift from in laws
boots, hat ~ thrifted

nora bird

watch~ gift from jim
jacket~ TJ Maxx
shirt~ F21

necklace~ gift from my sister, carrie
sweater~ Marshalls
dress~ F21
belt~ vintage

every year for christmas, our parents give us money. our mom finds a fun way to present it to us (this year it was wrapped in the softest fleece blankets imaginable), and on december 26, we all go shopping together. it's a fun tradition....this way the gift opening can be about the kids, and we get to shop and pick out whatever we want.

there are a few places that i will shop with abandon...places that i know it will be easy for me to get back to should i want to return anything. target, marshalls, tj maxx...all examples of places that are easy for me to get to. forever 21 is close, but if you've ever been to the mall of america, than you know it's not necessarily easy. on any given day you have to drive a good 20 minutes just to find a parking spot, and then walking through the mall is a whole other story. anyway, i digress. what i am trying to say is that when shopping at forever 21, i make sure to buy only things i know i will want to keep. marshalls, tjs, and target, i will buy the whole store, only to return 3/4 of it the next day.

this sweater and necklace are part of the forever 21 lot that made the cut. i also bought about 10 other sweaters at the aforementioned stores, and ended up keeping two. and even though i didn't end up keeping everything, the fun day spent with my family was well worth the extra trips returning it all.

how were your holidays? link up to share your favorite gifts!

two birds


  1. Lovely pics! Sounds like you both had a fab holiday! Santa brought me a MK watch, too. :) Thanks for hosting this great link up party! Hugs, T.

  2. I just went to Forever 21 for the first time yesterday. I didn't buy anything. I think I was just overwhelmed. Maybe I will try again!

  3. That is such a fun tradition that you guys go shopping together! I haven't set foot near the mall in quite a long time since I know it's craaaaazy there with the sales. I'm waiting till mid January to go shopping, haha.

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  4. Megan, I love the hat! so cute. And Nora, the sweater, the jacket, the watch, awesome!!! I missed you guys!!! It got a little crazy in my world for a bit. I love that you guys get to shop together. My sis is visiting and we got to make one trip to Loehmanns together. It was divine and a nice little break!

  5. What a great tradition! I never stopped to think that your mall is the Mall of America--how cool! I've never been. I'm glad that the adorable birdcage necklace made the cut. It is adorable!

  6. Oh I love the hat Megan! My sis and I had one like that in the jr / high school years that we shared. My sis made it out of a fox collar our Mom had kept from a worn out old coat of her Mom's (our Grandmom's). But dang, don't know where it is today. I think my sis owns it still. I love that little necklace, Nora!

    Shopping the day after is a great idea. My dd-ies and I would shop before Christmas and then they would wrap it and not get it til Christmas morning! (didn't have to return anything that way) Now they give me money. So fun!

  7. oh my goodness, bought 10 sweaters? that just sounds so fun and cozy and wonderful (even if you did end up returning 8 of them). how lovely to do a post that features gifts from your family :)

  8. OMG that fur hat is devine
    Love the the leather sleeved trench as well
    Looks like you two racked up at Christmas

  9. Love your outfits!!! That hat is amazing! Have a Happy New Year Ladies! :)

  10. I adore both of these looks! Looking good ladies! A day of shopping sounds like fun. I was sick with the stomach flu on xmas... and I'm still recovering. Perhaps a little retail therapy is just what I need! ;)

  11. I love your outfits so much! and that's such a fun tradition! My sister and I used to go shopping the day after Christmas too.


  12. Well, that's a fun tradition! I'd never say no to shopping without guilt. :) Looks like you got some great stuff!

  13. Aww.. I am in love with your furry hat! It looks so chic and divine!


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  14. My holidays were great, and Santa brought me new pots and pans so I am happy.
    Meg-your hat. I love it and I need to go somewhere with you while you wear it!
    Nora-The jacket is fab! Also the sweater and necklace. You have great taste.

  15. I love that gift idea of money so you can all shop together! Although I just linked up with my favorite, I was a pretty big fan of the gift cards my husband gave me this year. I love the shopping part maybe just as much as the item I buy, so it was a great way to let me have some guilt free fun to myself!

    Jess - J's Style

  16. Love the furry hat!

  17. That's an awesome tradition! Loving the sweater. :-)